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Home Cooking
Home Cooking

Present Perfect Progressive

Date: Sep 28 2011

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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When you want a simple, warm meal that will fill you up and make you feel like a kid again, nothing beats a little home cooking.

Home cooking is food like your mom used to make when you were a kid. In the United States, home cooking is often heavy food with lots of carbs, like mac n’ cheese or mashed potatoes. It may be fattening, but it’s so tasty, you just have to clean your plate.

Hear Devan and Mason talk about their love of home cooking.



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Devan:  So lately I’ve been having cravings for comfort food. You know, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, pie.

Mason:  Oh, that stuff is fantastic, but I’ve been staying away from it because I’ve been trying to eat healthier and that stuff is a little bit heavy.

Devan:  But doesn’t it remind you of home, though?

Mason:  Oh, totally. We used to have pie for dessert like every night. You know, mac n’ cheese was a staple.

Devan:  Yeah. I just love food that reminds me of my mom, and you can smell the smells of the kitchen, everything’s really thick and creamy. I really…that’s why I look forward to Thanksgiving every year, because it just reminds me of home and home cooking, you know?

Mason:  Do you cook that way? Like, are you going to pass on home cooking at some point?

Devan:  I don’t think so. I don’t cook much at all, and when I do, it’s usually very simple, very basic things like boil some veggies and have some bread and butter with it. You know, I’m not…I don’t have my mom’s culinary skills.

Mason:  That’s really the allure of home cooking then, just that you’re not doing the cooking.

Devan:  I think so, I think you’re right. It’s ‘cause somebody else is doing it.


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Devan loves home cooking because it reminds her of home. She likes dishes like mac n’ cheese that are thick, creamy, and comforting to eat.

Mason agrees that home cooking tastes good, but he tries not to eat too much of it because it is heavy. He wants to eat healthier foods.

Mason asks Devan if she knows how to prepare comfort foods like her mom used to make. Devan says she doesn’t cook for herself very often. When she does, she makes lighter, simpler meals. That’s another reason she likes home cooking. She enjoys having someone else cook for her.

Do you like home cooking, or do you think it is too heavy? What foods did your mother make for you when you were a kid?



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Hong Kong

I love cooking….but i have little time on that(This is an excuse for why i dont cook actually lol)

I always think that I ’ll know how to cook when the right time comes…...Because when my mom was girl like me she was not that good at cooking too lol.

But I think maybe it’s time for me to learn how to cook little by little.(Kurt always make fun of me because i can’t cook…)

01:15 PM Jan 21 2013 |




I love home cooking,it makes me feel warm.

12:15 PM Jan 21 2013 |




I  like home cooking too much  and I can cook all Iraqi’s recipes ..it is delicious taste .and I feel happiness when I prepare  the meals for my family

10:31 PM Sep 23 2012 |




I like cooking.But I don’t love to wash the dishes.lol

02:32 AM May 09 2012 |

1 person likes this



i love cook ,but i don’t like to wash the plates!

03:46 AM Dec 09 2011 |



I hate cooking, but I love to eat it… but if i had to, i’ll do it.. But don’t push me to death, you’ll screaminng to death if eat what i made.. hahahahahaha

01:49 PM Nov 03 2011 |

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

Yes, I have cooking, though I haven’t cooked a lot too. It might be heavy or might not be? She used to make paratha lol, french fries, sweet dishes :D

01:43 PM Nov 03 2011 |



I  love home cooking ,too

08:40 AM Oct 21 2011 |




CoolHome cooking is a great pleasure and my hobbie, but not when I’m working on a busy week.

07:43 PM Oct 20 2011 |

1 person likes this



I like home cooking ,especially when my mom too busy,usually i cooking without oil  like steamed fishes 、boil some veggies or created healthy dishes by myself,even i don’t have culinary skills,but so fun!


07:17 AM Oct 07 2011 |




I like cooking very much, yes it’s true, it takes time of you but I think cooking is funny and you can enjoy while you cook… From China :)

08:43 AM Oct 05 2011 |


Russian Federation

I like home cooking, and I do it for my son and husband.I think they also like home cooking

09:32 AM Oct 02 2011 |



can we be friend

01:22 PM Oct 01 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


i love home cooking. hotpot is one of my favorite

06:39 PM Sep 30 2011 |


johnSuper Member!

United States

Cooking is great.

06:04 PM Sep 30 2011 |




If my mom not so busy she cooks wonderful things. for example pizza, french meat and different pies.

When I band together with my uncle’s family we always try to cook smth. only me and uncle. it’s a really great time! 

06:00 AM Sep 30 2011 |

1 person likes this




who want to tast my cooking?Cool

03:10 AM Sep 29 2011 |




who want to tast my cooking?Cool

03:10 AM Sep 29 2011 |




Oh! I like home cooking, it’s not heavy food because I like to make healthier foods. I like to eat a fried rice when I was kid. It’s so delicious by my mom make for me. Even though it’s simple food but more of meaning for me.

02:19 AM Sep 29 2011 |



Englishbaby lessons are the BEST!I love it.

11:13 PM Sep 28 2011 |

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