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Past Progressive Tense

Date: Nov 07 2011

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Cruises sound pretty fun in theory. You sail around on a giant floating hotel, visiting one beautiful spot after another. All your meals are included, and if you don’t feel like sightseeing one day, you can relax by the pool instead.

But while a cruise might be the perfect vacation for some, it can be a nightmare for people who get seasick. Plus, most cruises only allow you to spend a short time at each stop. So they aren’t great for travelers who really want to get to know a new place.

Mason’s grandmother wants his family to take a cruise together. But as he explains to Devan, he doesn’t think that’s a very good idea.



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Mason:  My nana likes us to take family vacations, and she keeps trying to get me to go on a family cruise, and I am so against that idea.

Devan:  I am with you on that. My friend’s family took me on a cruise with them, which, although I’m grateful that they took me on an all expenses paid vacation, was in my opinion the absolute worst way you can travel. I would rather just go…instead of going to four different islands for a few hours at a time and being stuck in the tourist traps, I would rather just go to one island for like a week, and get away from the tourists, and go see more of the culture, as opposed to…you know, it’s just very claustrophobic being stuck with all those people on a boat.

Mason:  Right! You have just outlined every argument as to why I do not want to go on a cruise.

Devan:  Yeah, not to mention I totally got seasick. The boat was moving, it was making me nauseous. The buffet was terrible, terrible food. And the crew was very cheesy. They sing and they dance, and they try to get you to participate, and if you’re anything like me, you just want to be left alone when you’re on vacation.


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Mason’s grandmother wants him to go on a family cruise. But Mason thinks that sounds like a terrible idea.

Devan agrees with Mason. She doesn’t like cruises. She went on one once, and she didn’t enjoy it very much. She didn’t like being stuck on boat, and she got seasick. She would prefer to spend more time in a single place, rather than taking a cruise ship from place to place and spending only a few hours in each spot.

Would you like to go on a cruise? Describe your ideal vacation.



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I’m just like Devan. I want to be left alone when I’m on vacation. I don’t like to be pushed by the crowds.

01:35 PM Nov 07 2011 |



Cruises, that’s a new words and the new world for me , in my place, only a very few people who can enjoy the cruises , in my daily life, i even can’t see a real cruises,there just so many people around us , the little cement road, the people always busy with work , no relax time, the seaside is the best place i want to stay a long time, but i really do not have that chance , because in my town , there has no sea , even a big river, so i hope that one day , i can have a long sea trip , i think i will not a seasick ,i have a strong body , and i like the seashore, the sea breeze, the flying birds, if possible ,  i can see the beautiful dolphin jumping to the sky , the nice spin , and the wonderful voices. if i can stay somedays on the sea , i will try to catch every morning and evening , to see the sun rise and the sunset , that’s the beautiful scene in the life, when i see the sunrise on the sea in the films, i just think the sea, the land ,and the sky are the same , they are the one , that’s the natural, that’s the world,that’s the all . the life can be better when i can see all the great things

01:16 PM Nov 07 2011 |




01:00 PM Nov 07 2011 |

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

I personally would like to go on a cruise, its my interest to visit different places either by landing on them by plane, and taking a tour foot by foot, or by boat. I guess in france or Italy you can have a nice cruise and maybe in Australia, in Sydney I guess.

12:24 PM Nov 07 2011 |

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Well, i think it’s a great vacation for me. I really like the cruises, actaully i haven’t been to any cruise before, but i think it’s gonna be so much fun. I really love the sea, the boats and anthing about those atmospheres, i can’t wait to go on a cruise so soonCool

12:22 PM Nov 07 2011 |



I never have been in a cruiser before, maybe one day i’ll.

My friend is going next december.

She is concerned about how many swimsuits she must carry and if it will have handsome guys (lol)

in fact i believe she’ll enjoy it a lot,

About me, i preffer travel to a unic place and spend a lot of days there by my boyfriend’s side, just feeling the day the sun the breeze with no crowd or noise, cruisers may be a bad idea if your aim is something such as mine!

12:04 PM Nov 07 2011 |

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La Princesse de la vie


wow !!

vacation trips … I like trips very much , you know?? whatever they were cruises or land trips.

about my ideal vacation , I like to spend it with the people I love , my family and my friends , especially if this vacation includes some excitement and some entertainment. 

and I prefer to spend vacations with trips. Smile

10:49 AM Nov 07 2011 |




09:47 AM Nov 07 2011 |



I never been on a cruise before, so I want to go on cruise and do sightseeing at least once in my life, and then let me see if I liked it or not. About my ideal vacation, if I ever have had enough money and time I would spend a lot of time in every interesting place of world. And I would do whatever I want, and meet local people, learn about the culture and eat most delicious food.  

04:50 AM Nov 07 2011 |



South Korea

I don’t know what the cruise is like, but as I have heard, something is the same as i’ve read here. some could feel nauseous as they are moving up and down, not to mention tourist trap i don’t like. for othes claustrophobic coulbe be big problem.

personally, i don’t like to be confined , like claustrophobic.

01:57 AM Nov 07 2011 |

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