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Driving Tunes

Driving Tunes

Date: Jun 07 2010

Themes: Music

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Driving and music make a great pair. A good soundtrack can liven up a boring commute, and there’s something about being on the road that makes listening to music all the more fun. Maybe it’s because if you keep your windows rolled up, you can sing along as loudly as you want and no one will hear you.

As you’re about to learn, both Mason and Jeff love to rock out while they drive. But sometimes it can get a little embarrassing.


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Jeff:  So I was driving on my way over here, actually, and I was stuck in traffic on the freeway, and pretty bummed out because I…my car was stolen for the second time, and this time, I was lucky enough to get it back again, but my stereo system was stolen as well.

Mason:  Oh man.

Jeff:  And I haven’t been able to replace it. I’m pretty frustrated.

Mason:  You have no tunes while you’re driving.

Jeff:  Well, I think it might be illegal these days, but I was just driving with headphones and an iPod.

Mason:  Yeah, because it’s that important. I mean driving is one of those things, like music and driving, I think, you need to have them both going on at the same time. I’m not a talk radio guy. I need a soundtrack for my commute.

Jeff:  Yeah, sometimes talk radio can be OK, but more often than not I appreciate the music.

Mason:  I drive by myself every morning, you know, I spend about an hour in the car every day and it’s kind of my private time. It’s nice to…you know…it’s like your own little private sound booth, really, it’s a sound booth with wheels, so you can find that great song that comes on, I sing along sometimes.

Jeff:  Sometimes it’s kinda hard, though. I want to do that, I want to completely rock out, but…

Mason:  You ever wonder if someone’s watching you in their rear view?

Jeff:  Somebody’s gonna catch me. It’s like one step below getting busted picking my nose.


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Jeff likes to listen to music while he drives. Unfortunately, his car stereo was recently stolen. Now he listens to his iPod while he drives, but he isn’t sure that’s legal.

Mason feels that listening to music is essential for a long commute. He would rather listen to music than talk radio. Sometimes he likes to sing along while he drives. Jeff agrees that singing along to music while driving can be fun, but if somebody sees you, it can also be embarrassing.

Do you like to listen to music while you drive? Which songs make the best road tunes?



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I don’t like to listen to music ,I find it really annoying and prefer silence while I drive.

06:19 AM Oct 06 2021 |



Viet Nam

I would prefer listening to radio talk show while I am driving .

07:17 AM Aug 14 2014 |



Russian Federation

I feel unconfident when driving , as it is difficult for me yet. That’s why I always switch off and put out everything , which does not allow me to concentrate my attention on the road.

I have a favourite radio station, which I would like to listen to while driving. But it would  be  no good to me now.

08:52 PM Aug 05 2013 |


United States

well me too like listening music while driving. I thing every one loves that..  And i have a 1972 BMW 3.0CS. The same car as tim roth having in Lie to me episodes. But his car is red in color and i having Fjord Blue BMW.  

12:10 PM Feb 14 2011 |




I really loves it! hehe I'm moved by music in my car ;)

Once I had an Ipod but it's damaged…So now I use my nokia 8GB as an MP3 player and I have put some music in it…

My favorate road tunes are rock,havy metal and drum'n'bass and I love to sing along hehe

07:39 PM Jul 12 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I don’t know how to drive,and I don’t have a car. But,I believe that there will be much more fun if you with your music on while you are driving.
A road trip is not a trip without music.

01:23 PM Jun 10 2010 |




listening music loud could be dangerous bcs are not paying attention on the street. but in the other hand listening music not much loud would be perfect in a commute. all depends the side that u view it.


12:31 AM Jun 09 2010 |

green soul

green soul


You are all right! That's dangerous !!! but Fun!!!

12:08 AM Jun 09 2010 |



oh yes you know its like a basic need while you have on long commute

08:33 PM Jun 08 2010 |



I love listening to music while driving. I think both of them must be together.  Laughing

07:04 PM Jun 08 2010 |


tar_banSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

its wonderful when i drive me car with Hadrami Songs .

08:07 AM Jun 08 2010 |




very important to listen music in your way thats nice … I like it Cool

12:01 AM Jun 08 2010 |




course I do… I really don't like to drive… but it's a necessity so, with tunes it got better…

let's rock out driving lol lol

04:48 PM Jun 07 2010 |




I luv listening music while Driving…Smile

04:47 PM Jun 07 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Listening to music while driving is amazing! it makes the trip easy and more joyful specially when you stuck in a bad traffic like the one you can see everyday in Tehran's streets! The only thing that you should consider is that you have to bring your favorite musics with yourself, so when you are tired of one special kind of music, you would be able to change that! At the end, always be careful and do not let music distract you from focusing on driving!  

03:49 PM Jun 07 2010 |



While driving I NEED to listen to music. I almost freak out when stucked in the traffic and the best one to relax is Highway to Hell… |,,|

03:11 PM Jun 07 2010 |




I love to listen to music in the car. I usually like to listen to the radio but I dont like  radio talk. because the distance between my house with my business is short. This is why I prefer to spend time listening to songs.

02:09 PM Jun 07 2010 |

The sweet

The sweet

Russian Federation

i also like it

01:17 PM Jun 07 2010 |



yeah i really love to drive listening to music…......

01:15 PM Jun 07 2010 |




haha… I really like this lesson, hehe.. can’t stop myself to listen it again and again. Mason’s voice is very nice, I feel, I can follow him, wow… so happy :D ho ho… :0)

11:59 AM Jun 07 2010 |

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