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English idioms of emotion

English idioms of emotion

Date: Apr 30 2010

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: majid_jjs


Here are some emotional idioms to tell people whether you're happy, sad or angry.

All these idioms mean that you are absolutely delighted:

over the moon:

"He was over the moon when he heard the news."

thrilled to bits:

"She was thrilled to bits with her new bicycle."

in seventh heaven:

"They were in seventh heaven when they learned they'd won a cruise."

on cloud nine:

"When I got the job, I was on cloud nine for several weeks."

jump for joy:

"We jumped for joy when we got the mortgage."

These idioms mean you are feeling sad:

down in the dumps:

"When she left him, he was down in the dumps for a couple of weeks."

feel blue:

"She felt a little blue when she lost her job."

beside yourself (with grief, worry):

"When her son went missing, she was beside herself with worry."

Annoyed because you have missed an opportunity:


sick as a parrot:

"He was as sick as a parrot when he realised he had thrown away his lottery ticket."

These idioms mean that you are very angry:

see red:

"Don't talk to him about his boss - it just makes him see red!"

hopping mad:

"She was hopping mad when she found out her daughter had disobeyed her."

in a black mood:

"Be careful what you say - she's in a black mood today."

Less angry idioms:

cheesed off: "I was really cheesed off when I lost the competition."

to not be on speaking terms: "They're not on speaking terms at the moment after their row."

To be off someone's Christmas card list: "Oh dear. I think I'm off her Christmas card list after insulting her husband!"

have a downer on someone:

"What's John done? You seem to have a real downer on him."

rub someone up the wrong way:

"Those two are always arguing. They just seem to rub each other up the wrong way."

These idioms mean you don't know what to do:



at the end of your tether:

"I just can't cope. I'm at the end of my tether with all these bills and debts."

at your wits' end:

"He's at his wits' end. He's tried everything to solve the problem, but nothing has worked."



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you're welcome

04:38 AM May 11 2010 |

josie nini

josie nini


thank u for sharing ,i learn something new!

02:10 AM May 11 2010 |



United Kingdom

thank you

fab day

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thanks for sharing!! :D

07:36 PM May 01 2010 |



Russian Federation

Thank you for this lesson, it's very useful. Smile

07:46 AM May 01 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it's a really useful lesson.

06:37 AM May 01 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

only for you!!!

06:23 PM Apr 30 2010 |

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