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IK Kim - Hole in One

IK Kim - Hole in One English, baby! Video Lesson
金茵京 – 一杆进洞

Date: Sep 19 2011

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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In sports, opportunities for a player to make a perfect play are rare. Runners can always get faster, basketball players can always score more points or get more rebounds, but a golfer can never do better than a hole in one.

A hole in one is when you hit the ball in the hole on your first try. Since the hole is always hundreds of feet away, getting a hole in one is an extremely difficult thing to do. Korean star In-Kyung “IK” Kim was one of only 14 players on the LPGA Tour last year to get a hole in one.

IK took recently took a break from putting to talk to us about perfection on the golf course and in learning English.

一杆进洞是指第一次发球时便将球击入洞中。由于球洞总是数百英尺远,所以做到一杆进洞极为困难。去年 LPGA 巡回赛中仅有 14 名球员做到了一杆进洞,韩国名将金茵京 (In-Kyung“IK”Kim) 便是其中一位。
IK 最近找到一个休息的机会,与我们谈论了自己在高尔夫赛场上的优异表现以及学习英语的情况。

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I am here with IK Kim at the LPGA Safeway Classic. How are you?

IK:  Good, how are you doing?

Jason:  I’m great. I was wondering if you could share with all our members who are learning English, what is a hole in one.

IK:  Hole in one. On par 3, you make par if you shot 3. If you made in first shot, that’s hole in one.

Jason:  So it’s when you hit the ball in the hole on your first try?

IK:  Yes.

Jason:  I gather you’re really into studying English since you’ve been in the US. Is that right?

IK:  Yeah, that’s right. Well, I went to golf school before I turned pro, so I spent a lot of time studying and also meeting new people and hanging out with friends, you know. It just naturally came to me.

Jason:  It was easy to make friends when you came to the US?

IK:  No, definitely not. I thought American people…I mean, they’re really friendly, but I didn’t speak any language. I didn’t speak any English, so it was hard for me making new friends. But you know, you’ve just got to put yourself out there, kind of break out from the shyness and all that. After a couple of months I was OK with hanging out with other people. But my culture is a little bit more quiet and not as friendly. I mean, we are friendly, but it’s just different culture, so it was a little difficult at first, but right now, it’s been great.

Jason:  When you’re learning a language, like when you’re learning English, do you like to speak perfectly, do you resist talking until you have it right?

IK:  No, not for me. I just say whatever and then hopefully people understand me. Because they know I’m trying, so I don’t think I try to do perfect, but I try to learn from mistakes and go from there.

Jason:  So you don’t mind if you don’t get a hole in one when you’re speaking English? It’s OK to sort of miss and keep trying.

IK:  I think it’s OK for me to because I’m from Korea and I came here in ‘05, so it’s been 5, 6 years and I improved a lot since then so I just give it a credit from that.

IK:  English, baby!


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IK explains that it’s usually only possible to get a hole in one on a par 3 hole. If the hole is par 4 or 5, it will likely be too far reach it on your first try.

When IK first came to the US in 2005, it wasn’t easy for her to make friends. The culture was very different from her home country. But once she adjusted to it and found people to talk to, English came naturally for her. She says that when she was learning English, she wasn’t too worried about being perfect. She didn’t try to make a hole in one with every sentence. IK thinks it’s OK to make mistakes if you learn from them.

Have you ever gotten a hole in one or done something perfectly? Do you try to speak perfectly or do you just put yourself out there?

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i love english then, i practice it a little bit eveyday at least.

just do it! Mistakes really exist but i must try and i dont give up. i must improve my skills then, i go for it.

08:48 PM Jul 09 2013 |

zazi zineb


thank you so much it is realy very interesting lesson ,  iget from that course many informations about Golf as a nice sport and i learn alot day by day

thank you EbabyEng Smile

10:50 PM Sep 25 2011 |




Her English really improved having stayed years in the US!~And I’m learning few golf words from this video. Nice!Smile

09:13 PM Sep 22 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


nice…”perfect”. i like it

11:55 PM Sep 20 2011 |



yeh hole in one like slam dunk cool

01:12 AM Sep 20 2011 |



I was trying speak English perfectly at the beginning, but then i learned it is not true because it is enough to get through to people what you want to say. So, i began to speak i just say whatever :) Now, i feel better ;)

10:15 PM Sep 19 2011 |




well not for me I’ve never gotten something a hole in one,usually I have to struggle and try harder  till I get it once and for all

I can speak English well but just as much of you I don’t have so many chances to practice with english speakers

best regards

05:26 PM Sep 19 2011 |



Hi, IK Kim.. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences. That was very helpful.

I am from Guatemala, I’ve been  learning english for almost 4 years but sometimes I get very sad cause’  I never practice with other people.  One of my dreams is to be in an American country, where I can practice my english. Even if I just  could be there for one day.. To get that experience would be amazing.

well.. Thanks again,


03:11 PM Sep 19 2011 |




Hey Sheherim, that question means something like if you’re making something to improve your skill to learn language, do you wait until that skill be perfect? (resist talking), or  simply do you talk to others despite you don’t feel completely right? 


09:26 AM Sep 19 2011 |

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