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New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve

How to Use Adjectives

Date: Dec 30 2011

Themes: Holidays, Romance


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What makes New Year’s Eve so romantic? There’s the champagne, the sparkling lights, the winter weather that’s the perfect excuse to cuddle. Then there’s the tradition of kissing someone at midnight. Even if you aren’t in a relationship, by the end of the night, you just might be!


champagne n.


Example My mom loves to drink champagne, but most people only drink it on special occasions.

cuddle v.


Example My girlfriend loves to cuddle, especially during the winter when it's cold outside.

midnight n.


Example I try to go to sleep before midnight every night, but sometimes I stay up till 12:30 or later.

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How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Do you think New Year’s Eve is a romantic holiday?


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Russian Federation

New Year’s Eve. Long wait, but quickly passes! 

08:47 PM Jul 21 2016 |



Hello .

i’m nalini from INDIA,

07:28 PM Jul 21 2016 |


United States

Interesting! I wish I had more time!

08:17 PM Jun 24 2012 |




 Maggy    , must have been interesting , seven hour  to go ,cold, no coffee, the countdown , people cheering, kissing.  Ok.  for Maggy never again.Cry  

12:09 PM Jan 10 2012 |



I went to Time Square this year. Waited for 7 hour before mid night in crowd. Never again. LOL

04:41 AM Jan 04 2012 |

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Saudi Arabia

I celebratte with tv.

01:00 AM Jan 03 2012 |




usually celebrating at home
new year´s eve is romantic if you are romantic

10:03 AM Jan 02 2012 |

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In Brasil we celebrate New Year’s Eve with relatives and friends. Sometimes we go

to Copacabana to watch the fireworks.

11:58 PM Jan 01 2012 |

Naif Al-shehri

Saudi Arabia

Happy New Year :-*

09:51 PM Jan 01 2012 |




Hi, it’s good idea to improve your english.

So, i want to chat in english too.

09:07 PM Jan 01 2012 |



I want to chat in english(skype) 

03:15 PM Jan 01 2012 |

Vina Novalina


In my country Indonesia, we celebrate it together with our family, pals and everyone we know, before the midnight we spent and enjoy the last day of the year with make barbeque, roast meats, corns and sausages while make a chit chat and laugh together.People down to the street and blow the trumpets and fireworks everywhere, so merry:) and some of christian and catholic people spent the time visit the church to make make a pray for the wonderful chapter of the new year^^
Maggie, i am indonesian and my ethnic is chinese and sure we have the same tradition about the lunar calender to celebrate chinese new year and it will become sooner in Jan 23.
Anyway, Happy New Year for all people and may u have wonderful chapters in 2012, all the best:)

01:38 PM Jan 01 2012 |

Meggie Liu


In china, acutally, there are two kinds of calendars. one is the solar calendar, the other one is the lunar calendar. so definitely we will celebrate the new year twice. For chinese people the new year for lunar calendar is much more important. when the new years eve is coming,family will get together to celebrate the important moment. for the kids, the happiest thing may accept the red envelopes from the elders. until now, i’ve been working for half an year. i also will receive the “blessing ” from my grandma. i love to celebrate new year.

11:15 AM Jan 01 2012 |

Maria del Alba


In Spain we eat 12 grapes just before 24.00 h and drink “champagne” or “cava” (very similar champagne but made in Spain). People use to go to “cotillón” which is a place you must pay for going to and you can drink a lot of alcoholic drinks, dance and sometimes see different kind of shows.

I prefer to go out in ‘New Year’s Eve’ to party, cauze it is a very different and special day of the year you must celebrate, and you have the rest of days of the year to mellow and relax!

07:30 PM Dec 31 2011 |

jesusinSuper Member!


I am from Mexico, but I live in the United States. I consider that New Year’s Eve is very romantic in Mexico, because all the familly gets together. For example, it is the custom that in many Mexican towns, people make different foods to celebrate the coming year, and after that people give thanks to God for have given them the opportunity to get to the new year! It is the costum that for people to have good luck, they have to wear different colors of underwear.

07:03 PM Dec 31 2011 |




Here in Colombia is very special, people enjoy it a lot. they dance, drink and explode gunpowder. It is normal tha people do their purchasing before the old year finishes because it means good luck for the new year. there are others omens for good luck.

05:50 PM Dec 31 2011 |



Here comes the New Year’s Eve.I don’t have any plans because my bf isn’t around.He is in another city far far away.We can’t celebrate the holiday together in physical.So I went home after work.It is just like any other day.

However,I do believe that New Year’s Eve is a romantic holiday.We don’t have the custom of kissing somebody at midnight,but it is still a special occasion because it’s the last day of the year.And you can’t help wondering what will it be like in the next year, especially if you don’t have the significant other or if you have big ambition at work.

02:05 PM Dec 31 2011 |

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Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

new year,s Eve is the best time of the year at the end of it is kissing time u know her or u donot her …............I live the lips.

12:45 PM Dec 31 2011 |



United States

Snoopyboy it is very interesting to hear about your family’s New Year’s tradition. That is pretty crazy. :)_

06:35 AM Dec 31 2011 |



United States

As usual this is a good question to get us thinking and reflecting on our own lives. I am less about tradition and more about change. Change is inevitable. The way I see it no to moments can be repeated or duplicated. Even if I try to celebrate this year the way I celebrated last year it’s not going to happen. It make look similar but it will be different. With that said I take a pretty easy going approach to New Years and most holidays. I pretty much enjoy a simple evening with my family or friends or someone that I have a close relationship with. Not so much different than any other day of the year when I look at it that way.

06:26 AM Dec 31 2011 |

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