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Disciplining Kids

Disciplining Kids

Date: Apr 02 2010

Themes: Family, How To

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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We’ve all seen kids screaming, throwing temper tantrums, or misbehaving in public. As a parent, it can be difficult to know what to do when your child acts out. A stern lecture doesn’t always do the trick. But you don’t want to be accused of being cruel for spanking your children, either.

These days, spanking is less acceptable than it used to be. Even though a lot of parents still use spanking to discipline their kids, many people fear that spanking your children will teach them that violence is OK. Find out what Beren and Marni think parents should do to keep their children in line.


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Marni:  So do you have any firm beliefs on disciplining kids?

Beren:  As far as like spanking versus timeouts or…

Marni:  Right.

Beren:  Um, not really. I don’t know. I ask myself, you know, if I ever have children, how will I discipline them? Will I offer positive reinforcement for the good behavior?

Marni:  Absolutely.

Beren:  I don’t know, it just seems like training a dog, I guess. It seems like such a weird thing to do.

Marni:  Well and I think there’s a different mind shift. Like there’s a stigma now about spanking whereas when I was a little child, you know, nobody really thought about it. And certainly back in the 50s and things it was like sort of what you did. But now it’s all about timeouts like you were saying, and maybe taking things away, like taking away allowances and privileges, and that seems to be more of the philosophy.

Beren:  I’m not totally anti-spanking.

Marni:  Sometimes a good spanking seems to do the trick.

Beren:  Sometimes a good whack gets them in line.


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Beren doesn’t have strong feelings about the best way to discipline kids. She likes the idea of offering positive reinforcement for good behavior, but she is not sure it is the best way to keep kids in line. She thinks spanking might be necessary sometimes.

Marni points out that spanking is not as acceptable as it used to be. More parents try alternative forms of discipline, such as giving their children timeouts or taking things away from them if they act out. Marni remembers that when she was a kid, more parents spanked their kids.

Do you think spanking is OK? What is the best way to discipline children?



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I agree with what Marni said. Giving timeouts or taking things away from them works in most cases. So I think it is the best thing to do to discipline children.

06:17 PM Apr 04 2010 |



Hi Guys, I am a fresh member of English Baby website and I have very little knowledge about it. Anyways, I enjoyed going through the comments on the above subject and I gained a little knowledge on what this website is all about. 

Well, I am not good at commenting but I am trying whatever I could. Spanking kids is so common in my country and so I don't feel so bad about it if it all does is to help parents discipline their children. Though you cannot beat the child so badly so that the child doesn't think his/her parents hate them. Please don't laugh at my comment, guys!

Thank youSmile


05:54 PM Apr 04 2010 |



if u don't spank even in the  worst situation then u really need to be be credited for making a delinquent child for the society! !

04:23 PM Apr 04 2010 |



well , iam really confused because  it depends on the environment and the surroundings in which someone lives .But, parents should spank or punish their children somehow to keep them in line   what you think guys ? 

01:59 PM Apr 04 2010 |




Hi all i need someone to help to learn english


12:01 PM Apr 04 2010 |

florie's lessons


I like this  topic…I hope I can keep it and use it…

08:20 AM Apr 04 2010 |



United States

I have several comment about the lecture.

1- the volume of the sound is low, so i can't hear it unless I put my headphone maybe I have trouble hearing.

2- It is a good lecture because have a lot of usefull vocabulary.

3- I think the best way to keep children in the line is to follow my steps:

A- to explain to the children that something they have done. it's not acceptable.

B- To encourage them if the don't do it again by give them some reward stuff or whatever.

C- to prevent them from something they like such as go a picnic with his/her friends.

D- to spank them to show them that you (parents) are angery.

sorry to made a long comment

02:24 AM Apr 04 2010 |



I think the best dicsipline way is giving timeouts ,spanking isn't acceptable . Kids need love and care from their parents.

01:40 PM Apr 03 2010 |




I think the kids need of discipline everyday because the education make do all time and I 'm firm with my chilrens !!

12:31 PM Apr 03 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Disciplining Kids is the most sensitive subject to talk.
i believe we should spanking at the bottom line.
prevention is privilege on cure so it's privilege to teach them the way acting never be needed for spank.

08:23 AM Apr 03 2010 |

point break


 No choice but spanking in case a kid acts out badly like the kid below.

01:41 AM Apr 03 2010 |




09:44 PM Apr 02 2010 |




Someone made a good point…although I think it's very important to spank your child, you shouldn't do it too much.  It can have an adverse affect if you do it frequently.  That sort of dicipline should be when they have been very bad.

07:30 PM Apr 02 2010 |




it is very difficult to disciplining kids. Sometimes parents do not be patient to versus kids behaver.  But parents must be very carefull, their child do not have to  hate parents.

05:20 PM Apr 02 2010 |



I am still young.I don't have children,and I don't know what is the best way to discipline children.But I think spanking is OK.Sometimes,it's necessary.

Most of the children are stupid.They don't know right from worng.And sometimes,it's useless to reason with them.Then,what is the easiest way to teach them a lesson?The answer is "spanking".

04:57 PM Apr 02 2010 |




It's really a very important problem .

It 's not good to spank kids  too often.my mom spanked me when i was  little ,so that i think she doesn't love me,even though she treats me kindly now.

sometimes parents should control their temper.Of course ,it's not easy to do that ,especially,when the kid do somethings wrong.

eh,if parents spank their children too often .both of parents and kids will feel sad and be hurted.

it 's really a difficult question.

03:26 PM Apr 02 2010 |




First of all, Marni says "the 50's" when spanking was unquestionably the norm in the 80's and still predominant in the 90's.  Going all the way back to the 50's is silly.  I firmly believe in the old addage, "Spare the rod, spoil the child."  I remember that when I was little my mom used to switch me.  I would never have admitted it at the time, but I knew as a child that I was better for it.  I would get more and more of a bad attitude until my mom or dad put me in my place.  If they had put me in a "time out" or taken away my allowance, I think I might have laughed.  You play more of a political game with your own child when you do that.  The child needs to learn discipline and respect for his or her parents.  I have known people who were never spanked and you can always tell!  They are self centered and arrogant.  They think they are the authority on everything and you are beneath them.  These are very small people.  If you love your children, spank them.  And make it hurt!  The act itself wont' matter if it doesn't hurt.  You can always tell a difference in those who have been spanked and those who were not.  The proof is in the pudding.  Just because some people in recent years have started trying to say something else…well don't worry about them.  That's their problem.  It may be difficult on you, but spank (or switch) your child if you love them.  When they're older, they'll be glad of it!

01:22 PM Apr 02 2010 |




i think childrens age between 2-5 years have different mind set than the childrens in 6-10 years. childrens are mostly quick learners. you can't whack them everytime, you can't threat each kid the same, because some kids are pretty much sensitive than the others. the best way to threat them is just to keep  them in such envirnment so that they can learn themselves. let them do make tiny mistakes, they gonna learn. just keep eye on them.Never be so close or so far from them emotinally. you always have to keep balance in attachment with them. parents need to know little bit of children psychology so that they can threat their kids right way. because their are so much things around that can have negative effect on them.

01:05 PM Apr 02 2010 |



the parents are the first teacher in their life.we should do the right things in front of child.we are the model before their can not judge on their own which is wrong or right.

12:08 PM Apr 02 2010 |

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