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Date: Oct 13 2010

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Adverbs


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There are certain things a good action movie has to have. There have to be good fight scenes. The more explosions the movie has, the better. Funny one-liners by the hero are important as well.

Usually, there’s a mix of all this cool stuff, and some other, less exciting filler. Machete, the new movie by famous b movie director Robert Rodriguez, is pretty much purely the exciting stuff.

The movie started as a trailer that was made as a joke. The film manages to have the same fast pace as the trailer, even though it’s much longer! The hero, an ex-law enforcement agent from Mexico, uses swords, guns and knives to produce all sorts of action. Listen to Devan tell Jason about her favorite parts of the film.


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Devan:  So, did you see the Grindhouse double feature, and do you remember the fake trailer for Machete back then?

Jason:  Definitely. I didn’t even realize it was fake back then, and I was really psyched.

Devan:  Oh really? Well, it…it worked out anyway, because they made it into a real movie which I just saw the other day, which was absolutely fantastic.

Jason:  Did it keep the pace of that trailer? Like, was the whole thing that ridiculous?

Devan:  Yes.

Jason:  So let me get this straight. It’s the story of like a Mexican law enforcement guy who becomes an assassin who has like a team of illegal immigrants as his minions...

Devan:  Kind of. He gets set up by a guy that’s running for governor of Texas who sets him up to basically make him look bad, because they’re trying to stop Mexican immigrants from coming into the United States, so then he has to get his revenge on this governor of Texas.

Jason:  They really fleshed out that trailer into a plot with political intrigue and all sorts of, you know…actual information.

Devan:  Right, no yeah, it really…it definitely had a well-scripted plot, you know…I mean, it had definitely a lot of over-the-top antics and gore.

Jason:  How about one-liners?

Devan:  Oh, tons of one-liners. Tons. So many quotable lines in that film.

Jason:  What’s your favorite?

Devan:  My favorite is “Machete don’t text.”


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In 2007 a movie called Grindhouse came out, and a trailer played before it for a fake movie called Machete. Now that fake movie has become a real movie. But the plot is so over-the-top, it still sounds like it could be fake.

Devan just saw Machete at the theater. She enjoyed the wild plot about a Mexican law enforcer who fights an evil governor in Texas, who wants to stop Mexican immigration to the U.S. The movie had a ton of action, violence, and one-liners. Devan thought it was a fun movie to watch, and Jason can’t wait to see it himself.

Is immigration a big issue in your country? Do you like movies that are over-the-top? Do you know any one-liners?



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yes it is :)

10:46 PM Mar 20 2011 |




 it is a very nice movie in my opinion…my advice: watch it ;)

10:41 PM Mar 20 2011 |




Hummm No no,in Brazil the immigrants are treated well and "asked to go out" hehe But in fact immigrants aren't an issue like in other countries…

The classic one-liners film is Pulp Fiction I really liked this movie hehe


11:01 PM Nov 27 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I hope that see this movie soon and write my opinion about it.

09:06 PM Oct 17 2010 |

Vinni Lima

Vinni Lima


Immigration isn't, definitely, a big issue in my country, here all is a big mess ! everyone can enter here and enjoy it. I know many one-liners but I don't remember anyone now … 

06:25 PM Oct 15 2010 |



Russian Federation

"Sh#t happens" said the predator before self-destruction in the Predator-2Smile

I haven't seen Machete yet.

04:33 PM Oct 15 2010 |




hay cabron !!!

09:24 PM Oct 14 2010 |




it`s a great movie with the freedom that men looking for.

I watched it and it`s really coolCool

02:20 PM Oct 13 2010 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

i wish to watch this film that what i like it

10:14 AM Oct 13 2010 |




yes, i really like the over-the-top movies, because there is lot of action in it, i remember the one liner frm the film expandable which syverston stllone say to jason stathum, hey dont use my cap,lol,ha ha.

08:00 AM Oct 13 2010 |


Viet Nam

Yeah, I like the over  the top thriller movie. You will see a lot of gore and assassin.

One of my favorite is prison break movie. Have you seen this movie? Do you like it?

04:16 AM Oct 13 2010 |

An Soo-hyun

South Korea

I want to see this movie. 

01:40 AM Oct 13 2010 |

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