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Horrible Bosses
Horrible Bosses

Passive Voice

Date: Aug 24 2011

Themes: Work

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Let’s face it, most of us would rather not work if we didn’t have to. But a job is a necessary part of life for almost everybody. Since we have to work, we at least want to have an interesting job, fun co-workers, and a cool boss.

Unfortunately, some people get stuck with horrible bosses. A horrible boss might be mean stingy, or overly demanding. They can make us hate our job, even when we love what we do.

The new movie Horrible Bosses turns the tragedy of working for a terrible person into a comedy. Hear Jason and Amy talk about the film, and about their own experiences working for horrible bosses.



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Jason:  I saw this movie Horrible Bosses about these guys who plot to kill their bosses because they’re making their lives so hard.

Amy:  That’s a common fantasy, I bet, for a lot of people out there.

Jason:  I bet it is. It seems a little extreme, though. It’s like, don’t you think your horrible boss would just be replaced by a new horrible boss?

Amy:  Couldn’t you just get a different job, too? Like why do you have to kill…

Jason:  Or just get your boss fired! Why do they have to die?

Amy:  It’s true. It kind of makes the employees seem like horrible employees, like horrible people.

Jason:  But having a horrible boss can do crazy things to you.

Amy:  It’s true. Have you ever had a horrible boss?

Jason:  I have. It made me question everything about myself. I didn’t want to kill her, I was afraid of her.

Amy:  What did she do, I mean did she just criticize you a lot?

Jason:  Yeah, well, she just made everything into an emergency situation all the time.

Amy:  Oh, just high stress?

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  That’s horrible.

Jason:  Everything was harder than it had to be. Every mistake you made was a bigger deal than it needed to be.

Amy:  I think that’s a good point, like the best bosses are the ones who kind of give you the most space, I think, you know? You want some direction, but you also don’t want to be treated like a child. You’ll get your work done without having a boss standing over you putting a lot of pressure on you.

Jason:  Yeah. You want your employees to be confident, so that they’ll grow and get better and better as time goes on, instead of getting less confident and tireder.

Amy:  Or violent.

Jason:  Yeah, or violent.


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Jason recently saw the movie Horrible Bosses, in which three guys plot to kill their terrible bosses. Amy and Jason agree that while it’s no fun having a horrible boss, murder is a pretty extreme way to react.

Jason used to have a horrible boss. She was really critical and always overreacted. She made Jason feel nervous and stressed all the time. Still, he didn’t want to kill her. He just wanted to quit that job.

Amy thinks a good boss is one who trusts her employees and gives them space. Good bosses make their employees feel confident and help them grow.

Have you ever had a horrible boss? What qualities make a good boss, and what qualities make a horrible boss?



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Ive ever had one horrible boss. He was so childish that he shouted to the employees whenever things didnt work out.

In my opinion, the best boss is the one who can deal well with accidents they had. There isnt any job without trouble and they should take care of employees who caused the accidents.

04:23 PM Jan 04 2014 |




Wow…..lucky for have no chance to work till now,  I need to prepare for the future working life,haha~keep youself calm down and do not do some thing not so good.

01:50 PM Apr 19 2012 |


Russian Federation

I had a Horrible Boss twice in my life.It was realy owful to work there…....

10:34 AM Oct 03 2011 |




many of us have pets. and we are the bosses for them. but people since the creation of earth hate pressure, it is an integral feature of us. when the bosses understand that people should be respected and given more space to create their work begin develope with every second.

11:02 AM Aug 29 2011 |

1 person likes this



horrible boss that tell me usually what to do not make me free to make the desition ,and also not fair the good boss that who traet all co worker in the same way

03:14 PM Aug 27 2011 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Yes, I agree Candy:


A true leader do not intimidating others, but a true leader inspires them.


Remember the difference between a boss and a leader:

A boss says “GO”,

A leader says “Let’s go!”Smile

E.M. Kelly

08:22 PM Aug 26 2011 |

1 person likes this

said mlk

said mlk


yes every year i got working with horrible bosses , tnx for the lesson

05:55 AM Aug 26 2011 |




crazy!i think people should respect each other in our daily life. no matter what is your job. you want get others’ respect. the primise is you should respect others。or,even if you are the king. your national can also overthrow your tyranny!

05:25 AM Aug 26 2011 |




Yes! I ever, Oh…That’s horrible in my life. Three years ago I worked with horrible boss. He’s more confident with himself without to heard other. And like to show the bad manner to other and me… And He haven’t sincerely and look to other with worthless always.

02:45 AM Aug 26 2011 |



Fortunately, I have never met a horrible boss so far. I think the Personality of horrible boss is stingy, unkind… the good boss is kind,warm,open,talented and give employees space ,let them feel comfortable, encourage them even though they make a littel progress.

02:45 AM Aug 26 2011 |

7anan rose

7anan rose

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I have never had a boss….but I know how hard it is to deal with demanding persons…...

11:34 PM Aug 24 2011 |





11:18 PM Aug 24 2011 |




my last boss was so kind and lovable that he even asked one day if I wanna marry him :D lol

anyway he was great menager, demanding but helpful too :) I think these qualities make a good boss – it lets the business develop and keeps friendly atmosphere


08:52 PM Aug 24 2011 |




ooh you remind me of ex boss he drove me crazy all the time,he was a demanding ,shouting addictor and mean person ,I hated my job and my life because of h

well I think the good boss the one who really know how to manage people without being the boss at all ! just one person of the team work who have great management and leadership skills

05:30 PM Aug 24 2011 |




not yet employee  ,,but i think  not only boss can make your life bad  even the teacher can  make you hate the subject or study even >>>>>>

03:58 PM Aug 24 2011 |



I have 2 boos on my job.One is mor patient with ushe knows how to talk when something is wrong and when its necessary he helps us, as boss he’s good.But the other one is mote boring he’s too demandin always is worried about our job and likes to keep near from us.

03:54 PM Aug 24 2011 |




lol , i do not have any boss at this time

02:50 PM Aug 24 2011 |




I need a horrible boss to make me work hard.

02:23 PM Aug 24 2011 |




I work better when you play by the bad employees a boss ..

11:28 AM Aug 24 2011 |

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