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Double Date

Double Date

Date: Jul 30 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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Finding time for your friends when you’re in a relationship isn’t always easy. So it’s great when you have a friend who is also part of a couple, so the four of you can go on double dates.

But finding the perfect pair to double date with is almost as hard as finding a perfect mate. In fact, it might be even harder, since there are four people who need to get along, instead of just two. Find out what Jeff and Amy think about double dating.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jeff:  Have you ever been on a double date before?

Amy:  Yeah, a couple times. Not an official double date, but I’ve had dinner with another couple, you know, that kind of thing.

Jeff:  Was it a formal setting, or was it a little more casual?

Amy:  I guess I’ve done both. I’ve just met another couple for a drink at a bar with my boyfriend, or had dinner at another couple’s place. I kind of like it. I mean, I think it can work well as long as everyone hits it off and gets along.

Jeff:  It didn’t bring about any jealousy? Like your boyfriend didn’t say, “Oh, they’re the perfect couple.”

Amy:  It has. There is always a little bit of that comparing, isn’t there? Maybe not from him. I’m probably the more jealous one of the two.

Jeff:  You think so, huh?


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Amy likes to go on double dates. She and her boyfriend have gone to another couple’s house for dinner and met another couple at a bar for drinks. She thinks it’s fun to double date, as long as all four people like each other and get along.

Jeff thinks double dates can lead to jealousy. One of the four people on the date might think that his or her partner is being too flirtatious. Or someone might think that the other couple is a more perfect pair. Amy admits that she is usually more jealous than her boyfriend.

Have you ever been on a double date? Do you ever get jealous?



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real fact, everybody has problems but in start they thing nice couple but after some time forget and starting of jalousy;

06:39 AM Jul 30 2010 |




yes. i did. :(

05:52 AM Jul 30 2010 |




It´s true . The first thing you think is " They´re the perfect couple" hahaha , but really the things are not so, because Everybody has problems hahaha ;).

04:23 AM Jul 30 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I have NEVER EVER been on a date or a double date hahaSealed and I won't lolz  but If I'd be on a double date I'll for sure get jealous .

03:28 AM Jul 30 2010 |



United States

My husband and I used to do this once in a while. It is fun and relaxing!!

03:22 AM Jul 30 2010 |




I never been on a double date.But we usually go our with our friends for lunch , dinner or drink.Some of them are my friends,others are husband's. We are know eachother. Maybe sometimes they might think these party can lead to jealousy.Think who is the best beautiful or handsome.

But I think it is good for our life, At daytime we should work,bear work stress,take responsibility,take good care of parents or children,we have no time own ourselves,so we might go out have fun.

02:24 AM Jul 30 2010 |

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