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Spoken English Course New Style

Spoken English Course New Style

Date: Mar 25 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


Hi guys,

I took yesterday off and I wanted to do something a bit different today. I want to talk about some of the emotional things we often forget about when learning a language.

It's no secret that some people learn faster than others. But why? We can easily think of answers like "smarter, harder working, better opportunities" but is that it? Are we really sure?

What about the English learner's emotional state. How does confidence play a role in learning a language fast. How do you view yourself? Could you be the best English speaker in your country if you really wanted? How can you get a higher "self image". It means how high you truly think about yourself.

Many people don't believe they are very smart just because they didn't do well in school for example. Some people believe they can do anything just because their teachers and parents were "supportive". This kind of thing affects how we see ourselves and how successful we are in this world, at anything.

It's true for learning English, getting good jobs, getting a great husband or wife, and really everything. I just made a blog post about English learning and emotion and I want to share it with you. I hope it helps your day and maybe helps you with some choices. Smile


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Hi.İ am from Azerbaijan.İ learn The english language me help please

11:35 AM Oct 17 2015 |

Vina Novalina


Yep, fully agree, we need confidence and of course all the people surrounding us, cuz they are meant to be there, to serve some purpose like teaching us a lesson or helping us to figure out what we are want to become:)

09:20 AM Apr 02 2011 |

Noura 90

Saudi Arabia

exactly,confidence play much better role than skills in learning English. 

03:10 PM Mar 29 2011 |

protector loveing



03:30 AM Mar 28 2011 |




Today's learning style is just like we guys discuss together for a certain matter, it's really good…

02:38 AM Mar 28 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

We missed U teacher
Thanks for ur great efforts.

12:47 AM Mar 28 2011 |




Indeed. State of mind matters, self hyponosis works.

I know I can do it!

12:56 AM Mar 26 2011 |



South Korea

I enjoyed your blog a lot<!-Session data->

07:54 PM Mar 25 2011 |

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