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Pet Fish
Pet Fish

Learn Modal Verbs

Date: Oct 04 2011

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Kittens are cute. Dogs are loyal. Even lizards and snakes can at least be held. But fish? All you can do is look at them. They’re the one pet you can’t actually pet.

Still, lots of people love having pet fish. Some will even spend tons of money on rare exotic fish and high tech tanks. Find out if Devan and Jason have any pet fish.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I was at the state fair last week, and you could win goldfish in some of the games.

Devan:  Oh yeah. Those never last long.

Jason:  I know, it’s so sad. I had one when I was a kid and it only lived like a day.

Devan:  Yeah, see, I’ve always felt about pet fish that they’re more like decoration than they are like pets, because they don’t really love you, you can’t interact with them or play with them. They’re like a painting or something.

Jason:  You can tap on the glass and observe their personality and behavior and stuff like that. Right?

Devan:  I guess. I’m not very good at keeping them alive either.

Jason:  Oh no!

Devan:  I have the same problem with houseplants, where any time a friend asks me to watch their fish or watch their houseplants while they’re out of town, it’s guaranteed they’re gonna come back to no fish or no houseplants, usually.

Jason:  I think the trick to keeping the fish alive might be having a really great tank, you know? Like you gotta have one with the pump that provides enough oxygen and keeps the water clean. You kinda have to invest in your fish.

Devan:  It’s true. The other lesson I learned is you can overfeed them. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.


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Jason was recently at a fair where you could play a game to win a goldfish. He has a pet goldfish as a kid, but it didn’t live very long.

Devan says pet fish never live very long, especially when they’re in her care. She sees fish more as decoration than pets because you can’t interact with them or play with them like other pets.

Jason thinks that the way to keep pet fish alive is to buy them an expensive tank. A high tech tank can give them the kind of environment they need to survive.

Have you ever had a pet fish? Do you think fish make good pets?



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unfortunately houseplants never live enough time…

02:48 PM Oct 04 2011 |



I think we can talk to fish,though it has a tank.We are also fish in the big tank—the world.

12:11 PM Oct 04 2011 |




I never had pet fish and I think they do not make good pets. I prefer cats and dogs.

10:59 AM Oct 04 2011 |

abu dergham


hi manal where are u from exactly

09:06 AM Oct 04 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


actually , i’ve never had a pet fish before, but as the topic said , it’s a kind of decoration not more , and it doesn’t live for a long time 

also , keeping a pet fish at home is really expensive , many people prefer to spend their money on a beneficial things , and i think i’m one of these people :D

07:49 AM Oct 04 2011 |




i had sort of high tech tank at home a long time back. what i experienced that the goldfish is the only fish of aquarium who lives longer. there are a few things which we have to take care. we should not change the water frequently and we should not over feed them and there should be pump instealled to generate oxygen which is good for the tank.

fishes can be treated as pet although they do not interact but one who is interested in this field can love them alot and can monitor their life. there is a particular time to feed them and when you feed them all fishes come on the top very close your hand and if you do not feed on that time the fishes just roam around very close your hand which makes one feel like good

one this is very important that it is an expensive stuff, the person who is interested in this should consider the expenses as well becuase the fishes are living things and they need proper feed and proper treatment, when needed.


05:28 AM Oct 04 2011 |

coolgirlis me

Viet Nam

i have never had any fish tank. however, i think that fish is for decoration in house.

03:52 AM Oct 04 2011 |



I had fishes and fish tank when i was a child,i remember that, i broken the fish tand with careless,after that time , i have never fed fishes any more,from my point of view,fishes really is not just decoration,because the are animals and when you feed them,you can communication with them,even though goldfish not same as dogs and kittens communication easily,but really cute,but feed it not easy,because some time they died cause by you overfeed,because they are do’t care how much should be eating ,just eating once the food in fish tank,that’s why many goldfish died with foods.actually,i like dog very much ,so far ,i have one dog ,and just 2 years old,i love him because he was smart and cute ,seems he know what i think some time,i like all kinds of dog ,whatever big or small.

03:37 AM Oct 04 2011 |




hey  hey

03:03 AM Oct 04 2011 |



I had fishes when I was young. I think it’s not like decorating because I can interact with them when I feed them.

12:50 AM Oct 04 2011 |




Me too like Devan..I am not good with pets.. it is take times to take care of them.. but i do love them as long as some one is taking care of them for me.. :)

12:30 AM Oct 04 2011 |




I don´t  have a  fish tank in my house but  whenever i go to pet´s mart to buy bones for my dog i like to watch  exotic fish in the tank  and  wonder at  the beauty of their colours. 

03:12 PM Oct 03 2011 |

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