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Captain America
Captain America

How to Use the Present Perfect Tense

Date: Oct 17 2011

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Does it ever seem like things just used to be simpler or easier in the past?

Some Americans look back on the World War II era as a simpler time, when questions of good and evil were more black and white. The modern world seems a lot more complicated. Sometimes, it can be tough to know who are the good guys, and who are the villains.

Captain America belongs to that simpler time. He became a superhero during World War II and helped fight the Nazis. The new movie Captain America: The First Avenger tells his story. Hear Mason and Dale talk about the film.

美国队长属于那个简单的时代。他是二战时期的超级英雄,加入到对抗纳粹的战争中。新片《美国队长》(Captain America:The First Avenger) 讲述了他的故事。请听梅森和德尔如何谈论此片。


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Dale:  Alright, I’m a fan of Captain America, but I haven’t seen the movie.

Mason:  Oh, you gotta go check it out, Dale.

Dale:  So, highly recommended?

Mason:  Well, it’s interesting. I’ve seen all of the Marvel superhero movies that are leading up to The Avengers. And I don’t think it’s the best of all of them, but it’s a nice sort of addition to the suite. But you know the whole premise is that it’s set back in World War II era.

Dale:  Yes.

Mason:  So it kind of looks back on this different view of what a superhero was, and fighting for those American values. And then, I mean I don’t think I’m spoiling anything if you’ve read any comics, like he ends up in modern day, which is kind of at the end of the film. So there’s sort of this impending interesting conversation about, like, is someone who is raised in that era, what do they feel like in what America is today, and the modern world?

Dale:  Well, I can definitely see it. I know from the World War II era to now, America has changed completely.

Mason:  I don’t know, I feel like we over-romanticize it, but it definitely seemed like a simpler time. But we’ll see, you know, we’ll see what Captain America thinks about it when he is in the future in The Avengers.


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Dale likes the superhero Captain America, but he hasn’t yet seen the new movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. Mason, on the other hand, is such a big fan of Marvel comics that he has seen every movie that’s been made about a Marvel superhero!

Mason says that Captain America isn’t his favorite superhero movie. But he does appreciate its story about a superhero from an earlier time. Captain America is from the World War II era. Mason and Dale agree that this era was a simpler time.

Do you think the past was a simpler time than today? What has changed in your country in the past 50 years?



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Saudi Arabia

i ve never seen this film,

but i love the past lifestyl, but what is more important


10:49 AM Jan 12 2012 |




not so bad Tongue out

04:11 AM Nov 04 2011 |



i’ve seen the movie once,be honsty,i’m not very found of it,it’s just another superhero stuff.

02:54 AM Nov 04 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


it seems to be nice , that film

I didn’t watch it yet , but generally ,I like that kind of films , films about wars and conflicts and also those about spies.

for me , in Egypt , conditions here were not good in the last 30 years , and I think you all know why .. But in the past , under the rule of Gamal Abdel Naser and also El Sadat we were a good country politically , but economically no :( as it was colonized and I think you all know how extent we suffered when England and France were here , in our land , and you also must be knowing the history of Suez Canal and how we could finally retook it .

But I think that our future will be better than that all , I really hope so .

I really don’t know if the past was better or the present time is , But I think in the past we weren’t polluting our planet so much as we do now with nuclear and atomic weapon and also with the greed of human beings now.

the Earth is about to be over soon by our hands .

10:43 PM Nov 03 2011 |

1 person likes this




well what a question, what have changed in the past 50 years in china? haha, i dare to say everything. i saw a post yesterdy which talked about the new words appeared or used by young people today which are not actually new words in shape but some words have some new meanings. i will gave several examples but i am not sure if u can understand 

1 “杯具”

originally means the object u use to drink tea, has the same pronunciation with another word “悲剧” which was replaced by the former  online

2 “菊花”

originally means chrysanthemum, but now it refers to anus because of their similarity in shape

can u understand, if u dont email me and i can do further explaination for you

my email


01:04 PM Oct 26 2011 |

1 person likes this



The time was simpler in the past than that in today. First of all, people did not have much entertainment, such as televison, movies and computer games which we access to them easily. Secondly, there were a lot less population in the past, in the word, the relationship was not complicated as what we had today.

03:25 AM Oct 22 2011 |

1 person likes this


johnSuper Member!

United States

we should live a simple life all of the time.

09:22 PM Oct 20 2011 |

1 person likes this

Khine Shein


Looking back on the past time we could tell that was only a simpler past time as everything has changed completely.So i think we must face to everything as usual.

01:45 PM Oct 19 2011 |




i agree with mnal_F

09:40 AM Oct 19 2011 |



yes the life in past it simpler than today ,but we have to learn lessons from past. but we have to ask our self questions like ,
what is simplest in past time ?
is it politics , ways of living , war , technology ,transport ,life style ,........
I think all we need is peace ,
to live in peace …..
all the history events talk about how to live peacefully ,before we lost the moment ,we have to look for peace and work for it,,,
because the world became like a small village ,and the proof is technology .
Finally all we need is peace and respect others to live in paradise as our parent came from .

09:02 PM Oct 17 2011 |



South Korea

when anything is black and white, it looks simple to choose which one. but you know it’s not real at present. only human being can make up somthing mean to deceive others. don,t you think men is the creepist being in the world? looking back on the past, there are people saying it was romantic erea, but right now..i don’t know.  this movie is a sort of romantic cause we can know which one is a villian . right now we have many impending problem as soon as we get up in the morning, not knowing if those are for my happiness.

06:42 PM Oct 17 2011 |




i think it’s very relative, it’s depends on how your lifestyle is! if you like a simple life you have it today too! i think the dificults are the same as the past times! You lead your life the way you want!!

05:33 PM Oct 17 2011 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

i think the past was simple then this time, all world chenged.

04:06 PM Oct 17 2011 |

aziz al kun

United Arab Emirates

not bad i think but maye be the vocab world little bit complicated

03:29 PM Oct 17 2011 |




History seems to be something simpler, see how much the world has changed, so do my country, though it’s not the rich country but it is so much better than last time, not last time, but just count it from how long I have been living there.

02:36 PM Oct 17 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

yes,nothing has changed,but i think something will be changing in the few days coming in my country syria.

11:39 AM Oct 17 2011 |

Maria del Alba


The human beings always think that the past was better, simpler and easier than the present but it’s a fake. There were a lot of difficulties in the past 50 years, our grandparents had less opportunities to study…

But I agree to some point with Mason cauze the history 50 years ago was simpler to analyze because of the fact that there were fewer factors which determine a situation or at least they were more direct and noticeable. On the other hand, nowadays the history of the events are lead by a lot of factors, most of them influenced by the media and the dark side of the democratic politics.

09:16 AM Oct 17 2011 |




Every nation has own heroes, as Turks we have many too..If we dont learn lessons from the past it will be difficult when building the future of the country. In my country what happened in 50 years or by another word what has changed in? we made a big progress and improvement for the last 30 yrs actualy on the last decay we got a good result of real democracy in the country as a big chance to have a big leader like Mr. ERDOGAN.. What another I noticed that for 50 yrs the time was passed so fast so we have to know and understand the meaning of the time and not waste our time as; “Time is more value than money” I wish everbody my best of luck from the lovely country Turkey as my home land:)))

08:40 AM Oct 17 2011 |

Youky Yeung


Yes, I think the past was a simpler time than today in China, people’s lives get to more better than before, at least the money on hand are more than before, although the purchasing power may the same, second, as the technolog developing better, people can construct their home more beautiful.

07:18 AM Oct 17 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i think today our lives become so fast more than past there are a lot of the reason but the basic reason makes ourselves  without values i guess it.s globalization we cant distinguish your self on others all people are same others if you want to express  about your soul maybe you cant say any thing because you dony have right to talk unfortunately now the life just of rich people we under injustice  because of the reputation and i am sure regardless of the past or the present or the future if you want to be reputable in your life you should to keep on ethics must to remember all poor people over the world those artist not presentation ourselves they are presentation thier self for me i would like to be poor all the life more than to be artist

they are greedy they look at of the money and the reputation without any conscience why is famine still continuing untill now we must to ask our selves if the artist to express about a good people i mean baout ours it is not true we need to correct thier attitude

my conclusion if i say any thing offend others forgave me i apologies for my words but the truth those artist very greedy they are basic reason in the destroy our dreams look at what happened now over the world  many protests in the general streets because the greedy and injustice and absence of the justice thank for give me space for talk god bless people woh suffer from the injustice and my greetings to free people over the world

05:05 AM Oct 17 2011 |

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