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Music to Get Psyched
Music to Get Psyched

Learn about the simple future tense.

Date: Dec 27 2010

Themes: Music, Party

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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In the U.S., New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. Excitement builds all night as friends gather together and wait for the clock to strike midnight. Cities often have big fireworks displays, and whether you’re partying at a club or a friend’s house, there is usually plenty of champagne.

Getting in the mood for a big party like the kind you go to on New Year’s Eve requires a certain kind of music. Some people might prefer rock while others go for hip hop, but in either case, music to get you psyched should probably have a good beat that makes you want to dance. Find out what kind of music Beren and Ella listen to while they’re getting ready to go out.


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Ella:  So I love listening to hip hop or some type of electronic dance music like right when I’m getting ready, you know, to go out, just to get pumped for the night.

Beren:  Totally, I do too. You have to, you know, get psyched. You want to get in the mindset of having, you know, tons of energy for the evening. I can tell if a party is going to be awesome depending on what type of music I listen to beforehand.

Ella:  Yeah, exactly. It just kind of sets the tone for the rest of the evening, you know, like before New Year’s Eve you just want to have that kind of electronic music.

Beren:  You listen to like dance music to get ready?

Ella:  Kind of, like Ratatat, stuff like that. I mean, so what kind of music kinda gets you going?

Beren:  It just depends, like lately, it has been more Top 40 dance music. If I’m going to like a show then I listen to rock, heavier rock. Not necessarily metal, but just some good, danceable rock music. ‘Cause it’s the drums.

Ella:  Yeah, it’s all about the bass.

Beren:  So I’m super excited to get ready to go out to an awesome party on New Year’s Eve.

Ella:  Oh nice.

Beren:  Yeah, I think I’m going to listen to probably White Stripes.


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Beren and Ella both like to listen to music while they’re getting ready to go out. It helps get them pumped up for the party. They believe that listening to the perfect music when you’re getting ready makes it more likely that you’ll have a perfect night.

Ella likes to listen to dance music to get psyched before she goes out. Beren prefers to listen to Top 40 hits when she wants to dance, or rock if she’s going to a show. Before she goes out on New Year’s Eve, she plans to listen to White Stripes.

What music do you like to listen to when you’re getting ready? What songs make you feel psyched?



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For me, I don’t really lesson to music much but when I do I love to feel that singer is singing from his Heart!

sometimes I cry :”( .. so sensitive ha Tongue out


01:33 PM Sep 20 2011 |




It depends of the moment…I really like to listen to rock or heavy metal to get psyched ;)

Now,when I’m going home after a party I really like to relax or clear my ears…I put on my dvd car something like New Age musics to relax hehe :P

11:42 AM Sep 20 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Well, I don't really care about the singers, as long as the rhytm of the song is good…. I prefer pop songs, somehow changed by the DJs… The beat of the song is really important to me… :)

02:17 PM Apr 22 2011 |

Soulmate Ann


the music i like always depends on the singer,if i like a singer,the music is the one i enjoy.

01:11 PM Jan 01 2011 |



i like blues music and rock, but in the night club i like listen to eletronics,dance and transe musi.

02:20 PM Dec 30 2010 |



United States

i like pop music ,like in the night club. im not good at dance , i love to danca . ,  how can i dance

05:16 AM Dec 30 2010 |



Russian Federation

I listen to rock. Some russian bands. 

07:53 PM Dec 28 2010 |



in fact i listen to all kind of music  but the one which get me psyched, is the r&b

07:24 PM Dec 27 2010 |

Vina Novalina


I love listening to all kind of musics, no boundary as long as it's easy listening for me, it's okay, accepted, never say never lol. Can u imagine life without music?Well i can't. Life would be definitely dull without music. Music is the universal language, no matter the country we are born in or the color of our skin, it's brings us all together. So, what is my favorite music? ummm it depends on my mood i think hehe… cuz we need music to express our life, not try to understand it, just use my feeling and instinct and let's enjoy it^^

04:18 PM Dec 27 2010 |




I don't like going out to party.Maybe i'm getting older and older,haha!Some metal musics like Dangerous etc make me feel psyched.Sure some danceable muscs are able to do the same.

10:05 AM Dec 27 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

 i like rock music but no cetainthing

06:54 AM Dec 27 2010 |

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