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Hot Weather
Hot Weather

Learn Modal Verbs

Date: Jul 29 2011

Themes: Weather

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Summer is here, and in most places that means hot weather is here too. And that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether or not you’re a fan of the heat.

Many people find hot weather uncomfortable. It can make you sweaty, especially if it’s not just hot but also muggy. But hot weather also means fun summer activities, like going to the beach, cooling off with some ice cream, or just relaxing in the shade. Find out how Marni and Amy feel about the heat.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Ugh, I am so hot. I just cannot cool off.

Amy:  Really? I feel great. I feel like it’s finally warm enough for me, like it’s finally starting to get hot. I love the heat.

Marni:  Really? I just…it’s so muggy. I just feel like my clothes are sticking to me. I’m so uncomfortable.

Amy:  Yeah, but there are so many fun ways to cool off. I mean, we could go get ice cream. We could go for a swim. You know, we could just sit in the shade and drink iced tea. Heat is the best.

Marni:  Wow, I just, I don’t feel that way. I mean, those are great ways to beat the heat, I agree. But I prefer to be cold, I like cold weather, because you can always put on more layers to warm up. But when it’s hot out, you just can’t take off any more layers.

Amy:  That’s true, but I think sometimes it’s so cold that it doesn’t matter how many layers you put on, you’re just still cold. And besides, then you have on all those bulky, uncomfortable sweaters. I would rather just put on a sundress and drink a lot of water. What’s the big deal?

Marni:  Well, I think we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree.

Amy:  Want to go get ice cream?

Marni:  OK.


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Marni hates hot weather. It makes her feel uncomfortable. When it’s muggy, she feels sweaty and her clothes stick to her. She prefers the cold to the heat, because when it’s cold, you can put on more clothes to warm up.

Amy disagrees. She loves the heat. She says there are lots of fun ways to cool down when it’s hot outside, like going swimming or eating ice cream. She hates the cold, and she doesn’t like to put on lots of layers when it is cold outside.

Do you like hot weather, or do you prefer the cold? What is your favorite way to cool down when it’s hot outside?



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Russian Federation

I share Marny’s opinion and prefer the cold time of a year, and if I always walk swiftly, it is not even necessary for me to put on more clothes to keep warm.

But it is impossible for me to feel comfortable when it is sticky and muggy under the scorching sun. Of course  I can bear such a hot weather for some time, but it makes  me too much exhausted. Drinking iced green tea is my favourite way to cool down a bit.

One of my friends has  a different view. She says it is the best time to loose some weight. Perhaps, there is some  true in it, but I dont think it suits everybody.

09:53 PM Jun 29 2013 |



i do not like hot day actually, but now i live in the city has a long hot time, almost half of the year it is hot, you can just dress thin T-shirt, and the heat can drive you crazy to take off all the clothes you have on, lol, just kidding. but it is really so muggy taht you just wanna stay at home turning the air-condition on.

02:41 PM Mar 04 2013 |



Dominican Republic

When it is hot outside, I prefer to turn on my fan and drink cold water to cool down.

02:59 AM Jan 16 2013 |



Dominican Republic

I like hot weather because I can do many activities outdoors.

02:53 AM Jan 16 2013 |




I like cold weather  because the hot weather  like bad dream in my country Iraq  ..there is no electric  no cold water to drink  I feel as I live in hell .

12:21 PM Sep 28 2012 |

Ayse Meryem


I prefer cold weather. When it is hot outside I put on light dresses and sit in a cool room.

and .. I like to drink coffee in cold weather so , read a poem

07:15 AM Sep 28 2012 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I prefer hot weather because i can do alot of activitis and eat ice cream

04:02 PM Jul 18 2012 |




i have no preference but my way to cool down when we have heat weather its drinking water and going swimming.

12:57 PM Jul 18 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I hate hot weather so much ..

06:41 AM Mar 23 2012 |




bonniewang 99.   True, sometimes i have the same problem  as you, but the truth is ,if you go to the US  that´s the way they will speak to you  in the street, at the supermarket, etc. With   Practice and patience , we will improve our listenings skills.

05:40 PM Dec 16 2011 |



It is great! I can follow the dialogue and I feel English is mine. But some text is too fast to me. I can’t understand at all. So I think it isn’t really matter to me .

01:38 AM Dec 08 2011 |

Mi Nguyen

Mi Nguyen

Viet Nam

Take an ice-shower? What do you think? :D

09:40 AM Aug 30 2011 |




Hi Guys how can i download the video?plz tell me.

02:08 PM Aug 04 2011 |




I like both the hot and cold weather, The hot weather are many activities to cooling off, I like to swim or lie on the beach Oh! the great to do. When the cold weather come in I like to wear clothes so cool. Of Thailand no have are snow, If have it I will like to be cold weather really!

11:37 AM Aug 04 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hot weater in iran make a lot of problem for people especially in these month..becuse people must to have fast (for this case you know just read my blog)and here the tempereture is about 30 or more….we have also city in iran which rise the tempure till 50….summer in urop i think it so nice but in asia is terrible….

although this i really love summer becuse i am free…no school no university just pleasure and be fun….he he he

08:43 PM Aug 03 2011 |



The best part of the year.

Just relaxing and making new friends

03:16 PM Aug 03 2011 |




i like  summer very much, you can do  so  many things  in  these days… aha…

i like  dress,  and  i like ice cream. . .


12:21 AM Aug 03 2011 |


Viet Nam

Great, how to say. It is personal choice. It depend on each person. But sometime I like cool (but not too cold, the too cold is also depend on each people) and sometime I like hot (but not very hot).

Because, sometime cool weather make me thoughfully, great feeling like a person who can write the poem.,,,:)

02:49 AM Aug 02 2011 |




it ws amazing :)

08:32 AM Aug 01 2011 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I like cold weather ,especially when it is raining :) beside summer season in Iraq it’s so hot ,the temperature reaches 55 C in some cities it’s Ramadan we cn eat or drink for at least 15 hr.s ,god help us :)

11:14 PM Jul 31 2011 |

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