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Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood

Present Perfect Tense

Date: Apr 27 2011

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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If you think about it, a lot of the classic children’s stories we tell our kids are pretty scary. A wolf that eats a little girl’s grandmother and then pretends to be the grandma so it can eat the girl as well? Yikes! That seems like the kind of thing that would give most children nightmares.

So maybe it’s not surprising that the story of Little Red Riding Hood has been made into a scary movie for adults. In Red Riding Hood, Amanda Seyfried plays a beautiful young woman who is in love with two men. And at least one of those men might be the werewolf that has been terrorizing the girl’s town. Find out if Jason and Jeff were scared or smitten by this grown-up fairytale.


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Jeff:  So have you seen the…this Red Riding Hood movie?

Jason:  Saw it opening day.

Jeff:  Oh, you saw it already?

Jason:  Yep.

Jeff:  I was pretty excited to see it. Don’t spoil it for me.

Jason:  OK.

Jeff:  But isn’t it the same director that directed Twilight? Loved them.

Jason:  Yeah, the first Twilight. They changed the director…

Jeff:  Loved that one especially.

Jason:  The first one?

Jeff:  Yeah.

Jason:  Yeah, it’s got a cool, gothic kinda vibe to it, you know? Which really works with a fairytale.

Jeff:  It does, it seems to be a trend, lots of darker fantasy characters. Vampires, werewolves, etcetera.

Jason:  Exactly. Amanda Seyfried looks kinda gothic already. She’s got these big eyeballs, and I think it’s just gonna be a new trend in vampire movies, sort of mixing them with the children’s element, because already, when you think about the fans of Twilight, they’re like 13 years old. So why not reach out to them by kind of delving into the classic literature for that age group.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think it’s definitely something we’ve seen recently, as far as a trend in movies.

Jason:  Yeah, do you think people like those werewolves and vampires because it makes them feel like kids a little bit? Like they get to have these monsters?

Jeff:  Yeah maybe. Maybe it’s a transition from being a younger kid and being freaked out about that stuff, and then sort of involving some more adult themes into the story.

Jason:  Right.

Jeff:  That could be it.


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Jason loved the new movie Red Riding Hood. It was directed by the same woman who made the first Twilight movie. That was Jeff’s favorite Twilight, so he is very excited to see Red Riding Hood.

Jeff thinks that movies with dark, fantastic creatures like werewolves and vampires are a growing trend in Hollywood. And Jason thinks that another trend could be turning classic children’s stories into scary movies for a more grown-up audience.

What do you think some trends are in movies right now? Do you like movies about dark creatures like werewolves and vampires?



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because some of them are avid fan of twilight movie, There's a high  chance that they will imitate them =D the way they acts , speak, costume, fashion and even traits and etc  hehe

well.. I love twilight ♥♥♥

01:22 PM May 06 2011 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

a famous fairytale about a young girl and a big wolf for children.

02:52 PM May 03 2011 |



l like it this kind of movies

10:59 AM May 03 2011 |



idont like this kind of movie

08:28 AM May 03 2011 |



Dominican Republic

yes i like it 

07:11 PM May 02 2011 |

javier armando


Definetly,I love   kinda dark movies cause being in the dark cinema hall and in front of the big screen makes your heart beats so fast . And of course almost whole teenagers in here are excited about these dark films.


04:03 PM May 02 2011 |

anahid goddess

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Im agree with jeff.


07:00 PM May 01 2011 |


United Arab Emirates

I like such types of movies and series … I just feel like i know more about this world as i had been watching so many of it through my life … and yes twilight was amazing .. i liked the story and the movie … i love this types because its not relevant to real live … its give you the opportunity to live in another world :)  

06:37 PM Apr 30 2011 |



I like movies about dark creatures. Movies with darker fantasy characters are a trend that will remain for many time. I loved Twilight and I am not 13 years old anymore. Wink

03:53 PM Apr 29 2011 |




seyfried? no kidding, now i know i am not going to watch it

07:52 PM Apr 28 2011 |




I don't like scary movie like this. I prefer fairy tale such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, etcetera. I like happy ending and non scary fairy tale :) 



03:46 AM Apr 28 2011 |




Yes! I like movies about to it because it make to very excited all the time.

02:25 AM Apr 28 2011 |

Sandra Angie


Recently the movie souns, but I don´t like to see it, because I preferer other kind of movies 

12:06 AM Apr 28 2011 |


Åland Islands

from readding the comments here ! i think I’m gonna watch this movie . it sounds very interesting .

11:33 PM Apr 27 2011 |




Very interesting lesson !

09:15 PM Apr 27 2011 |




I think it’s a nice movie,I’ve already seen it.

04:36 PM Apr 27 2011 |

Talia Do

Talia Do

Viet Nam

Thanks to digital color correction, it is now quite easy for film makers to put the desired theme color to their productions. Have you ever noticed movies are color coded by genre? For eg. horror movie should be blue, apocalyptic movies are gray and wash out, movies which are set in the desert are usually yellow (even when things are not out in the sun and sand) and for movies in which reality is off-kilter, the color will be green, ect.
I am not smitten by thrilling movies but I still find it is quite interesting when watching recent films about vampires and werewolves. May be it is because of the beautiful characters :)

11:27 AM Apr 27 2011 |




I’v seen this movie (red riding hood );but it is not like the original story .Iwould not advise children to see it.

09:56 AM Apr 27 2011 |




sometimes i feel that these vampires stories true, what about the childern!!!

09:13 AM Apr 27 2011 |

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