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Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart

Date: Mar 24 2010

Themes: Music, Romance

Grammar: Passive Voice


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It’s a story you have heard before. A man who once was great but has since fallen on hard times tries to clean up his act and turn his life around. In the movie Crazy Heart, this old story is given new life by the actor Jeff Bridges. His performance as “Bad Blake,” an alcoholic country music singer hoping for a fresh start, was so good that he recently won an Academy Award for Best Actor. Find out if Bridges’ singing is as good as his acting from Devan and Beren.


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Devan:  You know how I’m a big fan of country music?

Beren:  I didn’t know that.

Devan:  I really like old stuff, you know, like Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard. So that’s why I was really excited when I heard that that movie Crazy Heart, that Jeff Bridges, his character is based on all those old guys mixed together.

Beren:  Oh yeah, he’s like a down and out alcoholic country musician?

Devan:  Yeah, and he’s like trying to get his life back on track. It kind of to me seems like a mix of like The Wrestler meets almost like Jeff Bridges’ other movie, The Big Lebowski.

Beren:  He’s getting a second chance at life?

Devan:  Yeah, he’s just an alcoholic, down and out guy that’s not doing much with his life, but he’s…

Beren:  That’s interesting. Jeff Bridges, I think he actually plays music in real life and he plays with Kris Kristofferson and he knows all those guys, so it’ll be interesting to see what his take on a character like that will be.

Devan:  Yeah, definitely. And then Maggie Gyllenhaal plays this young journalist that’s interviewing him about his comeback and everything.

Beren:  Ah.

Devan:  And she actually was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Beren:  Really. She’s a great actress. Let me guess, they fall in love.

Devan:  That’s what I’m guessing.


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Devan is interested in seeing Crazy Heart because she loves old country music. In the movie, Jeff Bridges plays a down and out alcoholic country singer who tries to get his life back on track. Beren points out that Jeff Bridges is actually a musician in real life.

Crazy Heart is also a love story. In the movie, a young journalist finds “Bad Blake” in order to interview him. The journalist and the musician end up falling in love.

Do you know anyone who got his or her life back on track after being down and out?



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01:26 AM Dec 21 2017 |




I saw that movie ,I like because I listening about country music and I enyoy that also when he back on track but he had taken that lose his love for just notice that he was wrong ,In my opinion we have to do te correct things every day and learn about the bad things for not do that again.

03:32 AM Aug 26 2010 |




I enjoyed this movie a lot. It's, as they'd said, like The Wrestler, but with a guitar and cowboy hat. Maybe what I want to say is secondary, but I think the best part of the movie is when Jeff Bridges come back to stage with Collin Farrell. I hope you can see this movie.

11:18 PM Jun 25 2010 |




Yes…A friend of mine was a marijuana addiction so he converted to the church living this addiction,thanks for God he could realize your life was going down ;)

12:02 AM Apr 21 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

nice movie.

 There is no life with despair.

11:11 PM Mar 28 2010 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

  it`s really hard to have life back on track after being down and out .

07:47 PM Mar 28 2010 |



I am still young.I don't know anyone who got his or her life back on track after being down and out.But I think it's really hard to do that.You need to be very brave and you should have pretty strong willpower.

I don't know if I can comeback or not after being dwon and out.And I respect everyone who can do that without judging their past.

02:15 PM Mar 28 2010 |




It's good lesson.

02:30 PM Mar 27 2010 |

Melissa Castillo


I love Jeff Bridges!

02:52 PM Mar 25 2010 |




i've already seen the trailer :


it seems nice movie to watch on sonday afternoon with u girlfriend.

10:10 PM Mar 24 2010 |




i'm not a big fan of country music.but i know quite a lot of famous singers,esp some rock star like kurt who addicted to music and got desperate with society so much that they even finally committed suicide, maybe music in their real life is the best way for them to have an emotional outlet. even for me, i also like to listen different kinds of music to relieve my different emotional sides.

02:35 PM Mar 24 2010 |


South Korea

The best romantic movie that i thought is 'Once'.

It has very good O.S.T, like 'falling slowly', 'Say it to me now' and so on,

and reality.

This movies actor and actress are the in real life.

actually the fallen in love but now they broken up.

anyway, I love this movie.

I recommend it, if you like crazy- heart

01:43 PM Mar 24 2010 |




this film is very interesting story which has a cool event like the journalist , she is falling in love

12:41 PM Mar 24 2010 |



i m a big fan of romantic films and i like to see crazy heart, it seem to be a good film specially because it  talked about someone who tried to get his life back on track. i m also like to do like him and i hope taht i can do it.

11:26 AM Mar 24 2010 |



the best film ever i have seen recently is "Nine". it's a musical film ,it makes you dream, it brings you to a magic world. the music and the songs are amazing…

10:57 AM Mar 24 2010 |



In the Academy award this year ,there was a competition between the film "Precious"  and "Crazy heart" but the later selected as better one because it won many awards. But I hope that actors and actress in precious film didn't feel down and out.

05:30 AM Mar 24 2010 |



I had watched the movie twice,But I didnot  think that was so interesting.To be a good movie,it hadnot shaked my heart.Maybe,it' was truth,happened in the real place,and prasied the human.

03:54 AM Mar 24 2010 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

I want to watch this movie. I like to see a someone who gets older and older have  new experience. Start now!!! Even when you are old  enough to act. Life is short. Have a happy day!!!

01:05 AM Mar 24 2010 |

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