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Stars Bare All

Stars Bare All

Date: Jan 19 2011

Grammar: First Conditional


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Nude scenes in movies have been around as long as films themselves. And so has the debate about just how much skin directors should be allowed to show. In the U.S., all movies are assigned a rating based in part on how much nudity they contain. If there’s a lot of graphic nudity in a film, it may earn an NC-17 rating, meaning that nobody under 18 is allowed to see it. Movies with an NC-17 rating are considered very risque and usually don’t get shown in most mainstream movie theaters.

But film-makers often try to push the envelope when it comes to nude scenes, in part because films with a lot of nudity in them tend to draw moviegoers’ curiosity. Find out how Marni and Beren feel about this controversial issue.


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Marni:  Beren, I was watching a film the other day and it was an older film, and you know, there’s a lot of nudity in it, and I happened to be watching the movie with my mother, and I noticed how uncomfortable I was getting because of all these nude scenes. And, you know…

Beren:  Was it graphic nudity or was it mostly implied?

Marni:  It was fairly graphic. And, you know, I feel like there’s sort of this push in films, a real push for like more gratuitous nudity, and…

Beren:  It’s uncomfortable.

Marni:  It’s so uncomfortable! Right.

Beren:  It’s really uncomfortable, and I think it depends on what’s being depicted in the movie, like if it’s, you know, over-the-top nudity and it’s nudity in a somewhat risque situation, that will make me more uncomfortable if I’m with my parents.

Marni:  Sure.

Beren:  But even sometimes in comedies they’ll have the full-frontal shot and it’s just like, “Woah!” And it makes me uncomfortable.

Marni:  Right. And I’m noticing that more and more. It seems to be a trend. It’s like let’s get some laughs by showing a naked man. And there’s several films that are coming out in the next few weeks that are really specifically…the buzz is about these nude scenes. Like I’m thinking specifically of that movie Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway, and the whole buzz is that she’s naked a lot in it. It just seems like directors and film makers are really pushing the envelope with this and trying to get people in. You know, sex sells. But there’s films where it seems appropriate and films where it doesn’t.

Beren:  Definitely.


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Marni often feels uncomfortable watching movies with a lot of nudity in them, especially if she happens to be watching with her parents. Beren agrees that this can be a very uncomfortable situation. She thinks some movies include gratuitous nudity that make them especially uncomfortable to watch.

Marni and Beren think that there is a trend in movies to include more nude scenes. Even some comedies include nudity in order to get audiences to laugh. Marni thinks that some film-makers include excessive nudity in order to create controversy and get more people to come see their movies.

Do you think there is too much nudity in movies, or are audiences overly sensitive about nude scenes in films?



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Oh really,course…In american comedies movies there are such appeal :P

12:37 PM Mar 21 2012 |




 Yes, older generations are more likely to feel uncomfortable  watching a movie with  their  parents . It could be that we were raised up with certain taboos  prevalent in the societies at  that time. I am happy with Marni, she is young, but still she also feels uneasy watching  nude-scenes in front of Mom and Dad.

06:21 PM Mar 18 2011 |

javier armando


You are all right,lady!

11:34 PM Feb 20 2011 |



For this topic I give "thumb up" but for the nudity scenes on movies "two thumbs down"

07:50 PM Jan 27 2011 |

Ahmad El Nasser

Syrian Arab Republic

Well, I don't wanna jabber on this issue but on the whole nude scenes can bring top movies to the ground.

02:01 AM Jan 27 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

EmbarassedEmbarassed  GOOD

05:56 PM Jan 26 2011 |



There are two types of nudity : artistic and gratuitous. 
Artistic nudity praises the beauty of the body, whether it's implied or shown.Besides, when I speak about the beauty, I don't mean there's only one kind .Every person feels free to see the beauty where another person doesn't : skinny, heavy, tall, short…
In the other hand, gratuitous nudity are mostly used in blockbusters to sell.
Personaly, I check the movie before watching it with my family to spare awkward moments of embarrasment :)

01:45 PM Jan 26 2011 |

1 person likes this



Hey,Since you feel embarassed or ashamed to watch nudity with someone you respect,that means "something is wrong !!!"

I guess that means you respect the person who's beside you.but,when you watch it alone that means you don't respect "your self"

01:23 PM Jan 26 2011 |




Nudity in movies make it more curious!!Cool

11:27 AM Jan 26 2011 |


United Kingdom


07:34 AM Jan 26 2011 |



Russian Federation

I don't think that there is too much nudity in flics. But I should agree it's depends on culture. In eastern cultures the audience must be more sensitive to this subject.  As for me I should say that may be I would feel uncomfortable watching movie with nude scenes with my parents if it were excessive, But I don't feel uncomfortable when I watch it without them and as far as I know they do not feel uncomfortable too. So I don't think that it's a big problem especially 'cause it's not a lot of nudity on TV in prime time.

07:33 PM Jan 25 2011 |



Yeah I think lots of nudity scenes is included in movies in order to get the attention of the audience but this is also a part of the life. And it's normal. But eventhough this fact, I still suffer when gratutious nudity suddenly on scene and if I watching with my parents..I pretending like I dont care , like I turn my head to the other direction and hoping that it finishes as soon as possible..:D

12:13 AM Jan 25 2011 |



United States

Oh yes . . The films are getting more uncomfortable to watch . . . It’s nearly impossible to go to movies with parents ,because i don’t feel ok when some sex scene is on. The full front is really gratuitious .

10:22 AM Jan 24 2011 |




It ist mainly dependent on the cultural environment.

09:54 PM Jan 19 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

  i'm surprised why my comment donot display

09:19 PM Jan 19 2011 |




Maybe what this films need is a special rating label (something like: don´t enjoy with your parents/sons/siblings) ´cause the uncomfortable feeling starts for the reason of to watch in that sort of company 

09:12 PM Jan 19 2011 |




I saw this film and I think that there wasn't too many nudity, and whathappened if there are? Sex is an important thing in life and it is natural. This film is ok. :)

08:48 PM Jan 19 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

uh.. have a nude sences is so embarrassing! specially with your parents! this movies mabey is applied just for a special time,and just with your spouse!

07:38 PM Jan 19 2011 |



There is nothing wrong to have nude scenes in a film, as it is part of the reality.  The problem is how the scenes are depicted and how the audiences see them.

03:08 PM Jan 19 2011 |




come on

nude scenes in movies??

everybody have kids or childrens

i think it´s uncomfortable and unnecessary

and the people who like watch that king of things it´s because dont have a good brain and what??? Is better watch or something??



10:58 AM Jan 19 2011 |

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