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Ending a Concert Early

Ending a Concert Early

Date: Sep 27 2010

Themes: Music

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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A recent Kings of Leon show took a nose dive, when pigeons began leaving their droppings all over the stage…including dangerously close to the bass player’s mouth. After just three songs, the band stopped playing and canceled the rest of the show.

OK, pigeon poop is pretty disgusting. But is it really a reason to end a show early? Rockers are supposed to be hardcore. But sometimes, the show just can’t go on. Find out what Mason and Marni think about bands that end their shows early.


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Mason:  Marni, have you ever been to a show that got kind of called early, like the lead singer had a fit and stormed off or something stopped working?

Marni:  I have.

Mason:  Have you?

Marni:  Yeah, I have seen that before.

Mason:  It’s a total bummer, right, I mean…

Marni:  It is, because you go there expecting, you know, oh my God, I’m going to have this great, you know, at least an hour and a half. Come on, it’s like your favorite band, all this build up, and then, they just totally crap out on you. They need to carry on.

Mason:  So speaking of crapped out, though, I mean the Kings of Leon thing, with this guy, the dude is singing, and he gets poop in his mouth. He gets bird poop.

Marni:  The pigeons were pooping on them, yeah, and I understand it came very close to his mouth, probably got in his mouth. I can understand at that point maybe wanting to call it off, you know, but I don’t know. I mean unless it was like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and those things swarmed by him, I think they should man up and go on.

Mason:  Well, yeah, let’s break it down. That is gross. Like, you get maybe a 10 minute break. You get to go have a couple drinks. Do a little rinse out. But then you get back on the stage, right?

Marni:  And laugh about it. And I think people are gonna think more of you instead of just…you know, you gotta rally. But they didn’t, and I think that says a lot about them.


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Mason and Marni have both been to shows that had to end early. They agree that it is a bummer when the musicians have to stop playing for some reason. It’s hard to be disappointed when you go to a concert full of expectations for a fun evening.

At a recent Kings of Leon show, the band members quit after pigeons tormented them for the first three songs. Mason and Marni agree that it’s gross to be pooped on by birds. But they think that the musicians should have manned up and found a way to keep playing.

Do you think Kings of Leon should have kept playing, or was it OK to end their show early? Have you ever quit something before you’d finished it? Why?



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Hummm He had a faggot reaction just because a pigeon pooped in your mouth….I agree this is really disgusting! hahaha but It was as Marni said he could have rinsed out your mouth and continued playing!

It is difficult to me to quit something before it finished,I always go till the end! I'm very persistent ;)

08:56 PM Oct 16 2010 |

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really it's a good conversation between them.

03:58 PM Oct 03 2010 |




Ok I agree with you. An umbrella is a good idea, kkkkkk

02:10 PM Oct 01 2010 |



Oh, my! It's complicated!

I understand the band kinda freaked out because of it… maybe I'd too. But there's no reason to cancel the concert! Man, a lot of people, a lot of fans waited and paid for that. I know in this case these people will be reimbursed for the tickets but… what about the ones who came from other state, city or whatever? They also paid for hotels, bus/trains/airplanes tickets… I think bands should consider it a little more before storm off!

And fans: be sure to take an umbrella when you go to a concert. Nobody knows when pigeons will show up! x)

02:29 PM Sep 30 2010 |




mm , if the band cancel the show , they have to back the money an a cd autographed by them

10:24 PM Sep 29 2010 |



Russian Federation

I don't think it is a reason to end the show. They can just have a break if it's necessary and rally. Pigeons' poop it's not a great injury I guess.

06:41 PM Sep 29 2010 |




Kings of Leon is a great band. In my opinion, it's just okay to end the show early than it's suppose to be if there's a reason.

02:03 PM Sep 29 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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11:52 AM Sep 28 2010 |



i think they r gays lol

09:19 PM Sep 27 2010 |

Anna Ko


I think that Kings of Leon should go on!People paid a lot of money, passion and expectaions,they shouldn't finish their assginments,

People want to see a great performance, would like to feel the energy and power in live concert.Even pegions poops are disgusting, but to be a professional they should solve any problem.

I maybe had quit somethings before I finised. like: reading. But i don't do that like Kings of Leon , because I know my fans's expectation.

09:39 AM Sep 27 2010 |




I hate pigeons! Stupid birds… and I don't know in this case, but of course I had quit many things before getting them done in my life.

06:14 AM Sep 27 2010 |


Viet Nam

It is hard to answer YES or NO. In the audiences point of view the answer is NO anyway. But in the musicians position they have their reason to answer OK to end the playing early

So, We should not to firm that they have to keep playing anyway. It depend on the situation and culture as well…

03:20 AM Sep 27 2010 |

An Soo-hyun

South Korea

Their conversation is some fast, and has some difficult words.

 Maybe I will try to understand them repeatedly.

02:56 AM Sep 27 2010 |




Damn… I'm gonna dig more about this situation because I can't believe it. If this is true I think it suck… too bad for kings of leon who are one of my favorite bands… shame on them 

02:24 AM Sep 27 2010 |




I totally agree with Marni,they should man up and go on.One how can not handle the audience's pressure is not performer.Performer should handle this kinda situation in any case and entertain the audience…...


12:54 AM Sep 27 2010 |

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