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Curing Cancer
Curing Cancer

Learn about "used to do" and "be used to"

Date: Nov 05 2010

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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Cancer is a disease that affects people of every age, race, and nationality. And although the methods for treating and preventing cancer have become more and more advanced, there is still no cure for the disease.

Recently, a huge group of celebrities including Rihanna, Jake Gyllenhaal and Miley Cyrus, teamed up to try to change that. They took part in “Stand Up to Cancer” a TV special that raised money to help fight the disease. Find out why the special gave Marni and Jason hope.


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Marni:  So Jason, did you happen to catch the benefit show “Stand Up to Cancer”?

Jason:  How could you not? It was on every channel.

Marni:  Exactly. I only caught parts of it, but it seemed like it was very successful.

Jason:  Yeah.

Marni:  And obviously, it was a fundraiser to find a cure for cancer, which is a disease that is plaguing millions, not just in this country, but all over the world. And I think it was a really cool thing that all these celebrities and musicians got involved.

Jason:  And it was interesting to see how all those people you’re used to seeing in movies and stuff like that have connections to people who have had cancer, you know, they’d be wearing a shirt that said “In Memory of Mom” or something like that. It really does touch everyone, even these untouchable celebrities.

Marni:  Absolutely.

Jason:  And you know, it really spoke to me too…it gave me hope I guess because they compared it to polio. And I had never thought of it that way. They made the argument that cancer can be our generation’s polio, you know?

Marni:  Sure.

Jason:  ‘Cause a few generations before us that was this horrible, scary, incurable disease, and they had the March of Dimes, a huge fundraiser, and it got cured.

Marni:  Absolutely, yeah. So there is hope.


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Marni and Jason recently watched the fundraiser “Stand Up to Cancer.” The benefit show was on three different channels, and the purpose of the show was to raise money to develop new ways of treating cancer.

Jason thought it was interesting that so many of the celebrities who appeared on the show had been touched by cancer. Even if they hadn’t had cancer themselves, they knew somebody close to them who’d had the disease. Sometimes we think of celebrities as living in a completely separate world from us, but cancer affects everyone.

“Stand Up to Cancer” offered some hope about the disease. It reminded Jason that there have been other diseases in the past such as polio that seemed incurable. But eventually, a cure was discovered. So maybe a cure for cancer will be discovered one day, too.

Do you know anyone who was affected by cancer? What can we do to help fight cancer?



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when someone catch this illness, he or she dont feel himself or herself  down in the dumps..someone willing to defeat this disease at once..ı think that eveything stars to believe.if you say l'll recover from this ilness you could do this..

10:17 AM Nov 05 2010 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

We have a lot of people who are touched by cancer. what i can do for those people, actually nothing. However, I can console them and raise their psychological status.

I say for them , don't feel despaired and act on your life as usual.

09:51 AM Nov 05 2010 |

business man


cancer,it's a terrible disease and no one can stop it.Because of the human's life style

09:38 AM Nov 05 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

 i think  cancer  or other   should  not  considered as a disease

I mean, when you understand  

thats  not a  disease


06:36 AM Nov 05 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

ma  qianaian

why  you  think punishments?

so  god  are  Evil  right?

Innocent people and children

06:18 AM Nov 05 2010 |

ma qianqian


people have fight against cancer for decades, till now still no cure. There are something that out of our countrol.

When people started suffering from cancer? How long ago?

And new viruses and diseases keep on showing up before we find a cure to cancer.

Maybe it's punishments from God.

Who knows, we are destroing everything that god created for us at the first.

Searching for all the natural resauce , poluting the air,poisoning the water….


05:40 AM Nov 05 2010 |



In my village, some people died for cancer, but I don't know them very well. Cancer is a serious problem for human beings. And I truely believe that someday we will find a cure for that.

And I hope everybody be healthy and happy.

04:46 AM Nov 05 2010 |

doris kang

doris kang


Cancer is a big disease for human, but i think the best way for agaist the cancer is keeping good mood all the time, do what you want, must cooperate well with doctors, and family also should give them big support to let them don't think to give up, then will be geting better i think.

The TV show of "Stand up to cancer" is great, that can help lots of people, support it !

03:35 AM Nov 05 2010 |




R & D against cancer, there are a huge need of funds to defeat it!

01:55 AM Nov 05 2010 |




My father-in-law had left side paralysis for about six years, I hope he will get better soon.

He was very strong and healthy as a builder, but suddenly he stroke left him paralysis on one side of his body. Yes, all is in a sudden, all my family felt upset to see him suffering such a disease.

But he is getting better now with family' s help, and he is struggling against the disease…...

Reading this story, I can identify with the main character' s struggle against the diseases. I appreciate " stand up to cancer", and look up to the people who always help others.

Now sending my great wishes to everyone. may everybody be healthy and happy all the time.

01:46 AM Nov 05 2010 |

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


Unfortunatly as many people someone in my close family has a uncurable cancer.It's tragic, cause he's 40 and he's gonna have a baby next year. It seems the best way for helping research is donation.

12:23 PM Nov 04 2010 |

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