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Let Me In
Let Me In

Learn the simple future tense

Date: Oct 27 2010

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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There is an expression in English, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.” In other words, the biggest compliment you can give someone is copying them. So it’s a pretty big compliment to the 2008 Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In that an American filmmaker liked the film so much, he decided to remake it in English.

In some ways, Let Me In is a classic coming-of-age story about a young boy who gets back at the kids who have been bullying him with the help of his best friend. But in this case, the friend is a vampire. So Let Me In is also a perfect movie to see on Halloween. Find out why Devan can relate to this movie.


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Jason:  Were you ever picked on when you were a kid?

Devan:  Oh yeah. Definitely. I think that being twelve years old was one of the roughest periods of my life, and kids can be particularly cruel.

Jason:  Oh man. Did you just wish you had a vampire boyfriend to come in and kick their butts?

Devan:  You know I can’t say I ever thought about that…

Jason:  But you didn’t live during the vampire craze that we live in now.

Devan:  No, I didn’t. But now, looking at it in retrospect, it would’ve been pretty neat to have a vampire boyfriend to scare everyone away.

Jason:  Well, that’s the new movie Let Me In. You know, it’s a remake of the Swedish movie Let the Right One In. It’s actually kind of touching in that way. There’s a boy who has trouble at school with bullies, and he makes friends with this young vampire girl, or I guess she appears to be young but she’s probably hundreds of years old. And she, you know, defends him. But how long can their twelve-year-old romance really last?

Devan:  So, even though it’s a fantasy film, does it still work as a coming-of-age film? Like are the feelings and emotions relatable, even if you’re not a vampire, say?

Jason:  Yeah, definitely. I think it just speaks to the idea that as an adolescent, at some point you will find people who understand you, you know? So in this case, that person’s a vampire.

Devan:  See, I like that, because they can bring in the audience with the vampire schtick. But at the same time, it has a message that will be good for a lot of young kids to see, you know?

Jason:  Yeah.


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Devan tells Jason that she used to be bullied. She thinks kids can be mean to each other, especially as adolescents. She thinks it would have been great to have a vampire boyfriend to scare away the kids who were picking on her.

Jason explains that that is the basic plot of Let Me In. In the movie, a little boy and a vampire girl fall in love. The vampire girl protects the boy from bullies.

Let Me in sounds like a combination of a sweet and a scary movie. Devan thinks it could be a good movie for kids to see, since it sends a positive message and is scary at the same time.

Do you like movies about vampires? Were you ever picked on as a kid?



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I like anything that consists of vampires :P , whether it was a movie or a book, as one of my favorite books is about vampires. Well, I was bullied for a whole year when I was 14, I had that classmate who ket picking on me on everything I do, it was like I was her only concern in the world…it was then the end of the year till I found out the reason behind it,  they told me that she was jealous of me being a better student than her, so bulling me was the only way she had to vent her spleen. :/

06:22 PM Nov 11 2012 |




In this movie, a vampire, yes, drinks blood, but it helped the bullied boy. It punished the bullies. That makes the story beautiful. She’s very cool, her blood drinking habbit is not that eye-catching and disgusting when she’s helping out a poor guy.

07:14 PM Jun 06 2012 |


United States

why people like vampires? they drink blood…disgusting

06:56 PM Jun 06 2012 |




I just watched a movie. The whole couple of hours, I just sitted montionless. I loved it! Yeah, Stephen King has got a talent. Even though it’s a horror movie, it’s a very touching story. A good friendship, understanding, support, advice—all spread a good message. All the bloody scenes just don’t look that much horrible on the background of that friendship between a boy and a girl-vampire. And he learned something how to stand up to bullies. That was my favorite moment when he hit that pshyco with a pole, and how she saved him in the pool as well. Fantastic. But the boy’s Dad, what a nuisance. To me, just like the next negative character after bullies.

Interesting moment in a movie when a mother says in a grace “protect us from the evil”. The boy actually grew up among evil friends, not loving, narrow-minded with stone heart father (his son needed him so much!) but instead he verbally abused his wife. And God listened to her prayers and sent him a protective  vampire friend who by all standards should be a dark force but  it’s all opposite. That Stephen King!!! :)

Good movie!

03:31 AM Apr 18 2012 |




I actually love all movies with any genres and any character (human, vampire, zombie, or most awkward ones)

I just dont love the movie with cheesy & dull story :(

And “Let Me In” is absolutely one of different vampire-related movies!

4/5 stars :) 

05:35 AM Feb 08 2012 |




Hmm Vampire…lol I’d like to tell that I love ‘Van Helsing’ and ‘Fright Night’...not Twilight maybe…

02:22 PM Feb 07 2012 |




I don’t like vampire movie, you know , it’s never bring any good things , I dont think  I can find something meaningful in it, right? Life it self is so much scary and we add this what? 

01:54 PM Feb 07 2012 |



Viet Nam


03:41 PM Jan 15 2012 |

isaac accompong



09:00 PM Mar 26 2011 |




Oh yeah and I hated it! I usually solve it fighting :P

Besides I prefer Werewolves movies :D

11:06 PM Jan 02 2011 |



I like this Lesson ^^

11:15 AM Nov 04 2010 |




uyyyy !!!!

02:59 PM Nov 01 2010 |




11:48 AM Oct 31 2010 |




11:48 AM Oct 31 2010 |

luvik palestine

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

woow like it really ..I Encouraged to see it ..

but in this time there is no vampire it‘s as an imagination ..

05:14 PM Oct 30 2010 |



how are you…hope you are find…can you add me to your list, wish be your frined

 best wishes

05:14 PM Oct 29 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

this is a great movie and I like it:)

02:40 PM Oct 29 2010 |

isaac accompong


I really like this Lesson.

05:12 PM Oct 28 2010 |

isaac accompong


Is she out and wants to come or …

05:10 PM Oct 28 2010 |


Viet Nam

I like this lesson :D :X.  I feel like the character in this picture :P Tongue out

12:28 PM Oct 28 2010 |

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