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Movie Fight Scenes

Movie Fight Scenes

Date: Aug 04 2010

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Sure, it can be nice to watch a movie for the great acting, intelligent writing or beautiful cinematography. But sometimes you just want to get pumped up with a great action movie with killer fight scenes.

Of course, not everyone would agree on what makes an awesome fight scene. Does it take impressive martial arts moves, death defying stunts, or creative camerawork? Does a chair have to get broken over someone’s head in order for a fight scene to really rock? Listen to Jeff and Jason share their favorite movie fight scenes.


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Jason:  I just watched Roadhouse. Are you familiar with that movie?

Jeff:  No, I’ve never seen it. I’ve always heard about it.

Jason:  It’s an 80s movie with Patrick Swayze, and he plays a bouncer. And it’s pretty much two hours of bar fights. That’s basically what the movie is. Lots of tables getting broken and bottles being smashed throughout the whole movie.

Jeff:  Sleeveless shirts?

Jason:  Yeah, in the earlier scenes, the bar is so unruly that people don’t even wear shirts. At all. So…

Jeff:  Sounds good. Anything with Swayze.

Jason:  Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s this huge bar, and there’s this scene where there’s a complete brawl in this place, just everyone in there all fighting together.

Jeff:  What other fight scenes in movies are your favorite?

Jason:  Well, there’s…you know, there’s gotta be The Matrix in there, with the slow motion, camera-turning action, you know?

Jeff:  Yeah, that was pretty cool when it first came out. I feel like it has become overused since, but…

Jason:  What do you think makes a good fight scene these days?

Jeff:  I don’t know. They’re so over the top that it’s almost always funny to me.

Jason:  There’s something about watching it just down and dirty like that that makes you…it makes my heart start pumping and I feel like I’m actually in the fight.


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Jason recently saw a movie from the 1980s called Roadhouse. He loved all the fight scenes in the movie. The movie takes place in a bar and is basically a two hour long brawl.

Jeff thinks fight scenes are too over the top these days. He liked the fight scenes in The Matrix when that movie first came out, but now the slow motion filming technique has been overused. Jeff doesn’t usually like fight scenes in movies, but Jason likes the way they get him pumped up.

What do you think makes a good fight scene in a movie? What movie do you think has the best fight scene in it?



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United States

The first scene opens with Mr. Burns atop a horse wearing a sombrero,
rounds of machine gun ammunition draped across his chest. “Simple
villagers,” he says to a group of people, “I promise you I will close
plants in America and bring work here!” Chespirito cries, “Viva Senor
Burns!” and the assembled villagers cry, Solid Streamz (https://solidstreamz.net)“Viva! Viva!” Burns’ horse
gallops off, but Burns doesn’t manage to stay in the saddle, instead
getting dragged back and forth along the ground. In the audience, Burns
laments, “We did twenty takes, and that was the best one.”

01:08 PM Dec 20 2017 |




Humm I really like fight scene movies and in my opinion how much more real,better! So I really liked of Matrix fight scenes mainly because Keanu Reeves really had to learn kung fu to make that scenes…

Other movies that I really like are kung fu movies some olds and the news…The last kung fu movie that I watched was about Bruce Lee master life Ip Man - Legend of a Grandmaster with Donnie Yen as Ip Man,it is simply pretty cool with real nice fight scenes of kung fu techniques :)

12:23 AM Aug 10 2010 |




I don't like the fight movie.I prefer to the  horror film 

07:26 AM Aug 05 2010 |



I'm not into fight movies because the plot is always the same. Still I like Matrix's scenes especially the ones with slow motion. Really funny.

08:44 PM Aug 04 2010 |





forget tha matrix and this bouncer movie guys.
If you really into fight movies, I recommend you'll to see Kong fo movies (hidden dragon, crouching tiger) when every one in this movie is against god well and science faction. Has no gravity!!
Or, go extreme and see Indian movie, huh, where all kind of shi…. happen.

06:31 PM Aug 04 2010 |


Syrian Arab Republic

i think the first think which make a fight a good one is the slow motion and for the fight scine not to be over the top or la long one and for me i think the matrix movie is the best one in its fight scene

04:54 PM Aug 04 2010 |




now adays i think all violent's movie has a good fight scenes bcs the cinematography has a bounch of tools to make this kinda effects , for instance , flicks in 3D.


04:13 PM Aug 04 2010 |




I like the martial art fights with slow motion & what makes me pumped up when they scream with diffrent sounds :)

12:30 PM Aug 04 2010 |



Basically, I don't like fight scenes in movies at all. Only exception is scene from "Sherlock Holmes"in slow motion. Brilliant!


12:16 PM Aug 04 2010 |


Viet Nam

I always like fighting scenes. They are so exciting. I don't care if they're cinematographic effect. One thing is that the adrenaline runs through your blood.

08:14 AM Aug 04 2010 |



i think the best fight scene in the movies  should come after good resone for the fight, like ( breave heart movie ), the anger started inside Mel gibson after his enemy kill his wife. so when he started kill people as a watchers we dont feel sorry for them lol. of course a lot of violent doesnt make any since in some movies like Saw Movie. In Matrixe movie they use a new way to express the anger inside the heroes, and the slow motion in the movie mad me pumping and happy, why? i think because of their way of revange espcailly when we know they he fight the machines.

08:09 AM Aug 04 2010 |




first of all it must be true and those brawl scenes should be classed to all underage children. action movie should publicize much more positive things. i think BRUCE LEE'S films are good action film.

06:27 AM Aug 04 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

most of movies have scenes the human mind does not accept it. but some people say the director want that ;) such as jump from high building or from car moving in high speed and the the hero stand oh his feet again.   

02:59 AM Aug 04 2010 |




I love movies, and sometimes action movie is great to watch also.

I remember when I first saw matrix and its slow motion style which was so impressive.

I really like martial arts, and it was really awsome to see such a fight in a movie.

The only word which came to my mouth when I saw it was: "wow";


But these days, I really feel action movies are changing. It's becoming too violent in my opinion. I can remember some movies like the two last James Bond, or action movies from Matt Damon for example…I think the violence in these movies is too strong and totally "free". I don't know if you get the point of what you want to say, but it's just like "showing a guy being totally destroyed, in the most animal way, by an other guy, with a lot of violence, a lot of blood, a lot of pain…" What is the point of this?


Do movie producers who make such movies really think that the most violent it is, the most impressive it is…so it makes a good movie? I can't agree with it.


I feel violence is just being common, everywhere. I've read a book that explained that the "learning process" is 30% based of observation. Does that mean that when young people are going to watch such movies, they are learning how to kill somehow? I think it's a problem.

12:36 AM Aug 04 2010 |

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