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Lost: The Final Episode

Lost: The Final Episode

Date: Jun 16 2010

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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After six seasons on the air, Lost finally came to an end. The drama about the survivors of a deadly plane crash who end up on a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean attracted millions of fans from around the world. The final episode was over two hours long and got a huge build up. But did it live up to viewers’ expectations?

That all depends. If you watched the final episode of Lost hoping for answers to all the questions the show has raised over the years, you may not have been satisfied. But the final episode did bring all the characters together one last time for a heart-warming reunion. Listen to Amy tell Jeff how she felt about the big Lost finale.


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Amy:  Did you watch Lost at all?

Jeff:  No, I’ve never actually seen that show.

Amy:  Really.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think I might be one of the last people on the planet.

Amy:  It was kind of a phenomenon, and, you know, I actually…I watched the last season, and so I watched the two and a half hour season finale.

Jeff:  How was it?

Amy:  I started watching it because my boyfriend had watched it from the beginning, and I never really got it. Like, it sort of seemed like a lot of melodrama and then a lot of plot twists and cliffhangers that never really added up to anything and never really, you know, made sense or, you know, all these questions that never got answered. And so, I guess I could see how, you know, once you started watching it you would get kind of hooked because you would always want to try to find the answers to these questions. But to me they didn’t ever really get answered.

Jeff:  Yeah, it could be that a show with a long term plot line like that, in order to keep people watching, they sort of string you along the entire time.

Amy:  Yeah, it’s crazy how it did just become so popular.


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Amy started watching Lost during the final season, and she saw the series finale. Although her boyfriend has been a fan of the show since it first started, Amy doesn’t understand why it is so popular. She thinks that it is melodramatic. She also feels that the show raises more questions than it answers.

Jeff thinks that TV shows have to string you along with cliffhangers and surprising plot twists in order to keep you interested. He has never seen Lost, but he thinks he might be the only one.

Did you watch Lost? What do you think made the show so popular? Were you satisfied with the final episode?



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United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing its wonderful reviews. I also huge fan of this show and I have watched all Lost Episodes and It finale episode was superb!!!

12:10 PM Feb 15 2011 |



I saw lost since it first started and I really got hooked because it has a very smart plot, with many twists and cliffhanger in almost all episodes.

I believe that what made the show so popular were the surprises and unexpected facts which happened during all the seasons. The relationship between the characters was also a good strategy to keep people stringing along.

I can say that I was not satisfied with the final episode becouse it did not answer almos any question. The fact that they were dead since the beginning does not explain all the situations exposed during all the seasons. If they were really dead, how was it possible for us to have known what happend to them when they (supposedly) got out from the Island?

I really enjoyed the show and I hope that someday we will have an other addictive adventure as it was. 

08:57 PM Nov 17 2010 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

I believe that Lost and Prison Break came out the same year or something like that. I got hooked to watching Prison Break from the very beginning , but never liked Lost. Yeah, the story does not add up. After their plane crashed and they got on that island, some men were shaving lol. I was wondering how they got the time to shave and stuff like that. .

06:23 PM Aug 26 2010 |




This serie was pretty cool but I couldn't watch 'cause it came out late night and I had to wake up very early in that time :P So I just watched part of the first season…

12:54 AM Jul 17 2010 |




After Friends, Lost is my favorite show, but the final episode wasn't so good. But it was good tha it's over, better than become Smallville and never finish.

02:28 PM Jun 23 2010 |



haha, I feel the same

06:03 PM Jun 22 2010 |




I have never even had a single thought about at least trying to watch it becuase I hate shows that long…it's complete time wasting

10:20 AM Jun 22 2010 |




Ooo man.. the climax of LOST is crap… .. after watching all the season.. uuakkkkkk \._./

09:10 AM Jun 22 2010 |




me neither !!! , i've not wachted "lost" ,, i rather "flashforward" , this serie is soo good.

04:20 PM Jun 21 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I watched all the six seasons.And I even watched the first two seasons twice because of a interruption. I don't know why it was so popular,maybe because of the cliffhangers just as Jeff said. I watched it just to improve my English.Even so,I was not satisfied with the final episode,because I didn't understand it.There were so many questions that were not answered.

04:31 PM Jun 19 2010 |




Dude, I might be the second one of the last people on the planet, 'cause I haven't seen Lost!!))) actually, I don't like cliffhangers and so on…

09:54 AM Jun 18 2010 |




yep! i have saw it before once in a while! i do not know but it can hook your mind actually!

frankly! i do not like such show!

01:42 PM Jun 17 2010 |




I have never seen this series; it bored me at the beginning (? Is this right?). And, actually, I don't have a television set …

10:56 AM Jun 17 2010 |



i didnt still watch it but it seems that it s  cool…....

08:09 PM Jun 16 2010 |




I don't watched the season finale but I will be of corse. How explain the success of the Lost ? In my opnion the lost are the best of series that I watched in my life but everything finish one day !!!

07:58 PM Jun 16 2010 |

mr hopeless


yahhh the last Episod will the key answers for all of our questions wich we asked before when we saw the previous Episods

07:35 PM Jun 16 2010 |




I've watched it all, and I was a totally huge fan of Lost. It was so fascinating, you know.. You just wanna see the other episode to get some answer, you think you get some answers, but all you get is more questions. It had a great editing. 

If you love science fiction, mystery and extraordinary things, you'll love Lost too..

07:06 PM Jun 16 2010 |



i couldnt sleep that night, all the questions that had
with no answers and the final itself created more questions,, even when i liked somehow, i think all became in a romantic cliche and maybe that was the only way to ended.

04:23 PM Jun 16 2010 |



South Korea

I like that show~!! especially there are korean actor and actress.

while im watching it, couldnt stop it. ^^;

It;s very sort of string i along the entire time.

03:28 PM Jun 16 2010 |

miss violet

Saudi Arabia

in fact i didn't know anything about this show

but i like the lesson

03:07 PM Jun 16 2010 |

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