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Crazy Stupid Love
Crazy Stupid Love

Learn Passive Voice

Date: Oct 05 2011

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Passive Voice


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When someone says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” it means that people don’t change, especially as they get older. But that isn’t true in the movies.

In the new movie Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell play a couple of guys who both have to change if they want to win their dream girls’ hearts. Gosling plays Jacob, a playboy whose wild ways impress everyone but the girl he wants. And Carell is Cal, a 40-year-old man who needs to find his inner stud in order to win back his wife.

But will either Jacob or Cal be able to learn any new tricks? Find out from Mason and Amy.

在新电影《疯狂愚蠢的爱》中,瑞恩·高斯林 (Ryan Gosling) 和史蒂夫·卡瑞尔 (Steve Carell) 分别扮演为赢得心爱女孩的芳心,不得不改变自己的男性。高林斯扮演雅各布,一个玩世不恭却女人缘极好的花花公子。而卡瑞尔扮演卡尔,一个需要寻找心灵支柱,重获妻子芳心的40 岁男人。但是,雅各布和卡尔是否能够学到爱情新花样?请从梅森和艾米那里寻找答案。


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Mason:  So, I’m man enough to admit that I like a good chick flick every now and again.

Amy:  I love a man who loves a good chick flick.

Mason:  Right? So, in that spirit, I went and saw Crazy Stupid Love the other night.

Amy:  Right, it looks really fun.

Mason:  Well, it was a little more serious than I was led to believe. But, you know, it’s definitely got some fun moments. Steve Carell certainly is a funny guy. But you know, it’s kind of about a guy who’s going through a tough time in his middle age, figuring out, you know, how can I win back my love or try to move on.

Amy:  Because his wife cheats on him, right? And then he…

Mason:  Yeah, I mean, the movie opens up with his wife asking for a divorce. So that’s the situation you’re dropped into.

Amy:  Yeah, that’s a bummer, that’s not too funny.

Mason:  Right!

Amy:  But you have to hope that it would…as horrible as it would be, maybe it would be an opportunity to grow. Maybe you would take a leap and become a better person in the end, somehow. Even if you didn’t win back your wife.

Mason:  I thought that was nice, that it was a movie that didn’t play the blame game. Like it’s a bad situation, but it ends up being like, he does kind of say, “OK, well, that wasn’t a great thing that you did, but I had some stuff to work on.” And they try and work towards working it out. But I won’t tell you if it happens or not!


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Mason saw the new romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love. He was surprised by how serious the movie was. It begins with the main character’s wife asking him for a divorce. Hopefully it gets funnier from there!

After his wife asks for a divorce, Cal, the main character, has to find a way to win her back or move on. He gets some help from a young playboy played by Ryan Gosling.

Mason liked how the married couple in the movie don’t just blame each other for the problems in their relationship. Both the husband and the wife are able to admit that they aren’t perfect. In the end, they both want to try to make their marriage work, despite the mistakes they’ve made in the past.

Have you ever tried to win somebody back after they broke up with you? Do you think you could ever forgive someone for cheating on you?



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love can fix any problem,but it should be trueWink

05:21 PM Oct 05 2011 |




I never forget the betraying and the wounds made on purpose ,maybe someday I can forgive but I can’t be with him anymore

01:39 PM Oct 05 2011 |



United States

I have been cheated on before, I forgave her but our relationship never was the same anymore. We became wary of each other the amount of trust between merely existed. She was my first girlfriend and I wanted to give her another chance to mend things. But we had to part and live miles miles away from each other, we enventually compromised that it couldn’t work out and broke up. I felt somekind of relief knowing that i can sleep peacefully at night without having to worry about a girlfriend cheating anymore. We remained friends for a while but as of now i think we’re through. But i think if it werent for the distance between us we could have remained love birds!. People cheat thats why there are words like forgiveness in the dictionary.I’m not crying somebody is cutting onion in my room, haha!

12:44 PM Oct 05 2011 |




Of course no, but sometimes is need to make compromise. It’s depend of the situation of the relationship if is new or of many years standing. I’m sure nobody likes being cheated. 

11:10 AM Oct 05 2011 |




mmm well i think i can forgive if he cheated on me but if it just happened for once and if he show real regret 

09:25 AM Oct 05 2011 |



I m also can not forgive the girl who has cheated with me,i cannot forgive and accept she back after cheated me,such as date another man when we in love,i never hurt any girl and also don’t like any girl cheat me,but you know ,actually ,we can not prevent other person hurt me,but at least ,i can not hurt other person ,that ’s my rule.i don’t like and never broken about it

09:06 AM Oct 05 2011 |

vivian xixi


No.I can’t forgive anybody for cheating on me too . And I also can’t forgive me if I was cheating on someone.It’s the rule for me.

08:01 AM Oct 05 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I agree with y Irene,it’s so hard to forget.

07:58 AM Oct 05 2011 |



United States

I was in a long distance relationship recently. The girl I was with went out on a date with another guy while her and I were still together. To me that was a big deal. It felt pretty painful at that time. I loved her and still wanted to be with her anyways. What I didn’t realize is from that point on she was moving on in a different direction. She couldn’t take the long distance (5 hours by airplane) between us and phone conversations were enough to keep her happy. Supposedly, she decided to part to find someone closer. I tried to stay together with her. That plan fell through. It ended about 5 months ago.

Oh, and I saw this movie. It was enjoyable. :)

07:00 AM Oct 05 2011 |

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