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On The Fence

On The Fence English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 03 2010

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Decisions can be hard. No one wants to make a bad decision or miss an opportunity, but if it’s not immediately clear what to do, how do you figure it out?

Ella has realized that it’s time to make a decision about Mason. She has been leading him on long enough. He’s a nice guy, but her feelings for him aren’t very strong. She doesn’t want to miss out on a good relationship, but she also doesn’t want to miss out on someone better. She could go either way. She is on the fence, so she asks Jeff for some advice.

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Jeff:  Hey, I just wanted to tell you thank you for making me feel a part of the team.

Ella:  No worries! I figured, you know…

Jeff:  The whole fish out of water thing…It’s been quite a weight on my shoulders.

Ella:  Yeah, I’m glad I could help.

Jeff:  What’s up with you?

Ella:  I don’t know, I’m starting to feel a little guilty, I’ve got a little weight on my shoulders, ‘cause I think Mason is starting to really like me and I’m just not feeling that same way. I’m kind of on the fence about it because I kind of told him a big secret that means a lot to me, but, I don’t know. I want him to be able to keep it, so, I’m trying to be faithful…I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to lead him on.

Jeff:  What…”on the fence,” like…you don’t quite know which way you’re going to go with this? Or…

Ella:  I’m really on the fence. Like, I have no idea what to do. There’s just…I just can’t decide what to do! I just feel clueless and…I just, I don’t know how to tell him directly I don’t like him like that, but, I don’t know if it’s worth it because he knows the big secret, so… I’m just trying to weigh out my options. If there are even any. ‘Cause I don’t think I want to date Mason, that’s…

Jeff:  Okay, so, you’re veering towards one side of that fence?

Ella:  I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Jeff:  You do have other options.

Ella:  I guess I could be just celibate?

Jeff:  Right under your nose. Right in front of your face.

Ella:  I am having allergies…

Jeff:  There are other options besides that Mason guy.

Ella:  Hmm. Not really clicking. Could be… yeah, I got nothing.

Jeff:  Just think about it for a while.

Ella:  Okay. I’ll ponder.


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Jeff thanks Ella for helping him fit in at the office. He asks her if he can help her with anything.

She says that she’s been on the fence about what to do about Mason. He likes her, but she can’t decide if she should date him or not. She’s thinking about it and could choose either option, so it’s kind of like she’s balanced on top of a fence and could fall in either direction.

Jeff doesn’t seem to think Ella should date Mason. He says she has “other options.” What do you think he’s talking about?

Have you ever been on the fence about something? How did you decide?



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that was good i like it

07:53 AM Jul 06 2011 |



Viet Nam

It's pretty funny. I can understand what he means. He wants Ella to choose him instead of that Mason guy to alleviate that weight on her shoulders. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't miss out on  such a warm Jeff.

 Sitting on the fence can become a big weight on my shoulders. However, trying to avoid this situation is impossible as life always makes you choose between things.I think it'd better to ask someone u believe for advice to address the problem

03:13 AM Sep 26 2010 |



mmm i dont remember…o yes when i was taking my desicion about my career, but i decided to take one year off to make good desicion

05:22 PM Sep 10 2010 |

Lee Yong Chan


I didn't know what he's talking about.But I think they two are in good mood.

Also, I am on the fence now.Whether I should declare my love for my friend that I met since 6 years ago.And if I will do,when to do.

02:45 PM Sep 03 2010 |



well, he's means that Ella could choose to date with him, and he want she can choose him rather than Mayson. And it's will take a time to consider it, let's see.

11:25 AM Aug 31 2010 |



if a girl says to 'Y' that she doesnt like dating with some X, it means she likes to date with the guy 'Y' and more importantly she is equally attracted by the guy 'X' as well and this 'X' is not approachable either he is having a more beatiful girl than this cheapo or would have expressed his disliking towards her!!

04:55 PM Aug 24 2010 |




Here in Brazil we have an expression and in english is something like that "drill the eye"...We use it to say when someone wants to take the partner from the other…In that case,I guess Jeff wants to drill the Mason's eyes hehe therefore he said that to Ella :P hehe In the other hands he didn't help Ella to decide to date with Mason directly…

08:42 PM Aug 09 2010 |




hey mason , come on dude , put the batteries on yourself bcs jeff can win over you.


03:40 PM Aug 04 2010 |



South Korea

I've never fallen in love with anyone before. stories like this gets a lot beyond my idea.

11:43 PM Aug 03 2010 |



hehe here in brasil we call it " em cima do muro " over the wall ;P

07:03 PM Aug 03 2010 |


Syrian Arab Republic

the better way to  choose between two options is to rely on luck which mean to use a coin or something like that and than flip it and see what's gonna happened and you should know you always choose the worst one and you'll be regret for your choice in the future but at the moment you have to decide you always choose the best choice

05:57 PM Aug 03 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

yes, it's so difficult, when you be between two choices. specially if was  subject for the passions, that's will be heavy on you. but anyone  must try and try to decide what it's gonna do.

04:55 PM Aug 03 2010 |



Hong Kong


02:12 PM Aug 03 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


It’s so obvious that Jeff likes Ella too, he want Ella to date him. He is the “other option”.
And actually, now I am on the fence too. It’s not about grils, it’s about my career. I want to quit my job, but I am sure if I can get a better one or not. The job I have now is easy and the pay is good. But, it’s kinda boring. And I don’t think I could have a bright future here. So, I want to move to a new big city and get another job. But I am nervous about it. I have to decide what to do now, because the expiration of my contract is coming.

01:16 PM Aug 03 2010 |




the whole story line looks like to me (the bold and the beautiful)
i love you , you love me, they love him/she
it kinda of Mexican series ….........


12:35 PM Aug 03 2010 |




The end of the video is interesting.Jeff also likes Ella so he doesn't wanna Ella to date Mason.when I was on the fence,I also find friends to talk with.Certainly I didn't meet such a friend as Jeff.

12:35 PM Aug 03 2010 |



"right in front of your face" it's clear that jeff wants to date ella ;)

i think that ella shouldn t be so hesitated, if she doesn t like mason she has to tell him and stay on good terms with him, it s sipmle, right?? :)

12:34 PM Aug 03 2010 |




Take the more important thing to you ,don't stay on the top of fence so long time.

12:18 PM Aug 03 2010 |



I can't remember right now if I was in similar situation but in my opinion there are always other options. What you should do is thinking. 

and jeff likes ella, definitly.

11:22 AM Aug 03 2010 |




I  think that Jeff wants to date Ella .He also likes Ella.

06:07 AM Aug 03 2010 |

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