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Jay-Z & Kanye West
Jay-Z & Kanye West

Phrasal Verbs

Date: Oct 31 2011

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Putting two talented people together always seems like a good idea. But it doesn’t work out every time. Just because two musicians, athletes, or actors are both great on their own, doesn’t mean they’ll work well together. Just think of the awkward pair Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie made in The Tourist. Or think about sushi and pizza. Each is great in its own way, but sushi-pizza doesn’t sound too good.

Luckily, Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaboration turned out better than sushi-pizza. The two wrote, produced, and rapped together for the new album Watch the Throne. Hear Ella and Jason talk about what makes Kanye and Jay-Z a dream team.

把两个才华横溢的人放在一起听上去不错。但不是每次都能有好结果。因为两个音乐家、运动员或者演员本身都很优秀并不意味着他们能配合好。想想约翰尼·德普 (Johnny Depp) 和安吉丽娜·朱莉 (Angelina Jolie) 在《游客-色遇》(The Tourist) 中的尴尬配合。或者想想寿司和披萨。单独吃起来都不错,但寿司味的披萨听上去就不那么好了。
幸运的是,坎耶·韦斯特 (Kanye West) 和Jay-Z的合作效果比寿司味的披萨饼好得多。他们两个一起为新专辑《Watch the Throne》作词谱曲、制作并进行说唱表演。听听艾拉和詹森讨论是什么使坎耶和Jay-Z成为梦幻组合的


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Jason:  I thought it was cool that Kanye and Jay-Z teamed up for an album.

Ella:  I am so stoked about that. When I saw the first song, the music video that came out for “Otis,” I was just like, “No way. It’s like my dream has come true.”

Jason:  ReallY? That’s your dream come true?

Ella:  Yeah! Well Kanye’s a great producer, and then I love Jay-Z’s lyrics. So it was just obvious.

Jason:  OK. And do you think that they captured each of those elements from both of the artists?

Ella:  Yeah, I think so. Jay did a lot of producing too on some of those songs, and you could tell when it’s his style versus Kanye’s style. My favorite song’s definitely still “Otis.”

Jason:  Do you think they were kinda partners working on the album, or would you say like Jay-Z was more of like a mentor?

Ella:  I feel like for this album, it’s definitely more of a collaboration and they were partners. ‘Cause in the past I’ve heard that Jay-Z’s been Kanye’s mentor. So this is more of an equal, 50-50, putting their creativeness together.

Jason:  Got it. The student’s sort of caught up to the master.

Ella:  Exactly!

Jason:  That’s awesome. So you think working together really fostered some creativity for the two of them?

Ella:  Yes. Like the music videos, you can tell it’s totally both their styles. You can see both their personalities in it. So, it was really fun to see some really great rap artists put together like that.

Jason:  Nice. I’m still living in the age of Dre and Snoop, so I’ll have to check in to the present day rap scene.

Ella:  Yes. Join us.


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Jason is excited to hear Jay-Z and Kanye West’s new album, Watch the Throne. Ella has heard the album and loves it. She especially likes the song “Otis.” She says she has always hoped Jay-Z and Kanye would team up.

In the past, Jay-Z was more like a mentor to Kanye, Ella explains. But on this album, their partnership is more equal. Both rappers produced some songs on the album. Ella says it seems like the partnership on the album was 50-50.

What does it take to make a good team? Which two musicians do you think would make a dream team?



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I’m more like jason, once i was stoked on dr dre and snoop dogg songs. Oh i guess he forgot to mention cypress hill! =)

01:05 PM Jun 09 2013 |



United States

Kanye West is one of my favorite artist and my favorite music in this album was otis. Actually it was my dream team, and a great collaboration.

03:38 AM Apr 27 2013 |

Maria del Alba


the more important thing for making a good team is the comprehension between the partners and being empathetic and good-listener

10:06 AM Nov 03 2011 |


South Korea

Several things are required to make a dream team such as equal ability, attitude to accept each other’s difference and open mind to  share information.  This can be adjusted to all fields not only music.  I think good producer and singer would be a good match to make a dream team. Good music needs somebody to express the music well. 

12:16 AM Nov 01 2011 |



I know who Jay-Z is because we learned about him on Ebaby. But I have never heard of Kanye before so I checked out their new album immediately on the internet. To be honest I`m actually not a big fan of reppers but I liked it. I think to make a good team, two people have to have at least one single similar qualities in their personality or style and stuff. My dream team is Angelena Jolie and Cameron Diaz. I hope everybody have the same thought with me.

11:55 PM Oct 31 2011 |




good news)

11:19 PM Oct 31 2011 |




in my opinion to make a good team we must find collaboration, hard work, and also harmony i’m very excited to hear their new album i like Jay-Z and Kanye west mmmmmmmmmmm i think jay sean and lil wayne can be a good team cos they mix between the pop music and rap i like it ;)

08:42 PM Oct 31 2011 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

i like produsing collaboration.

05:42 PM Oct 31 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

initially congratulations to my country palestine for got on a full membership in unesco organization our dreams here different on all countries you are seek to a real dreams you are try to improve your life without any fear

but we are looking to dispose from this a bad occupation as others countries which living with injustice with suffering

to all free people palestinians you free you honorable

04:42 PM Oct 31 2011 |



yeah my dream has come ture :D  

03:08 PM Oct 31 2011 |

1 person likes this





03:03 PM Oct 31 2011 |

ascandari abdul aziz


FROM MY OPINION,I THINK it takes hardwork,integrityand  discipline to make a good team.well, i would say jay-z and kanye west are good..thats team work

02:55 PM Oct 31 2011 |

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

To make a good team, it takes, cooperation, hardwork, creativity and stuffs like that.I have no idea of any musicians :D

01:39 PM Oct 31 2011 |

1 person likes this

Stacy Dan

Stacy Dan


Love their song, 2 great rap artists! Big fan of Jay-Z!

08:20 AM Oct 31 2011 |



It comes to music ,i m really not familiar with it,any brand is ok for me ,just no special favorite,i like hearing music whatever the brand,the loud the better,as for OTIS album,to be hones , i have never heard any more,maybe sometime later,i will try to find from internet and download according,anyway ,thanks for your sharing.

08:05 AM Oct 31 2011 |




Here is moye from china.

some dream teams happen here; the deeply impression is “XURI YANGGANG”  they are singing together “in the spring”  i could hear the feeling of vicissitudes life, singing together with them, some times tears is streaming out.  

05:31 AM Oct 31 2011 |

1 person likes this



collaboration will make a good team.

01:19 AM Oct 31 2011 |

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