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Jewelry for Guys
Jewelry for Guys

Count and Noncount Nouns

Date: Oct 10 2011

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Most guys aren’t very interested in fashion, at least according to stereotype. But maybe they’d be more into it if they had more options. When it comes to creating the perfect ensemble, women just have a lot more to choose from than men.

For one thing, women can add to their outfits with jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings…for girls, the options are practically endless. But jewelry for guys is a lot less common. Mason and Jeff would like to change that.



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Mason:  Jeff, do you ever feel as a man that it’s difficult to accessorize?

Jeff:  Can I be honest here?

Mason:  Yeah, I wish you would.

Jeff:  Yes. Yes, and I’ve been waiting for someone to ask that.

Mason:  I totally hear you. So, when I got married…obviously I’ve got my wedding ring on now. And that’s like the only piece of jewelry that I wear. And I don’t know, I kinda feel like maybe I want more.

Jeff:  You know, I do have a couple high school football state champ rings lying around. Maybe I should break them out.

Mason:  What would you do? I man, there’s…the watch, obviously, is the standby man accessory. Then you take it a little bit further, maybe it’s a bracelet. Maybe it’s a necklace or something. Maybe two. Can you have multiple rings? I don’t know. The multi-ring guy is a weird guy. I feel like there almost needs to be something new, like there’s something that hasn’t been invented yet that I need to add to my ensemble, just for a little bit of flair.

Jeff:  This is true. We only have so many options.


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After getting married, Mason started wearing a wedding ring. This is the only jewelry he wears. He might like to start wearing more jewelry, but he says his options are limited.

Jeff also thinks there should be more jewelry for guys. Men don’t have as many ways to accessorize their outfits as women. The only jewelry most guys wear is a watch. Mason thinks someone needs to invent a new accessory that is just for guys.

If you’re a guy, do you wear any jewelry? If you’re a girl, do you like it when guys wear jewelry? What is your favorite accessory?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

to tell the truth,i like those guys who wear a small earring just on one of their ears.they’re cool!

also for girls i like fantasy earrings :)

07:31 AM Jul 07 2014 |




timchangbest, may I disagree with you about money? Money should be on the second place in the relations. Money is not powerful as it might seem. They can’t be the solution of all problems or aims of life. Don’t put money on the privileged place. 

08:31 AM Feb 15 2012 |




It sounds banal, but  I like when guys wear watch really!  I’m crasy about watch myself, so I always take a glance at the watch guy wears ;) I like when guy wears a wedding ring. I also like to see the silver ( notice, not gold!!!) chain around the neck of guy. The silver chain is a perfect addition to the tan body ( but the chain must not be very thick). The chain must have some charm and the guy must have a charm too of course Laughing

08:09 AM Feb 15 2012 |




I agree with jewelry on men, they look nice with them specially necklaces , but i don;t like ring and earrings maybe a piercing would be ok…I think men can accesorize and look serious and cute, but I don’t like lots of necklaces as Mr. T and hip hop bling and something like that. no no simplicity is elegant and cutest!!

08:34 PM Oct 20 2011 |




I like all kinds of jewelry but I usually wear only earings and a watch.

09:23 PM Oct 13 2011 |

2 people like this

Maria del Alba


If you ask me, I don’t like boys with a lot of accesories, because I think they make them too feminine. Anyway, the jewlery I like most in guys are watches and necklaces

09:24 PM Oct 11 2011 |

Mr. handsome


After I’d read this lesson, i just looked at myself lookin fr accessories. I didn’t found anything . But u know what ,,, I don’t need to have things that will be as a drag on me … I kinda feel like goin out with my friends in casual, nothing on me.. even a pen ,, 

If I were to choose my outfit ,,, then I’d choose only a t-shirt, pants and shoes ,,, that’s why we spend less than girls do. ^^

11:09 PM Oct 10 2011 |




I think there are items that are peculiar to one gender rather than the other for the simple and obvious reason that, socially speaking, the segregation between men and women is essential. If we start today to encourage men to wear female accessories from necklaces to earrings… in the future we might end up having guys wearing dresses or skirts, or I don’t know what stupid twirky piece of cloth we’d be wearing !

07:48 PM Oct 10 2011 |

1 person likes this




you’re right

07:30 PM Oct 10 2011 |




Man is man, jewelry is for women only … I think

07:29 PM Oct 10 2011 |




I think it’s not a bad idea for guys wear jewelry. Why not? It looks very different, isn’t it?

04:29 PM Oct 10 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


well , i don’t like the idea of wearing accessories for boys at all

i think it’s ridiculous for boys to wear rings , bracelets,necklaces or other things like that

but they can wear watches , no more options

theses things are for girls and women only and i think they must still as they are , for women only

03:03 PM Oct 10 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Since my favorite watch was stolen I haven’t wearied any kind of jewelries , I decided not to wear watch or any accessory , I give up . Any way , I think wearing accessory or jewelries suit on girls much more than guys . I much love to see my girlfriend wearing them actually I encourage her , occasionally I gifted her a piece of jewelry . I think these I mean jewelries add more beauty and elegance on girls . but for guys, its so wired as many said .

02:51 PM Oct 10 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

this is topics for women more than men they are love any thing to express about jewelry and wear it why not if they like wear ring no poroblem

02:23 PM Oct 10 2011 |



i dont have any jewelry in me, but i want to, its just that im aware to stereotype. before i like wearing earrings on my left ear only, it was common to the guys before even until now, i did that when i was younger. i like to wear rings, necklace and earrings but that was before, but now that im not that young, im not iinterested to it anymore, but its really make you into flair. ^^

12:06 PM Oct 10 2011 |



As for me ,same as some guys who don’t like wearing some jewelrier on any part of body,i think if i weared them ,maybe i will do everthing carefully,i like move,so i don’t like wearing them,even though i have some jewelry got when i married,totally put in my suitcase and never wearing them,but my wife like all kinds of jewely very much,always wearing different jewely in different day,also like accumulated all different kinds jewely,like earring,ring,necklack and so forth,all in all ,i like jewely,but i just don’t like wearing them.

11:57 AM Oct 10 2011 |




Yes! I like but just only watch that I want my guy to wear it…So it’s mean I want him have a time for me…hehehehehe(it’s joke) But I think, it’s a good accessory for guy… For me, I don’t like to wear accessory but I like to accumulate them… I have many earings…

11:19 AM Oct 10 2011 |




Oh year I have loved jewelry,mainly watches…I really love watch brands…

Lately I have buyed some watches I wanna to collect them hehe :D

11:06 AM Oct 10 2011 |




I think jewelry is a faminine issue,men superstars uses funky braclets and necklaces while it’s not an acceptable look in reality since girls usually attracted to a guy who really behave and look as a man not as a spoiled boy

10:13 AM Oct 10 2011 |



I don’t like a guy who has jewelry.

08:48 AM Oct 10 2011 |

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