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Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold

Learn the past perfect progressive tense

Date: Oct 25 2010

Themes: Alternative, Music

Grammar: Past Perfect Progressive


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Around 2005, you might have thought there couldn’t be another band like Guns N’ Roses. There couldn’t be another metal band with operatic vocals to achieve mainstream success.

Then came Avenged Sevenfold with their international hit, “Bat Country.” Suddenly, a metal band was the most popular band in the world!

Avenged Sevenfold dresses in a combination of ‘80s fashion and current clothes. Their concerts are loud, fun events full of guitar solos, video and lights. Their most recent album, Nightmare, was the best-selling album in the US for a period this summer. But for the band, it’s not all celebration—their drummer died while the album was being written. Listen to Jason and Beren talk about this mix of success and tragedy.


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Jason:  It seems Avenged Sevenfold has rallied.

Beren:  Yeah, I’m actually surprised they just had a new album come out. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that the Rev passed away.

Jason:  Yeah, I mean, I guess he died while they were writing it and a lot of it was written and he’d helped write a lot of it, and they wanted to finish it in his honor, I guess.

Beren:  What? That’s amazing. And it’s one of those…the band’s funny because it does seem like the drummer, like he was one of the main creative forces, so I’m impressed that they were able to carry on.

Jason:  He was so good, I mean as a drummer, just like so good. But I guess that now they have the guy who used to be in Dream Theater.

Beren:  Oh yeah, Mike Portnoy, that’s excellent. That’s a good way to honor the Rev, have another excellent drummer step in and take his place. Also just a good tribute to him to have something he’d been working on at the time of his death come out and see the light of day.

Jason:  Have you ever had to move on from something like that before?

Beren:  No, I never had like a creative partner pass away. I’ve had some friends die, and it’s hard to like move on, but, you know, you just want to keep their memory alive. Think of the good times.


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Beren and Jason are surprised that Avenged Sevenfold just put out a new album, because the band’s drummer, The Rev, died recently. But Jason explains that he died while the band was working on the album, and the rest of the members felt that it would be a tribute to him to finish it. The Rev was known as an incredible drummer, but the band’s new drummer is also very good.

Jason thinks it would be hard to have to move on after losing someone important to you. He asks Beren if she has ever had to move on like that. Beren says that she has lost friends who were close to her, and it is very painful. But she tries to keep their memory alive and think of the fun times they spent together.

Have you ever lost someone close to you? How did you move on?



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I’ve never lost anybody close to me but when The Rev passed out, it impacted me deeply, by that time I was a big fan of the band, and they could never move on after The Rev!

A7X is not the same without him, he was the creative system of the band!

09:03 AM Jun 09 2017 |

resti pratita


i like Seize The Day , make me feel rock n roll yeah \m/

follow restipratita.blogspot.com

12:10 PM May 14 2012 |


Viet Nam

my relative died 3 years ago. my family don't want me to know about it. when i'm writing it, my tears drop. But I always remember my  uncle who i'm  admirable. I stay think my uncle keeping alive

08:59 AM Mar 22 2011 |




Of course! and it was awful! Rencently I lost my personal trainer's pupil 'cause she killed herself :( It was so bad 'cause she was my friend too…But the life must go on for us that we are :)

11:46 PM Dec 16 2010 |

mohamed ifnawi


i love you so match

12:41 AM Nov 08 2010 |




is hard when u lost someone close to u , noboby want this , but this are the rules of the life , and we have to respect them.


03:29 PM Oct 28 2010 |



Viet Nam

actually, I've been through these sỏrts of things before. Though it's kind of painful in the beginning, things just get better with the passing of time. I also adore the healing power of time as it makes every pain become vague.

04:34 AM Oct 28 2010 |




1)I have. 2)Time is the best healer.

08:29 AM Oct 26 2010 |



how i can learn english?


06:38 PM Oct 25 2010 |




omg i realy love these guys!! and yes, the rev died while they record the new album… avenged sevenfold, you rocks <3    Kiss


12:46 PM Oct 25 2010 |




my dad and my elder brother died 5 years ago. it was really hard 4 us that they passed away but we have to accept the fact that they're gone and never come back again and we all know that there are in good hands.. they always knew that we love them so much wherever they are now.

10:33 AM Oct 25 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

how can we study english when we are fedb up of life

10:04 AM Oct 25 2010 |



sounds good

08:32 AM Oct 25 2010 |

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