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Super 8
Super 8
超级 8

Simple Future Tense

Date: Jul 04 2011

Themes: Featured, Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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The new movie Super 8 is a mystery in more ways than one. The director of the movie, J.J. Abrams, is the brains behind blockbusters like Star Trek and the popular TV series Lost. So we know we can expect Super 8 to be smart, fun, and a little far out. But we don’t know much else about the plot, the characters…even what the movie is about.

Mason saw Super 8 the minute it came out. But he doesn’t want to ruin it for Amy. Hear him give her just a hint of what to expect from this movie that’s sure to be one of summer’s biggest blockbusters.

新电影《超级 8》在众多方面都充满了神秘感。这部电影的导演是 J.J ·艾布拉姆斯(J.J.Abrams),他导演了众多具有轰动效应的影视作品,例如电影《星际争霸战》(Star Trek) 和具有超高人气的电视剧《迷失》(Lost)。所以,我们可以期待《超级 8》成为一部轻松、诙谐并略微违反常规的电影。但是,我们无法了解与情节、人物有关的更多其他细节,我们甚至不知道这部电影讲述的内容。
《超级 8》刚一上映,梅森就去看了。但是他不想在艾米面前透露更多细节,影响艾米看这部影片的乐趣。他只是向她说了一些值得期待的看点,这些看点足以使其成为今夏最具轰动效果的影片之一。


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Mason:  So, I rushed out this weekend and I saw Super 8, the new J. J. Abrams movie.

Amy:  Oh, that looks so good. I’ve seen commercials for it, and I don’t really understand what it’s about, but it looks mysterious and kind of scary, and really epic.

Mason:  Yeah, I mean he kind of does a really good job of making trailers that still don’t tell you the entire movie, and that’s rare these days.

Amy:  I know. I like that actually.

Mason:  For sure. So I won’t spill the beans or anything right now, but let’s just say that I thought it was really good, and it kind of, you know, reminded me of some movies from my childhood, like Goonies or E.T. where it like follows a bunch of kids who’re in way over their heads, but in this fantastic sort of situation.

Amy:  My impression of it is that it’s kind of a suspenseful, maybe slightly scary aliens movie, but it seems like they use a lot more restraint than most movies of that genre. Like you don’t see lots of big terrifying aliens with huge teeth and slobber. And I kind of like that idea.

Mason:  Sure. It’s much more like you said about the mystery…You can do suspense, which is what I would say Super 8 is, or you can do action which is what, you know, Transformers is.

Amy:  Well, I might still have to hold somebody’s hand if I watch it because I get pretty scared.


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Mason saw Super 8 as soon as it came out. He thought it was a great movie that reminded him of some of his favorite childhood movies like E.T.

Mason doesn’t want to ruin the movie’s plot for Amy. But he does tell her that it follows a group of kids who become involved in something very mysterious. The kids soon get in over their heads.

Amy thinks the movie looks suspenseful, but not too scary. Mason agrees Super 8 has just the right amount of mystery and suspense.

What blockbusters do you want to see this summer? Do you like movies about aliens?



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I think this boring movie.

06:41 AM Jun 24 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have seen this movie. it is a good film but only for one time watching and not more. you know some movies are worth to watch many times.

07:31 AM Jan 15 2014 |



hi Anosh


08:57 AM Jul 10 2011 |




I don’t have idea of this movie

09:33 PM Jul 06 2011 |



It is far behind the reality. wastage of time to see this movie.

07:54 PM Jul 06 2011 |




I saw it and I can’t tell that I liked it/ The movie is kinda childish I think, but the actors  espesially the kids are amazing in it.

08:27 AM Jul 06 2011 |

Thanh Tuyen Nguyen

Viet Nam

i watched Super 8. It’s very interesting^^

01:55 AM Jul 06 2011 |




Actually! I like to watch all of kind movie , But my favorite kind of movie is Harry Potter , and all of fantastic movie. I don’t like watch movies at the cinema, I prefer watching movies at home with my favorite snack.LOL

01:06 AM Jul 05 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I watched Super 8 it is creative move ,scary and mysterious in the same time.I didn’t like this kind of move before but that move it’s coool .I like it soooooo much

10:05 PM Jul 04 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

dont like this moveis.

09:16 PM Jul 04 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It ’s a good movie and I’ll watch it soon.

05:57 PM Jul 04 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I like this movie it’s kind of remind you of your childhood I advisce you to watched

04:26 PM Jul 04 2011 |




I think aliens movies are so odd and weird as Criz said, I must go to wach Super 8 because it seems kind  of different!

03:08 PM Jul 04 2011 |




i don’t like the movies about aliens too much, because it’s just an imagination and we don’t even know if alien really exists Tongue out The last movie i saw was Limitless, and i like it so much!

10:29 AM Jul 04 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

how can i get that movie?

09:48 AM Jul 04 2011 |




i love people

08:07 AM Jul 04 2011 |

abdulrhman Abdu


actually I didn’t watch it but I get eager to watch it Laughing

07:25 AM Jul 04 2011 |




Well, yeah Super 8 was in my list of movies to watch. I am not a fan of aliens kind of movie, but I got impressed by its trailer!! But…. before i could watch it, i heard from my friends that its not worth watching.. very boring, and not as good as expected. Hmm.. different people see things differently though.. I think i should ignore what people said about this movie and find it myself.  :P haha

12:59 AM Jul 04 2011 |

bb fallata

bb fallata

Saudi Arabia

no i dont like this kind of moviesi like action movi, dancing movi….....something like thatits make me frish

12:38 AM Jul 04 2011 |

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