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Past Progressive Tense

Date: May 18 2011

Themes: Party, Romance, School

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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At this time of year, teenagers all over the US are thinking about one thing—prom.

Prom is a formal dance that marks the end of an era for seniors in high school. Before they graduate and go off to college, they have one last big party to celebrate. The girls wear formal gowns and the guys rent tuxedos and buy corsages for their dates. Large groups of friends often ride together in a limousine, but nobody wants to go to prom without a date!

Just in time for this year’s prom, Disney is releasing a movie about the big night. Find out if Ella and Amy plan to relive their high school experiences by watching Prom.

每年的这个时候,全美的青少年都在想着同一件事 — 班级舞会。


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Amy:  Doesn’t that new Disney movie about prom look fun?

Ella:  It does. Prom seems so long ago, you know, but it might be fun to relive all that experience again. Plus it’s Disney so they’ll make it fantastic.

Amy:  Yeah, it really just puts you back there in high school, you know, all the anxiety and everything that you have around prom, like are you going to get asked out, or are you going to have to go stag to prom or something. I mean, I bet you had a great prom experience, what’s your prom story?

Ella:  It was good. I went with a lot of friends and my high school sweetheart at the time. I remember the funnest part was getting ready. And the big part of prom is like that perfect dress. And I remember when I was searching for that dress, I wanted a dress that I could wear over and over again. And when I look back at it now, I totally can! So I’m still proud of my wardrobe selections.

Amy:  Most girls go with a big, puffy, crazy evening gown that’s just embarrassing.

Ella:  Yeah, that’s not my style.

Amy:  Did you and your friends like rent a limo and have a big party afterward, like a big after-party?

Ella:  No, we didn’t do any of that because we were broke high school students. But it was good for what it was, you know, because you’re 17…Our prom was outdoors, so it was really neat.

Amy:  Under the stars.

Ella:  Yep.

Amy:  So romantic.


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Amy wants to see the new movie Prom. It’s about…what else? Prom.

Ella has happy memories of her prom experience. She went with a big group of friends and her date was her high school sweetheart. Her prom was held outside, under the stars.

Most girls wear fancy formal dresses to their prom. Often they are long dresses that the girls never wear again. But Ella wanted something more practical for her prom. She still loves the dress she wore to prom!

What do teens in your country do to celebrate the end of their high school experience?



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well in my country it´s so different experience about prom i mean we have a big meeting and there are meal and we make a cheers there is not dancing and not partying but it´s really cool after all i like it 

07:17 PM Feb 01 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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05:45 AM Dec 05 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:15 AM Jul 11 2013 |

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In my country,We do not have such a traditional activity,usually we celebrate our graduation by calling our best friends to go out for a dinner or something.And i have seen some kind of proms from the Internet,I know many country have this custom,it’s just a way to relax,but  after drinking something we chinese girl cannot accpet may happen.

03:21 PM Sep 06 2012 |



In colombia, We don’t do anything, We just receive our diploma, and everyone goes to their houses! That’s it! xD

01:05 AM Jun 06 2011 |




in my country we only celebrate If we get high total for me I get high total so my parents made a very nice prom but we didn’t invite a guys without thier parents because of our tradition :)

07:39 AM Jun 01 2011 |




IN CHINA, we don’t even need a stupid excuse like “prom” to get some sex before we head to college, where a ton of sex is waiting for us… believe it or not, don’t believe the shit about China being a moral country, everybody now is having a great time fucking its some-2000-year-old moral system that used to function so well in this goddamned country.  

05:41 AM May 23 2011 |



oh, i have bad very bad memories about that party. Summer comming, classes finishing …, everybody drunk celebrating that…, haha, no… just kidding.

11:58 PM May 22 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

except hot farewell 

06:05 PM May 22 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

usaully we have party in the school but not formal party but thats up to the administrators – if they see the graduates are good behaveior they would make a party for them  

some student make a party outside the school 

really i have not any experience except  


05:49 PM May 22 2011 |



this is also night for most of girls to lose their virginity, so when she said ” under the stars” ,I guess she was implying this. :)

11:57 AM May 20 2011 |



In egypt  We have prom tradition here.gone to sharm el sheikh… It was amazing, I loved it :)

10:58 AM May 19 2011 |





10:51 AM May 19 2011 |



United States

Prom is a big day for colleage students. Congrats and have fun!!

12:18 AM May 19 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we hold party when accepted in college.

09:53 PM May 18 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

some  high  schoole  they celebrate   some  are  not 

 i was  not  at  the celebrate   

09:52 PM May 18 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Actually, my sister is having a prom next week, and I’m so excited for her. She has found her dress, and it is absolutely adorable! And just like Ella said, my sister wanted something that she could wear after the party, too. She has a date for the prom, and everyone has one. If there are more girls than boys, then one boy goes with two girls…. It is a very lovely experience, and I can’t wait for it to happen to me…. :)

05:39 PM May 18 2011 |



As for my country, Taiwan, some prestigious high school will hold a Prom.

Unlike Amercian style’s prom, girls all wear very hot tee, not everning dress.

The music style is usually  pop songs , not classic and romatic love songs.

Even though there are so difference between America and Taiwan, the same is the greaturates all expect “something” will happen! (just like a prince meet princess..how wounderful…^^) 

05:08 PM May 18 2011 |

ali behzad

ali behzad

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it’s routine in different countries and just some details differ.

04:46 PM May 18 2011 |

jossef 002010



 when i read that topic ..i really reminded the wonderful days which i spent in high school ..especially in the end of the  school year when we organized a simple party in presence of all students and teachers ..it was really amazing  moments and unforgettable 

 as u see everyone has a different way of celebrate..just wanted to give you a simple idea abt my experience :)

02:25 PM May 18 2011 |

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