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Spoken English Course - Day 6

Spoken English Course - Day 6

Date: Mar 02 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


Hey guys,

Thanks for all your comments and "likes".  From the comments, I can see that people are really learning from this stuff, which is great.

This is my 6th straight day of teaching something new, and hopefully helpful for your day to day spoken English.  

I try to get my lesson ideas from real life.  Check out day one of of the English speaking course to get the idea of the program.

Today's topic is going to be really useful for daily speaking.  

It is "Don't go there"

This isn't talking about not going to some particular place.  It means don't talk about some sensitive topic.  There are so many topics that could be sensitive for many different reasons.  They might start an pointless argument with someone if you talk about them with certain people.  Here is an example of the meaning so you get the idea.

Bob:  Hey Kevin, are you still talking to that ugly girl you met at the bar when you were drunk last week?

Kevin: Hey man.  Don't go there.  I want to completely forget about that.  I'm still feeling pretty embarrassed about what happened.

Ok, I know that this example doesn't sound really kind or whatever, but it's a real life kind of phrase and I wanted to teach it to you.  I guarantee you will hear it if you watch enough American movies and now you will totally understand what it means. I'll reply to any questions and please click "like" if you enjoyed this so that I know who I'm helping.  Thanks.

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This is a great news! In case there are some international students reading this i would like to share some interesting information about this online tuition site http://justbuyessay.com/ that aims on improving academic skills of international students. 

03:47 PM Feb 18 2015 |




10:31 AM Apr 17 2011 |

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Hi Janice,

Thanks.  I will do my best to help you improve!

06:29 AM Mar 09 2011 |

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hello, i join here first time. this phrase is great and useful for me! i like it too! i think it can improve my poor english if i read your articles everyday!  thank you!

06:24 AM Mar 09 2011 |

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South Korea

All of your lessons are great!  I hope you get more and more people to click "like".  I think your explanations are very clear and you really can help my understanding.  I follow you everyday.  I use these phrases at work with some westerners I work with and they tell me that they are all useful and can already see my spoken English improve day by day. Smile<!-Session data->

07:39 AM Mar 03 2011 |




Thanks Bittersweet.

By the way, can you tell us more about life in Azerbaijan?  There is so much of the world I wish I knew more about. 

04:27 AM Mar 03 2011 |

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thanks for sharing this lesson..i really liked it:)

06:39 PM Mar 02 2011 |

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Hi malinda,

You're right.  "Let's not go there" is right too.  Often we put in the word "even".

"Let's not even go there". 

04:15 PM Mar 02 2011 |



Hi, Andy

Can we also say "let's not go there" as the same meaning with "don't go there"?

Example :

Dave : Hey, Bob. How is your deal with the boss about leading the new center?

Bob : Let's not go there. I'm pretty mad with the boss about the whole arrangement.

03:50 PM Mar 02 2011 |

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Hey Criz,

I absolutely agree.  See you guys tomorrow with another lesson…

03:46 PM Mar 02 2011 |

murad ali

murad ali


try not go there and be here with us 

11:15 AM Mar 02 2011 |

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Hi Criz,

Ya, I think you pretty much understand it.  Great.

@Be_You,  happy to hear you like the lesson

11:14 AM Mar 02 2011 |

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