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Travel Videos

Travel Videos

Date: Jun 02 2010

Themes: Tech, Travel

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Traveling to new places is such a cool experience, we often wish we could make it last forever. But there’s always that sad moment when we have to get on a plane and head back home.

Some people try to make their trips last forever by recording them. But walking around with a camera in front of your face might not be your idea of a perfect vacation. And watching hours and hours of your travel footage might not be your friends’ idea of a great time.

Dale is taking a vacation soon. Listen to him talk with Mason about whether or not he should make videos of his trip.



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Dale:  So Mason, I’m going on a trip in about four weeks from now.

Mason:  Oh yeah?

Dale:  Yeah. Now I’m thinking since, you know, it’s kind of a family trip, I was gonna video it. But I don’t know if it’s a good thing.

Mason:  You know, it’s whatever your taste is, right? But I think you want to make sure to savor the experience, like don’t forget to experience firsthand while you’re trying to capture it on the film. So…

Dale:  You mean, like focusing on the camera rather than the situation or the environment that we’re actually in.

Mason:  Are you in the moment, or are you watching the moment, you know?

Dale:  Oh, through the camera. Yeah, that’s a tough one, because I also feel like if I don’t record I’m like, shoot, I should have had that on camera!

Mason:  Yeah. You know, I mean what are you going to do, become the next viral hit on YouTube?

Dale:  That’s true, that’s true.

Mason:  I mean, yeah, maybe you will.

Dale:  Is it better to just take pictures?

Mason:  I like the pictures. I think that’s my compromise. So I’m actually going on a trip sometime soon and I might get myself a big fancy camera. And guess what? It takes video too just in case I need to cover my bases.

Dale:  And then you just edit it and make it really nice.


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Dale is going on a trip soon and can’t decide if he should record the trip on video. Mason thinks that it is important to enjoy your vacation while it is happening. If you concentrate on making travel videos while you are on vacation, you might not be able to savor the experience as much.

Dale worries that if he doesn’t video his trip, he will regret it. But Mason says that a good compromise can be taking regular photographs. Mason is going to take a trip soon as well, and he is thinking of buying a new camera so he will be able to take lots of good pictures. The camera he wants to get also makes videos, so he has all the bases covered.

Do you like to video your trips? What else do you do to preserve your travel memories?



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I love making videos,even more than taking pictures.Videos…it can preserve the movement of things,sound,and too many informations.Good videos should be worth to watch.

08:58 AM Jan 21 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!


I wish I were good at drawing pictures. If I am a good drawer, I can stay for longer time in front of the scene to record it.


03:56 PM Jan 18 2013 |

1 person likes this



Well its kind of a good thing you know like capturing the moments of your trip and then when you head back home you will watch it again and again  or showing it to your friends and family member that how your trip goes. but its also kind of a annoying just holding the camera around your neck when others are enjoying the moment and your busy making film and all that stuffs. Every one have their own taste of trip.  

12:36 PM Jan 14 2013 |

haman nabil



11:35 AM May 24 2011 |



Dear all,

If you want to share your own travel videos, you can do that on city.vi . Citymedia foundation(http://citymediafoundation.org) has launched www.city.vi , a network of 68,000 city specific video sites, where you can share videos about cities and regions across the world. Like for Paris videos you can visit http://Paris.vi . You can also find out about other cities that you are interested . Hope to see you there

06:45 AM Nov 19 2010 |




I really like shooting videos and taking pics in my trips,I guess it is basic you shoot videos or take pics in a trip…But I prefer taking pics instead shooting videos in a trip and my memories are in all my pics ;)

02:09 PM Jul 10 2010 |

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just like to travel with my best friend.i mean, you should travel with someone you love,maybe you like alone.anyway,share the  joys of travel.feel better.

12:08 PM Jun 08 2010 |




mionfabian's comment are sort of funny.(put the camera on his head!! hahaha)I did laught while I saw the comment,Bruno!!

Anyway,I prefer taking photos. :)

We did have some experience about making videos but the result is we seldom watch the videos over and over again. Taking photos is enough for recording the memories. :)


09:20 AM Jun 06 2010 |




I'd like to take a vacation. That's a really cool experience!

04:41 AM Jun 06 2010 |





08:09 AM Jun 05 2010 |



Photography is my passion. I would love to watch videos, I feel relaxed while watching videos. Still I have not jumped into videography. I hope I will do it in the future. Good luck with all your wishes.

03:23 PM Jun 04 2010 |




You know its a very interesting question indeed; at first i used to think that cam corders are bullshit and it's much better taking pictures, and not long ago I decided to buy a video camera and I gotta tell you it's kinda useful thing, yeah it really is. These days you can see me more often shooting videos than taking pictures.

So, here we are.

12:40 PM Jun 04 2010 |


Russian Federation

Hey everyone! I agree, as a matter of fact video in many cases isnt worthwhile time spending while u r travelling. And appears pretty boring even for you selfSmile

I like taking pictures rather more like art then memories – it can be marvellous spectacular view or fancy close-up whenever in any place.

08:16 AM Jun 04 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Taking pictures is good enough for me.As Mason said,it will take you too much time to video the traveling, and you will not enjoy your trip at the very moment.

Please always remember your purpose of the trip,which is enjoying it not recording it.

06:17 PM Jun 03 2010 |



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08:16 AM Jun 03 2010 |





11:01 PM Jun 02 2010 |



According to me if i go on a trip just ,i always spend my time for enjoying and seeing different places. so i dont  record it on video. and i agree with taking some photos its more plausible (:

09:27 PM Jun 02 2010 |




Just enjoy the moments!

06:07 PM Jun 02 2010 |




hello people, how's everybody doing? I think that is really nice to have pics from good moments of your life, but I do agree that, sometimes people forget about enjoy it the vacation trying to take pics and record everything. 

Have a wonderful day  :) 


06:06 PM Jun 02 2010 |



yeah it's cool  record our best moments in video but frankly, i don't like watching travel videos too much ,generally they become very boring after some minutes …...

05:11 PM Jun 02 2010 |

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