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Cut the Angle - Kosuke Kimura of the Colorado Rapids

Cut the Angle - Kosuke Kimura of the Colorado Rapids English, baby! Video Lesson
封住角度 - 科罗拉多激流队的木村宏介

Date: Oct 19 2011

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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When Kosuke Kimura came from Japan to the US to go to college, his needed to learn a lot of English. But he was already very good at math. He got a nearly perfect score on the math portion of his college entrance exams.

Years later, Kosuke’s math skills still come in handy as a defender for the Colorado Rapids. Soccer involves a lot geometry. Kosuke has to make sure his opponents aren’t able to attempt goals from good angles. We recently asked him to explain the phrase “cut the angle” and show how he uses geometry to keep his opponents from scoring.


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Jason:  Alright, this is English, baby! and we are back with Kosuke Kimura of the Colorado Rapids. We talked about how you learned English, but I gather when you got here and took the SAT test, you scored really high on math. Is that right?

Kosuke:  That’s right. That’s all I had a chance to pass the SAT because the English section…I couldn’t do anything.

Jason:  Right. There’s actually math involved in soccer sometimes, especially geometry.

Kosuke:  It’s true. It’s all about the positioning and you have to know where your opponents are or your players are.

Jason:  Can we talk about the term “cut the angle” or “narrow the angle”?

Kosuke:  Most of the time, goalie use that. You know, I’m a defender, so I’m marking an attacker guy, an opponent guy and he has the ball. He tries to shoot and my goalie always say, “Kosuke, cut the angle, narrow the angle.” So we can show a little bit demonstration kind of and everybody can see how it is.

Jason:  Totally. So we’ve got kind of a goal set up here.

Kosuke:  I’m a goalie right here. So say attacking player and I’m right there. Defender’s right there. So come in here. So say this guy is attacking, this chair, the couch right here. This guy is attacking. So I’m right here defending usually. So my goalie tells me, “cut the

angle” or “narrow the angle,” so I want this guy who has the ball to go to the wide so I push this guy to the wide so now he wants to take a shot but he doesn’t have much angle to shoot.

Jason:  So it’s a worse angle for him to shoot the ball.

Kosuke:  Exactly, because it’s such a small angle and narrow angle.

Jason:  Because if you’re shooting from way over here, you’ve got to get it right there.

Kosuke:  It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be tough to shoot and that’s what the goalie tells me all the time.

Jason:  That makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much. Can I get a high five and say, “English, baby!”?

Kosuke:  English, baby!


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In school, Kosuke Kimura was good at math. But math is useful for him as a professional soccer player as well.

If an opponent is approaching his goal, Kosuke’s goalie may shout, “Cut the angle!” which means that Kosuke should try to lead the opponent toward the side of the field so that it will be harder for him shoot the ball.

Are you good at math? Do you use math in your job?

For more with Kosuke, see the first half of this interview or visit our blog.



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Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

I am really not good at Math, If I practice something in Math I can be good, but I forgot what I learned the previous years at math.I usually lose 20 marks in math, when I was like in 7 I lost 10 marks only.

I still got no job :D

05:39 PM Nov 04 2011 |



i tink kosuke very smart player

04:02 AM Oct 21 2011 |

1 person likes this




頑張れ〜 キムラ君!!

07:51 PM Oct 20 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I was really into maths because of my uni studies. I forgot some of the things I learned but I like maths much and I think they are very useful on the daily basis for solving problems.

06:37 PM Oct 20 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

to be honest i hate math so much ,it is like a nightmare to me,i like literary subjects more

and i thank Allah coz no need to math in my jobLaughing

01:12 PM Oct 19 2011 |



South Korea

interesting expression, cut the angle…^^ maybe it’s from geometry. the player push the oppoent to get to the wide….it’s cool. maybe…in all sports…to mark the opponent is the most important thing…

05:04 AM Oct 19 2011 |

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