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Date: Jan 05 2011

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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People who believe in conspiracy theories are usually seen as being slightly off their rocker. That is, until their theories turn out to be right. Conspiracy theory movies are popular in Hollywood. They play with the fine line between being paranoid and crazy, and being onto something.

Conspiracy theories in the U.S. often have to do with some mysterious agency covering up a shocking truth or elaborate government plot. In the new movie Red, a group of CIA agents learns too much about one such plot, and has to run from the same government they used to serve. Find out if Devan and Jeff believe in conspiracy theories.


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Jeff:  Have you heard about this movie or seen any trailers for Red?

Devan:  That’s the one about a former CIA agent, right? And they kind of find out too many secrets about what’s going on with the government?

Jeff:  Yeah yeah, I think we’re talking about the same one.

Devan:  So it’s kind of a conspiracy theory type movie.

Jeff:  I feel like that subject draws quite a crowd.

Devan:  Are you into that? Do you believe in government conspiracies? Do you think they’re covering up things that we don’t know about?

Jeff:  I don’t know, I could go either way. Sometimes I get all hyped up and convince myself of things, and then, you know, once you take a step back you realize it might be more trouble for the government to create all these elaborate lies. But you never know.

Devan:  Yeah, I took a class on the 1960s and we learned about the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. And I have to say, there’s some pretty convincing conspiracies about the CIA getting involved with those assassinations, you know? And it really makes you wonder if there is some truth to it.


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Jeff asks Devan if she has seen the new movie Red. In the film, a group of CIA agents uncovers too many secrets about the government. Then the agents have to fight to protect their lives.

Red deals with government conspiracies and cover-ups. Jeff isn’t sure if he believes in conspiracy theories. But Devan took a class on the 1960s and learned about some of the conspiracy theories behind the assassinations of some important leaders during that time. She thinks the theories might just be true.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories, or do you think conspiracy theorists need to take a step back? What are some theories that you think might just be true?



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I belive in conspiracies theories ‘cause I belive that many governiments of the world hide much secrets or obscure events from the crowd

10:47 AM Nov 16 2011 |



I m really fond of watching movies and i love to enjoy horror movies…...and i have recently watch the guest room which is a complete horror and thriller movie !

04:59 AM Jun 25 2011 |

munhozsonecaSuper Member!


I really enjoy reading about conspiracy theories! mainly the ones about UFO, but I have to say that I don't really believe in everything.

Good topic!

03:49 PM Jan 05 2011 |




Im a little bit confused with this topic.I think that  conspiracy theories has a reason, in fact the goverments allways needs to covering up their plans.On the other hand the government maybe wants us to be paranoid.

 i dont know im confused.

01:47 PM Jan 05 2011 |



i must agree that im a lil bit paranoid….. =d

01:23 PM Jan 05 2011 |



I don't know if I'm really into conspiracy stuff. I do believe there are some things the goverment cover up, but nothing extraordinary as UFOs or a big alliance among powerful countries or even companies in order to manipulate people or whatever. My dad has slightly gone off his rocker after watching a documentary about conspiracy theories. 

If there's something the government doesn't want us to know, personally, I don't care that much. I have a lot of things to do instead of wasting my time playing the CIA agent and nosing around. And, as Devan said, you don't know if there is some truth to it.

10:07 AM Jan 05 2011 |



Yes, I believe in conspiracy theories, and people of goverment need to cover up some secrects with assasinations.


Here in Colombia exist a conspiracy theorie about the "palace of  justice siege, If you want more information, i put the link.



02:14 AM Jan 05 2011 |

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