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Second Conditional

Date: Apr 20 2011

Themes: Health

Grammar: Second Conditional


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People will go pretty far to improve themselves, whether it’s getting plastic surgery to make themselves more attractive or pushing their bodies in order to lose weight. If a short cut exists , they’ll usually take it. And if there are possible side effects, they’ll usually risk it.

In the new movie Limitless, an ordinary guy discovers a pill that turns him into a genius. But when the pill begins to damage his health, he has to decide whether to keep taking it despite the risks, or return to his former life as an Average Joe.

Find out how far Marni and Mason would go to be geniuses.


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Mason:  You know, I’ve been a big fan of Bradley Cooper.

Marni:  Oh yeah.

Mason:  So I went and saw Limitless, his new flick.

Marni:  OK. Tell me about it.

Mason:  It was alright. This was the one where he’s like this writer, just kind of a normal guy, and he gets this special drug that unlocks all the power of his brain. And he becomes a super genius and translates that to tremendous success.

Marni:  Well doesn’t it start out like he has writer’s block, so you’re so frustrated, right? That’s the premise. And then he’s offered this pill to help him.

Mason:  Right, the magic pill. Which of course only he can get. I mean the whole thing falls apart if, like, everybody could have this pill.

Marni:  Right.

Mason:  And that’s kind of where my mind went. It’s like, if there was the technology that anyone could take that would, you know, put you at an entirely new level of function, would you do it? And what would that mean for society, right, what would the side effects be?

Marni:  I think it’s kind of an interesting concept, you know? How far would you go to be a genius…

Mason:  I mean, it seems like we’ve taken a step there, right, with the internet. Basically all knowledge is essentially at your fingertips. So we’re certainly not there yet, but it seems like someone should be able to figure that out.


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Mason saw the new movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. Cooper plays a writer who is suffering from writers block, until someone offers a pill that unlocks all the power of his brain. Suddenly he has all the ideas, success, money, and women he could ever want.

Marni thinks the idea behind Limitless is interesting. She wonders if she would take a pill to become a genius, no matter what the side effects might be. Mason thinks something like that might actually happen one day.

If you could take a pill to make you smarter, would you do it?



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bystander :-)


Taking this pill is an experience too :) the question might be, what are you able to do with this experience 

07:58 AM Apr 20 2011 |


Viet Nam

The question is what is side effect? But I remember I read one book said that the happiness and the suffering is equal.

So logically, take the pill to be genius will make you incredible, fantastic but I am sure its side effect will make you frustrated equally when the pill effect gone.

So it my answer is depend on the side effect. Is there anything totally fantastic? 


07:13 AM Apr 20 2011 |




Well depends on the side effects, but I think 90% I will take it. Who doesn't want to be smart!

06:43 AM Apr 20 2011 |



Russian Federation

I think I wouldn`t…

The information is at our fingertips. Beides nowadays everyone uses the Internet, it is possible to find the information she/he needs…

Also I wouldn`t risk to take that pill, because side effects may appear… 

04:53 AM Apr 20 2011 |



I agree with Mason that all knowledge is at our fingertips; all you need is a computer and internet access:) 

03:40 AM Apr 20 2011 |



i will

02:50 AM Apr 20 2011 |




I'd like to get a pill that will unlock all the power of my brain!!!

02:17 AM Apr 20 2011 |

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