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Visiting the Doctor
Visiting the Doctor

Learn about adverbs.

Date: Jun 29 2011

Themes: Health

Grammar: Adverbs


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Most people only visit the doctor when there’s something wrong with them. A hypochondriac visits the doctor every time he sneezes. And a true hypochondriac never visits the doctor at all. What’s the point? He already knows there’s no cure for whatever it is he’s got. Find out who spends more time at the doctor’s office, Jeff or Amy.


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Amy:  Man, I feel so great. I just went to the doctor, and you know…

Jeff:  Yuck.

Amy:  What, you don’t like going to the doctor?

Jeff:  No.

Amy:  Man, I love it. I just…It makes me feel so good to just go and know that someone’s checking me out, just, you know, making sure everything’s alright. Like, I didn’t really have a serious problem or anything, but I get bad headaches, and I thought, you know, I’ll just go talk to a doctor. Just make sure…you know, I mean I could have a brain tumor or some crazy disease. And I just like the doctor to say, “You know what, you’re fine. You don’t have to worry.”

Jeff:  I understand that, but I have a hard time reaching that point.

Amy:  Where you’ll actually make the appointment and go to the doctor.

Jeff:  Yeah, it’s just so built up in my head that I automatically assume I’m dying, and I figure, what’s the use? So I don’t go.

Amy:  I see. But don’t you think…I mean there’s something sort of soothing just about the doctor’s office. There’s the nice receptionist who seems to really care for you, and the doctor in his nice clean white coat who’s just kind of a reassuring presence, I think.

Jeff:  I can see that. But it’s also extremely scary.

Amy:  I see. So you’d rather just take a couple aspirin and…

Jeff:  Live in fear. Pretty much.


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Amy just visited the doctor because she was getting bad headaches. She likes going to the doctor even when there isn’t something seriously wrong with her, just to get checked out and to make sure everything is OK. She typically enjoys being at the doctor’s office and finds doctors to be reassuring.

Jeff disagrees. He hates going to the doctor. If he thinks there might be something wrong with his health, he would rather not find out about it from a doctor. Visiting the doctor is too scary and unpleasant for Jeff.

Do you enjoy going to the doctor? Do you think you are a hypochondriac at all?



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tishkaSuper Member!



10:22 PM Nov 29 2013 |




children don’t like doctor,but i like them:)

12:16 PM Sep 27 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love to be a surgeon for not being just reach ,i d love to help people…

08:43 PM Jul 29 2011 |




i alwayes going to doctor to make sure that every thing is ok .

10:04 PM Jul 09 2011 |




It’s funny, they are both hypochondriac, Jeff is even a “real” one…

I don’t like going to the doctors, the system is even worse here… I’m not hypochondriac, I try to eat healthy and keep fit.

06:30 AM Jul 08 2011 |




Well actually I am a nurse so I live with doctors :) not much of a Hypochondriac myself ..it would be so difficult to do my job in that case:)...but I really take care of my health by eating the right food and try to work out every other day.Take care .Piero

04:46 PM Jul 04 2011 |

1 person likes this


Russian Federation

I am not a hypochondriac. But I try to visite a doctor ones a year, just to be sure that everything is alright with me.  

05:24 AM Jul 03 2011 |



When I was a child , always visited doctors, but now,I seldom do so.

01:32 AM Jul 02 2011 |




I’m afraid of doctor,because my mother is a doctor(she is strict some time…).But i always going to find my mom if there is something wrong with me.Seldom go to the hospital but always stay with a doctor:)  Not a hypochondriac .

02:43 PM Jul 01 2011 |



i visit a doctor when i feel really can’t cope with the bad sickness. I don’t like to take a pill or medicine as I used to let the pain gone itself since I was a kid. It is good so that your body doesn’t depend on the medicine you take.

11:11 PM Jun 30 2011 |



I only go to the Doctor when  I have a  pain but  we should have in mind  go to the Doctor eventually in order to avoid any disease

11:31 PM Jun 29 2011 |


United States

I don’t like going to the doctor. it’s extremely scary when the doctor tells me that I had some kind of disease…

11:20 PM Jun 29 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think if you can not stand the pain it is better going to doctors 

08:41 PM Jun 29 2011 |




..As a doctor practicing medecine in the ambulatory city,the existence of hypochondriacal patients,inspire me the following thoughts :  -excess medical information and it’s extensive,predispose to produce some hypochondriacs .  -but the are asymptomatic disease for a long time before developing ..  -There’s finally there “healthy carriers” of patients who patients who carry germs that don’t have clinical translations of patients who are unaware ..  -Predictive medicine is a new speciality ,in relation to current Knowledge ,”the genetic map”of the human ..it is able to “predict disease potential ” of each individual in his life ,before they occur ..  – medical tests are marketed by US laboratories,which offer “the study of risk of future disease “for every individual ..with the emotional stress and the eusuing results ..

06:23 PM Jun 29 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I go to the doctor’s very rarely, because I don’t get sick so often. And when I know what is wrong with me I stay at home and drink some tea, or take a medicine, I don’t feel the need to go to the doctor’s every time some flu catches me. Besides that, the nice receptionist Amy is talking about, isn’t so nice here. And I am not a hypochondriac.

06:17 PM Jun 29 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think if you have enough time check up is good idea.

04:11 PM Jun 29 2011 |




Well i rarely go to the doctor, in fact i still don´t remember when i was the last time i got a flu… But im not hypochondriac, absolutely not!

04:10 PM Jun 29 2011 |

princess No

Saudi Arabia

mmm  I think Amy is right but indeed i hate to go to the doctor but if I suffer from serious illness I will go to the doctor .Cool

03:35 PM Jun 29 2011 |



As far as i am concerned,if someone go to visit a doctor ,it would be good for  their own. And if the doctor check out there is something wrong with their body , they can cure it  before it is too late.

03:28 PM Jun 29 2011 |

nour alqds


i think visiting the doctors for checking up our body is very important to avoid aserious developed disease but taking medicines for no reasons or not necessary reasons is very wrong because our body will depende no theses medicines and  then for along time will not response and make resistance about these medicines

03:26 PM Jun 29 2011 |

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