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Music Snob
Music Snob

Learn the zero conditional

Date: Mar 21 2011

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Everyone has their own taste when it comes to music, right? So a song is good to you if you like it.

That’s not what music snobs think. They think that only the music they like is good. And the music they like is so very cool and underground, you’ve probably never even heard it. In fact, it might not even exist yet.

Mason is a man of the people when it comes to music. He doesn’t have snobby tastes. But Marni is a different story. Hear her try to educate Mason about the latest bands.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Mason, I am listening to the most awesome new album.

Mason:  Oh yeah? Is it 311’s new release?

Marni:  Uh, no. It’s Ants Attack Rats. They’re so underground, they’re so cool you’ve never even heard of them.

Mason:  You know, I actually haven’t heard of them.

Marni:  Oh my god, you are so not in the know. I mean, I just…there are so many bands out there, you have got to be on top of things, like you’ve gotta be checking your Facebook all the time, and…

Mason:  Well, that’s just the problem, I mean there’s so many bands out there, and quite frankly, I have a wonderful music collection that I got when I was in high school, and I am quite happy with it. I mean Dave Matthews Band got it right the first time, and I could pretty much listen to those two albums forever.

Marni:  You need to get yourself out there and get exposed to some better music, my friend, because you are missing out.

Mason:  I don’t see why you have to be such an elitist about it, Marni.

Marni:  What, do you think I’m a snob? A music snob? ‘Cause I am not. I am helping you out, my friend. There’s good music out there, and you need to get involved in it.

Mason:  But if I like it then it’s good music to me, right?

Marni:  Trust me, you don’t like good music.


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Marni tells Mason about a new band she likes that is really underground. Mason has never heard of the band. Marni thinks that he has bad taste in music and needs to be exposed to more bands.

Mason tells Marni that she is being an elitist. She thinks that her taste in music is better than everyone else’s. She only likes super underground bands that nobody else has ever heard of. But Marni thinks she’s just helping Mason improve his music collection.

Are you a music snob? Do you know anyone who is snobby about music?



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United Arab Emirates

I 'm not snobby about  music at all !! I accept and respect others difference 

06:27 PM Mar 25 2011 |




I personally know some people who think they understand music better than anyone else and that their taste of music is determining if a piece of music is good or bad. I believe the type of music people chose firstly depend on their personality and secondly the very moment they live in. It could also depend on their age as well. People in different period of their life tend to like different kinds of music. For example rock music mostly is selected by most young people but elderly people prefer to hear classic songs.

12:32 PM Mar 25 2011 |

Vina Novalina


Music is one of the good topics that we can share with everyone, cuz i think everyone loves music and doesn't  matter the kind of. For me , i love all kind of musics, no boundary, as long as it's easy listening for me, it's okay then. Yeahh …i just cant imagine life without music, it would be definitely dull.

06:08 PM Mar 24 2011 |


Viet Nam

I'm interested in sorts of music. But around me, people like hiphop music. I can't stand listening that song. my neighbor , music loud out there.Everytime, I complainted, he said, that's his style. i feel tired

02:30 PM Mar 24 2011 |



Russian Federation

Usually I don't like pop music too. It never kills me even just a little. 

07:24 PM Mar 23 2011 |

suzy xiong


i think am a bit music snob .for i do not like the popular songs that much .

01:00 PM Mar 22 2011 |

suzy xiong


i think am a bit music snob .for i do not like the popular songs that much .

12:59 PM Mar 22 2011 |


United States

Well,i don`t think i`m a music snob,but sometimes i just can`t understand. does she or he really like this?"omg:)that`s exactly what others may think about my musical taste lol

06:03 AM Mar 22 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

I'm not a music snob. And I never met anyone who is snobby about music before . So, it's not a big deal cause every one has a personal taste listening to music , and surely most of pp will respect that and share their tastes though 

04:00 AM Mar 22 2011 |



I'm not a music snob. I respect the musical taste of everyone and I don't try to change anyone's mind. And, of course, I like to have my musical opinion  respected.

11:25 PM Mar 21 2011 |




This band is newcomer from Germany! What do you think about music?


09:08 PM Mar 21 2011 |




I'm gonna have to go with Marni on this one.  A male listening to Dave Matthews?  Really?  Mason needs to dig that mp3 player out of his purse and loan it to someone who can lead him out of his bubblegum world.

07:45 PM Mar 21 2011 |



Viet Nam

Actually I met some snobs in my location. I told them that they might highly value their music tastes, but that doen't mean the other ones' are bad. And they should not under value the other's music tastes .

09:31 AM Mar 21 2011 |

Amar pandey


Sometimes I do have feeling of snubness for some particular songs. I think it is only I who know about the song. However I reaslise my mistake later get out of those kind of feeling.

My friends always help me to get to know about knew music. Sometime if they suggest me some music and they got know that I have not heard this music they come out saying oh my god you have something awesome in your life.

that's sound great!

08:09 AM Mar 21 2011 |




that's true.. there r  so many bands out there… u can't just track all of them… & it really takes a lot of to be 'in the know' of these bands… !.. best way is to check out billboard & listen to top 10…..

05:19 AM Mar 21 2011 |




OMG, Marni sounds such a snob, so annoying!

I'm not a music snob, I don't know “Ants Attack Rats", and I don't even know "311", so what?

Sometimes I also listen to underground band, but they are not that good in my taste. There must be a reason they are underground, right? Don't tell me they just play for themselves.

04:14 AM Mar 21 2011 |




music genre such as death /balck metal appears to be more underground ….

03:03 AM Mar 21 2011 |



well, try Elliot yamin, Bruno Mars, and Shayne Ward. They are gorgeous and great songs. 

02:11 AM Mar 21 2011 |

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