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Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch

Date: May 18 2010

Themes: Friend, Tech

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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These days, many of us have friends all over the world, not to mention in different cities and parts of the country. It’s also easier than ever to stay in touch with people, no matter how far away they live.

But even with email and social networking sites to help you keep track of your friends, staying in touch takes effort and loyalty on both sides. Find out if Devan and Jeff maintain old friendships, and how they do it.


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Devan:  Are you pretty good at keeping in touch with your old friends, Jeff, like from middle school and high school?

Jeff:  I’d say so. I’m still very close with a lot of my friends from high school and even before that.

Devan:  How do you keep track of them? Do you talk to them on Facebook, or on the phone, or in person?

Jeff:  Um, pretty much all three of those, although the popularity of Facebook has made things easier. It’s easier to communicate with old friends and people are more willing to do it. What about you?

Devan:  My best friend Marie, we’ll have been friends for ten years this summer, and, you know, we still talk on the phone.

Jeff:  How did you guys meet?

Devan:  We met in high school, first day of high school.

Jeff:  Best buds from right off..right from the start.

Devan:  Yeah, and we really bonded because we had a lot of the same taste in music and we don’t have anything in common anymore whatsoever, we’re in like completely different places in our lives, but I think we’ll always have that bond from our past that’ll keep us together, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose touch with her because we just have that past that we shared.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think that’s pretty natural to still keep in touch with your friends but not share the same interests that you used to.


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Both Jeff and Devan have friends whom they have known for many years. Jeff has friends from high school and middle school, and Devan has known her best friend for almost 10 years. Jeff thinks that Facebook makes it easier to keep in touch with old friends. But both he and Devan also talk with their old friends on the phone and in person.

Devan doesn’t have as much in common with her best friend as she did in high school. But even though they lead different lives and have separate interests, they share a bond that can’t be broken. Their shared past keeps them together.

How do you stay in touch with old friends? Do you have many old friends whom you’ve known for a long time?



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i have a few old friends, its hard to keep in touch sometimes. even though, good friends are gifts in our lives, no matter how long they have been away, once we talk its like the same thing, as always.

01:16 AM May 21 2010 |



United Arab Emirates

yup – i got many old good friend's  ... n m on touch with them all—

by – phone – mail – massenger


10:22 AM May 20 2010 |




I stayed in touch with some old friends from high school. I' ve been in touch with my best friends for almost 10 years. We use to communicate through internet (facebook, msn), sometimes talk on the phone, and we use to hang out three or four times a year.

01:42 AM May 20 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

  • I've a few old friends.
    really It's hard to keeping touch togather ,, so All my best wishes for them wherever just who honest with me … :)

08:34 PM May 19 2010 |


Viet Nam

really good topic for me,i have to thanks much to all of social networking site. thats a  best way to keep in touch with old friends,and find new friends. event throught we live every where. such as FB, iam crazy about that, and also waste much my  time. 

04:17 PM May 19 2010 |




Unfortunately,it´s very difficult to stay in touch when you move from one country to another. Especially when the phone calls are very expensive…but we can write e-mails ^^

04:07 PM May 19 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that's gooooood ! very interesting !

04:57 AM May 19 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

Really Good topis about old friends , yes I'm keeping in touch with my old friends almost through my e-mail and some of them we meet in person ,,

and all of them I have been known them for many many years ago ,,,

Hope to be friends forever ^_*

03:31 AM May 19 2010 |


Russian Federation

I tried to keep in touch with my friends from high school and college. Unfortunally, it become hard to do so since I moved to another country. Also we don't have many things in common as we used to do so before. I think it's very difficult to be friends when you have completely different lives. Old friends are gone and you find new, and it's normal.

03:25 AM May 19 2010 |




11:28 PM May 18 2010 |




sashaso u fully right about what u said …. really turkish guy looking 4 girls everywhere hahhahahhaha i dont know when they work or do something more important than following girls …..

10:14 PM May 18 2010 |



Russian Federation

Why Turkish guys always looking for a girls.Do you have another interests?Do you have any girls in Turkey?Not?

09:16 PM May 18 2010 |



I am looking A beautiful girl friends I have  my pic. İf you like me you can write me

07:25 PM May 18 2010 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

  keeping in touch with old friends  . its remember me when i was in high school  i had many friends  then we used to fun together  now i have lose touch with them  i have got marriage  i have been busy with my family  but some time  i think  i  shouldn’t have  lost touch  with them 

07:11 PM May 18 2010 |



Most of my currently friends are from 10 or 15 years ago and I'd like to keep them forever. Although I love to make new friends!

You can add me on MSN (renan.godoy@hotmail.com) if you want to be my friend and also pratice our english! Tongue out

Nice topic.

06:58 PM May 18 2010 |




Hello Everybody!

I believe friendship is real. Cuz i know some people dont think so. 

I have 2 friends from Elementary School,  I love them, but it is a little difficult keep in touch, because we have different places where we live in, and they dont like at all get connected on Messenger, They even dont have Facebook account, but I try to call them and visit them. All we remember our time in School. 

I believe Facebook is popular to get in touch with friends around the world. 

06:34 PM May 18 2010 |



South Korea

Today's lesson reminds me of what I've done to my old friends. I lose touch with many of them. I admit it's hard to keep in touch with friends when we don't have much in common anymore after graduation. But all of the memories we've shared can keep us together. I better call my best friend now…

06:08 PM May 18 2010 |




Keeping in touch with old friends… It's a good way to remember some good years of friendship that we have lived…

It's a bit hard sometimes when we are totally busy with university or work…

But, like in that text is written…

With Loyaty and efforts taken, we can stay in touch with old great friends.

And that is really NICEE!!!!!   

I keep in touch with a lot. I love to have friends. Mainly honest and reliable friends…

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

05:08 PM May 18 2010 |



South Korea

i have 4 close friends. we met in different school. i met 3 of them in middle school. the other has been with me since elementary school. and at first all of them were not close each other. i introduced them each other. we will have been friends for 12 years this winter. we are still talking on the phone, facebook and in person. we meet on special day like each of us' birthday. so we can have chance to meet once a month. we are in different places and have separate interests.but we really bonded. so we can stay up at night sharing the past we had experienced together. it doesnt matter now where we live and what we are doing. they are like my hometown that are always there. thanx my buds!Wink 

02:44 PM May 18 2010 |




i find it's hard to keep in touch with many old friends,for we are getting busier by days so that we don't have  as much time for social activities and communication as when we were younger,,,and most importantly,,i find that,more often than not ,our point of view or mind are developing or changing in very different directions which make us not the very same person as we used to be known or liked 

01:31 PM May 18 2010 |

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