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High Tech English Learning

High Tech English Learning

Date: Apr 25 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


I want to talk about the future of English learning.  Already, the internet, Skype and the Ipod have totally changed modern English learning.   

These were technologies that were not created for language learners.  They have so many possible uses, that some people decided to think of ways to use them to teach English.  Think about this website right now.  You can read my writing on the internet on the computer.  You can download ESL podcasts to your Iphone or Ipod and learn that way.  The world is totally different and it's making many industries better.  

A lot of this is about being creative and "thinking outside the box".  I'm looking for the next tech thing that could "revolutionize" the language market.

I'm interested in your opinions.  A lot of people have been following my work and it started with my free online English course that I made on this website. I hope to hear from more of you guys.

Here is the idea.  I know that video English learning sounds cool but no one has done it very well.  The English learning shows on TV are super boring.  I've seen so many and they make me almost feel like killing myself.  It's much more difficult to make a video than it is to make a podcast, but this is changing.  

The coolest product, that won an award from 3M for the most innovative product was amazing.  In my opinion, this thing could be better than the Ipod.  They are sunglasses that record exactly what you see with your own eyes.  They do it in HD too.  Other companies have tried this but the video quality was really bad.  Now it is amazing.  I just saw this at a trade show.  I'd like to start using these to make cool, not boring, English learning videos.  

You will be able to see what I see and listen to my voice.  I need some opinions from you guys before I start this project.  I respect different opinions and I want to help you.  If you have any creative ideas for this, let me know.  I'm going to send you to read a cool article about these

High definition video recording sunglasses

You might want a pair too.  What do you think of these for English learning.  What would be some cool videos I could make for free to help you guys?  I already have a few but I want to get your creative minds going.  There is a link to their page and you can see a video.  I heard they will be in stores in a month.  Thanks again to everyone for all your continued "likes", "comments" and support.  It keeps me thinking and writing.


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Hi Criz,

Thanks for the support as usual.  There shouldn’t be any bad effect on eyes.  It’s just like wearing a quality pair of sunglasses.  You don’t have to look through the camera.  You won’t even notice it.  That’s the cool part I think.  Is that what you mean?  I hope it helps. 

01:19 AM Apr 27 2011 |

murad ali

murad ali


also the

price and the qulity

the multi language its supports

slang means voice recognize 


07:37 AM Apr 26 2011 |




No problem Jungmi.  I will "keep my eyes peeled" for new English learning advice, phrases, or anything other advice I can think of.  I'll keep writing because of people like yourself.  It's a big motivator for me to help out.  I should thank you.

08:26 PM Apr 25 2011 |



South Korea

Thanks Andy for your reply.  It's always great to follow your writing.  Keep going!

06:52 PM Apr 25 2011 |




Hi Jungmi.  That makes sense.  The audio quality is very good on the glasses.  I think your idea on the "how to" market mixed with English explanations makes perfect sense.  I'll try to do this when these go on the market.  I know from my Chinese learning experience, listening and watching "how to" teaches me a lot of useful ways of expressing useful things.  All the news and the books you read never teach the correct ways of explaining things in a foreign language.  

04:30 PM Apr 25 2011 |



South Korea

I was thinking and it is a cool idea if you take videos of stuff you are doing.  I guess the glasses also have good audio sound quailty right?  I think if the sound is good enough, it would be interesting for explaining how to do some things clearly in English.  Then we can see what you are teaching and understand more from watching too.

03:19 PM Apr 25 2011 |

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