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John Mayer

John Mayer

Date: Mar 22 2010

Themes: News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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Most musicians get famous with their music. And then there’s John Mayer. Most people can probably name more women Mayer has dated than songs he’s made. Of course, this favorite of the tabloids has done more than smooch Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. He’s also put out three albums including, most recently, Battle Studies. But it’s Mayer’s personal life that has really made him famous. Or infamous, depending on what you think of him. Find out where Marni and Mason fall.


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Marni:  So I was just reading Rolling Stone, the one with John Mayer on the cover.

Mason:  Yeah, he looks very torn and in love with himself on that cover.

Marni:  Yes. I think he is very torn and in love with the idea of being in love. But he’s…yeah, he’s lovin’ himself a lot right now. He definitely talks about that. He’s an interesting guy, little bit of an over-sharer, I think.

Mason:  Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s funny, I don’t really follow his musical career but he pops into a lot of like comedic videos, and he seems to have a pretty good sense of humor so he obviously is kinda cool with himself as a person. I can see him maybe being the kinda guy who goes over a few lines in divulging personal details.

Marni:  Yeah. Well, his new album, it’s called Battle Studies, and he doesn’t even think it’s as good as his 2006 album Continuum, which was this huge album for him. It’s kinda interesting to hear an artist say yeah, my newest work is not as good as the work I did a few years ago.

Mason:  Huh. It sounds like he might have a sense of humility, which is something we just don’t expect from our musicians.

Marni:  That’s true. I think most people are really familiar with him just because of who he’s dated in the past few years. He went from, like, dating Jessica Simpson and then he was dating Jennifer Aniston, and…And now he’s looking for love.

Mason:  Is he? In all the wrong places?

Marni:  Apparently.

Mason:  Did he write that song?

Marni:  No, but he probably wished he had.


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John Mayer recently gave a controversial interview to Rolling Stone, in which Marni thinks he over-shared. He talked a lot about his personal life and his troubles in love.

Mason isn’t familiar with John Mayer’s music, but he knows him for some of the comedy work he does in his spare time. Marni thinks most people know Mayer because of his personal life. He has had relationships with famous women that have been in the tabloids a lot.

In the Rolling Stone interview, Mayer said he didn’t think his newest album, Battle Studies, was as good as his previous work. Mason is impressed that Mayer was so honest and humble about his work. Marni thinks Mayer is searching for love.

Do you think John Mayer is famous or infamous? Do you like his music?



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ı love him too ;ı mean his songs:))

07:30 AM Mar 22 2010 |



I love John Mayer, his music and his voice are sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!

12:59 AM Mar 22 2010 |




Well, he had has beautiful girlfriends, he´s a lucky guy.

12:47 AM Mar 22 2010 |

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