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First Conditional

Date: Jul 15 2011

Themes: News

Grammar: First Conditional


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There are so many different ways to get your news these days. There are more traditional sources like newspapers or the radio. Then there’s the nightly news report on TV, and dozens of cable news networks that tell you what’s happening in the world 24/7. And don’t forget the Internet. From websites to blogs to your friends’ Facebook walls, the web has given us even more ways to stay informed...or not. Find out how Amy and Jason get their news.



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Jason:  Do you follow the news?

Amy:  You know, I don’t follow it very deliberately, but I like to listen to the news on the radio when I’m driving, and so I keep up with it pretty well.

Jason:  That’s good. I think radio news is usually fairly condensed. It’s not like…like my parents watch the 11 o’clock news, you know?

Amy:  I can’t stand that.

Jason:  And there’s always these fluff pieces that are just so annoying.

Amy:  Yeah, I hate the fluff. And I’m not really that interested in local news, and the news that’s on the TV is more often just about what’s happening in your city, and to me that’s not as interesting or important as what’s happening in the country or the world.

Jason:  I mean, in some ways it’s more important, though, right? Because it’s right at your fingertips, you could go interact with it if you wanted to.

Amy:  But more often it’s that’s kind of news that just seems it’s either all about, you know, violent crimes or something, or it’s fluffy stories that seem really insignificant. I want to know what’s happening in politics and that kind of thing.

Jason:  More and more I’ve been getting my news from really just sort of social sources like, you know, if my friends post an article on Facebook, I’ll see it. Otherwise I’m probably not going to go look at that newspaper’s website.

Amy:  Well, especially now that some news websites are trying to get you to pay, like the New York Times, you can only view a certain number of stories for free now.

Jason:  That’s true. And so usually I just view the one or two that my friends posted that day!


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Jason asks Amy if she keeps up with the news. Amy says she isn’t very deliberate about it, but she does keep up with it pretty well by listening to the news on the radio while she’s driving.

Amy prefers to get her news from the radio rather than the TV. She doesn’t like watching the nightly news because she thinks it’s mostly local news and fluffy stories that aren’t very important.

Jason doesn’t like to hear about fluffy stories, either. But he thinks local news is important, because it happens close to you and you might even be able to affect it. Jason usually gets his news from his friends, like when they post news stories on their Facebook accounts.

Where do you get your news? Do you try to keep up with the news? Are you more interested in local, national, or world news?



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Viet Nam

I like to get my news from TV because it’s very convenient. When I am at home,  I always  let the TV on so that I can learn some latest news while I am doing my house chores.

06:48 AM May 02 2014 |



My friend posts too many bad news on his Facebook account. So I don’t view those news stories at all.

I follow local news. It is about politics mostly (no fluffy stories). All news in Ukraine seems to be political. :-(

04:07 PM Apr 01 2014 |




This day getting a news all about around the world is very important thing nd I don’t interest to watch tv news I mostly visit oly website where we can get any newer Wat we need…grateful thing

04:47 AM Jul 01 2012 |




This day getting a newer all about around the world is very important thing nd I don’t interest to watch tv news I mostly visit oly website where we can get any newer Wat we need…grateful thing

04:47 AM Jul 01 2012 |





08:10 PM Jul 17 2011 |




it’s an useful article .


12:39 PM Jul 17 2011 |





12:09 PM Jul 17 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I dont turst our Tv news , so i always keep up with internet and satellite.

10:02 AM Jul 17 2011 |




I usually get the news from the Internet Mostly from facebook cz there are many pages which help us keep beeing informed 24/7..sometimes i watch some channels on tv such as BBC,ALARABIA and other local channels….i am interseted in all sorts of news especially our local news these days in yemen.

09:41 AM Jul 17 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Although I’m only 16, I always try to keep up with the news from the country where I live in as well as the world news. I try to visit lots of different sites, national and foreign, and find about what do different countries think about a hot topic in Serbia, and try to look it from their perspective.

09:21 AM Jul 17 2011 |



i don’t keep up with the news, unless i see my dad watching it so i sit with him and just get a glimpse of it.

08:46 AM Jul 17 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I always use Internet to get news…that’s better than Iranian newspapers and TV!!!

08:37 AM Jul 17 2011 |

ali behzad

ali behzad

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i prefer to use get news from internet, mostly sport news. by this way i can be aware of the news before it is shown in tv or radio.

07:36 AM Jul 17 2011 |



I am living in China,So I ususlly get news from the QQ informs at the work time.

But after coming back home,I will keep with the news by TV that mybe choose the CCTV13 or lacal  news channels.

I like to keep with local news ,because it happens close to me and i might even be able to affect it  

06:45 AM Jul 17 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hello guys.

i always keep up with local news by tv.but you know in my country you can,t trust them completly while by some news chaneles in satellite you can keep up with your local news clearly.

06:36 AM Jul 17 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Although there is so terrible news lately, I enthusiastically keep up with news . i would much like to be source or broadcaster of the latest news ,inform people about everything ,,,national or international news , serious or fluffy stories …in fact, it doesn’t matter which sort of it ..

i think people ought to be in touch with others through readily interacting with each other indeed .that perhaps will not occur unless they take a look at news across the globe . for instance , how could I understand or build a relation with  a person living there for example in Sweden , if I haven’t taken an idea about their life style which considerably news will reflect their cultures and habits .

actually, i get news from many pipelines whether traditional or modern such as TV , of course radio during driving, internet websites , newspapers,Blackberry,sms service ,magazine and other sources like eyewitness .

  i think all fields i like to read about , political  ,social ,economic, music ,technological ,medical and astronomic . its very interesting and amazing to be well-informed . so the more news you now the more open-minded you will be i guess .

05:31 AM Jul 17 2011 |

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