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Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D

Date: Dec 01 2010

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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It may not be the right thing to do, but sometimes, when you see someone fall down or hit their head or spill something, it’s hard not to laugh. Sometimes, life is just funny. Slapstick is a kind of humor that doesn’t need language. The joke is just someone getting hurt in a particularly amusing way.

For the last decade, the men of Jackass have taken this simple comedic concept to the absolute extreme. They do disgusting, painful stunts for your entertainment. And in their latest film, they do it all in 3D. Find out if Jason enjoyed watching grown men get hit in the crotch and covered in excrement on the big screen.


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Jason:  Could slapstick ever die?

Mason:  No. Absolutely not. It is the oldest form of comedy. It will always be funny.

Jason:  There’s a huge tradition behind it. Is Jackass 3D the first 3D slapstick?

Mason:  Probably, on film, yeah. But so you saw it then?

Jason:  I did.

Mason:  Now, I gotta confess man, when I saw the second movie I almost threw up. So I’m a little afraid of what happens when you add a third dimension into the mix.

Jason:  I didn’t come close to vomiting, but the camera people working on the movie did vomit frequently and they would show that. But I don’t know, I think I need to smell something to vomit. So for me, it was just fun and games.

Mason:  OK. That takes toilet humor to a whole new level right there.

Jason:  Right.

Mason:  Do you think, is it…Is the guy doing the stunt the funny thing about Jackass, or is it the inevitable horrible reaction of their friends or the camera crew or the unsuspecting bystanders?

Jason:  I think it’s the reaction, ‘cause their formula is, they tell you what they’re gonna do, and then they do it, and then they writhe around in pain after doing it. And that writhing part seems to get the most laughter. ‘Cause they seem so tough when they stand up there and they say, “I’m about to get shot with a cannonball,” or something, you know?

Mason:  You know, if nothing else, I give them credit for imagination when it comes to just new ways of horrifying me.


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Jason and Mason both love slapstick. And Jackass is pure slapstick. In the Jackass TV show and movies, Johnny Knoxville and others perform crazy and crude stunts. Sometimes they hurt themselves on purpose and other times they do incredibly disgusting things, all to get a laugh.

Some of the stunts in Jackass are so gross, they actually make people feel sick, or even throw up. For Jason, that’s part of what’s so funny about the movies. The stunts themselves are funny, but seeing how extremely everyone reacts to them is even funnier.

Do you enjoy slapstick and toilet humor? Is slapstick a popular form of humor in your country?



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humm sometimes I like it and is very funny…Here in brazil there is a show called "Panic on TV" and is pretty funny 'cause is seemed with proposal jackass but lighter…but there is some same stunts of jackass show and it is pretty funny :P

11:52 AM Apr 18 2011 |



that's a crap….........

01:24 PM Dec 05 2010 |


Russian Federation

NO I don't like such movie and humor. I think is really stupid thing and they are gross.

I think this humor is not popular in Russia. I don't think many people will go to the cinema 

05:13 PM Dec 04 2010 |



Goddamn I just saw this and I laughed my ass off, it`s so good you gotta see it. everything in this vid is what i've always dreamed of doing  

07:04 PM Dec 01 2010 |



I never get that. Slapstick is meaningless, stupid and a wasting of time. Why people like that? Why is it even exist?

There are so many good movies to watch, so many better things to do.


01:50 PM Dec 01 2010 |

City Hunter


Some people when they are telling a joke,it looks so funny whatever the joke is, but some are not ...Laughing

01:41 PM Dec 01 2010 |




People who don't have sense of humor has disliked this , but I think that it's one of the greatest Masterpiece that ever seen . :)


08:11 AM Dec 01 2010 |




yeahh rightt fun

04:51 AM Dec 01 2010 |

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