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Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Feb 16 2010

Themes: Friend, Sports

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Jason has been having a lot of fun at the Olympics. He watched athletes compete in the luge, chatted with Chinese Olympians, and made some cool new friends. But he didn’t come to Vancouver just to play. He is on a serious mission to bring home a gold medal and save his friends.

Jason has to remember to stay focused and not keep his head in the clouds. Follow him to the top of a mountain in Vancouver as he tries to get his head out of the clouds and his feet back on the ground.

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Jason:  I decided to take the gondola up to the top of the mountain to try some skiing to see if that would be a good way to win a gold medal, and to save my friends.

Jason:  I made it! We’re up on top of the mountain, here at the Vancouver Olympic Games. Not only are our heads in the clouds, but everything else is, too. When you’re an Olympic athlete, you have to focus, and not to let all the media and parties get to your head. And you can’t let your head get up in the clouds. That’s the place where you’re not focused and you’re thinking about fun and dreams and fantasies. But winning the Olympics is hard work. And so, let’s get to work. Let’s do some skiing, get down the mountain, get our heads out of the clouds. This is English, baby!

Jason:  That’s what it means to have your head in the clouds. If you’re not thinking about what’s important, and just dreaming and having fun, then your head is in the clouds. And while it may be enjoyable, you may have a problem.


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When someone has his head in the clouds, he is wrapped up in his own dreams, thoughts, and fantasies. Having your head in the clouds is the opposite of having your feet on the ground, or being focused and responsible.

Jason has had his head in the clouds a bit since he got to Vancouver. But who could blame him? There have been so many fun things to do and see at the Winter Olympics.

In order to get his head out of the clouds, Jason goes to the top of a mountain and then skis back down it. Hopefully by the time he reaches the bottom of the mountain he won’t have his head in the clouds anymore. He’ll be able to really focus on what he came to Vancouver to do: win a gold medal.

Do you have your feet on the ground, or is your head in the clouds a lot?



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my winter holidays is coming to its end ,but i am still in the idle lifestyle . go to the bed late and get up late  . eatting and having fun /// is is kinda of heading in the clouds ? if so , i am trying to geting my head out of the clouds .

03:16 PM Feb 26 2010 |




head in the clouds—-sometimes.but in order to achieve my goal, i should have my feet on the ground.

04:02 AM Feb 26 2010 |



South Korea

These days I have hard time concentrating on my rotine works or studies because of the Olympic games ;P I'm enjoying the games than ever before..and the why is, our players are doing well in Vancouver than I expected.  So.. it can be said 'my head in the clouds'. haha :) But the weekend is coming, and it means I have to go back  to my ordinary days…Cry 

02:49 AM Feb 26 2010 |





04:56 AM Feb 25 2010 |





10:06 PM Feb 24 2010 |



head in the clouds…  not so often

09:01 PM Feb 24 2010 |




Nevertheless my age, 60, I ever will be a dreamer. You can´t be a robot all the time, only focused on serious objectives and goals. You need to imagine a better world, no more wars, no more hungryness, no more poluition. You can dream a marvellous travel, even you have not money to it. You must have time for you and your loved people. You must live your life: I think it´s the only one you have and you just can enjoy your life if you don´t kill your dreams.

07:02 PM Feb 24 2010 |




11:58 AM Feb 24 2010 |




Hey man, this last week I have seen all your english baby lesson in Vancouver, these lesson are lot of fun, you're rock man!!!

11:02 AM Feb 24 2010 |




I am fierce to reach my dreams, so I have to get my head out of the clouds and follow through my goals.

09:40 AM Feb 24 2010 |




 i can't believe you dressed up that for show.you outt your mindCool

09:12 AM Feb 24 2010 |



It has been nice to learn english expressions through of short videos like that!  

04:03 AM Feb 24 2010 |

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