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Extreme Weather
Extreme Weather

Learn Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Dec 07 2011

Themes: Weather

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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From heat waves to floods to hurricanes, there has been a lot of extreme weather this year, and it’s caused a lot of suffering for people around the world. Some scientists are linking extreme weather to climate change, and warning that even more crazy weather could be on its way. So what can we do to prepare for extreme weather, or deal with it once it’s here? Listen to Mason and Jason share their thoughts.



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Jason:  I know some folks who lived through the hurricane in New England.

Mason:  Oh really? Wow, I mean, is everyone OK?

Jason:  Totally, totally OK. I mean, it wasn’t a very extreme hurricane, if any hurricane can not be that extreme in some ways.

Mason:  I actually…A friend of mine recently moved here from Joplin, Missouri, where there was that terrible tornado, and his house got some damage to it, but not like totally destroyed. But he has plenty of friends who completely lost, like, everything. I don’t think any of his people were hurt, which is, you know, the lucky thing.

Jason:  Yeah.

Mason:  But it’s been weird. There’s been a real, you know, glut of extreme weather lately, what with the hurricanes...

Jason:  Yeah, there’s been a lot of disasters. But I mean, I wonder if when your friend moved to Joplin, if it ever occurred to him that maybe there would be a tornado. Is that something that you would consider if you were going to live somewhere?

Mason:  I don’t know. Probably not to him, but you know, maybe as you become older and wiser you put that in your consideration set for where I want to spend a good portion of my life.

Jason:  Maybe. Then there’s those people who chase tornadoes. Like, it’d be kind of cool to see something like that, as long as it didn’t…

Mason:  There is a sort of appeal to something that extreme. But for me personally, I’m happy to stay the heck away from it.


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Jason has friends who recently lived through a hurricane. Fortunately, the hurricane wasn’t too extreme and none of them were hurt.

Mason also has friends who have lived with extreme weather. He has one friend who recently lived through a tornado. He knew many people whose homes were completely destroyed by the tornado.

Jason and Mason agree that there has been a lot of extreme weather recently. Mason says he wouldn’t move to a place that was known for having extreme weather, like tornadoes. But sometimes it’s difficult to predict what the weather is going to do.

Have you ever experienced any extreme weather? What can you do to prepare for extreme weather?



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Anybody interested to practice English and to share knowledge.. add me at skype.. We will have chating, voice calls, conference calls.
skype id: cruiser40403

11:47 AM Jan 19 2013 |




Weather there is OK,but sometimes rains heavily during the summer time.It just look like somebody pouring water from sky,but lucky the rain is always short,about 10 minutes.

10:14 AM Jan 19 2013 |

La Princesse de la vie


I have never lived such experience. Talking about storms, tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes or earthquakes really frightens me. But that is the power of nature. Once a natural disaster happens, there’s nothing for people to do, just pray to survive :) 

05:40 PM Jul 05 2012 |




i’ve never experienced any extreme weather
here in algeria we don’t suffer from these disasters such as tornado and hurricane but in the capital sometimes we hear about the floods and Earthquakes because i live in an area where never happened like these disasters or these catastrophes . the flood of 2001 in algeria exactly in beb el-wed It destroyed everything it was a big disaster in algeria

08:31 PM Dec 21 2011 |


Serbia and Montenegro

Very god lesson about weather.We need to follow weather forecast every day.

08:01 PM Dec 14 2011 |




engedy : try the gospels, for example Matthew 24:7 or the whole passage (Matt. 24:3-14) and Luke 21: 7- 11

you’re right that it’s predicted in the Bible that “in the last days” which is before the end, as you said, there was going to be a lot of natural disasters, hunger, wars, violence and so on

i also believe the Bible that’s why I’m not surprised at all by what’s happenning right now and am also sure that God will soon put a stop to it

11:34 AM Dec 09 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

I never experienced  an extreme weather, here we have a mild weather,so there is no disaster like floods..thanks for Allah..

06:12 PM Dec 07 2011 |

1 person likes this



I never have experienced a extreme weather .Humans are so tiny and weak when faced with the nature extreme power.Confucius said ,A ture man won’t stand beside a collapsing wall.Wish everbody choose safe place to live.

03:02 PM Dec 07 2011 |




Well, I’d say I’ve never experienced a super extreme weather like when your house gets destroyed or totally ruined but of course sometimes it’s windy outside and I can even feel scared. I don’t like it. I guess when people move to another place they should consider different issues including the weather. I’d love to live somewhere where you don’t have to put on much clothes because of low temperatures or stay at home due to permanent rain.

02:27 PM Dec 07 2011 |

The Last Joke


Thanks for God I have never experienced any extreme weather before .

But people all over the world think that as the world warms and climates change, They will see more thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and droughts. All of these extreme weather events can hurt their environment, making it difficult for people, plants and animals to live safety.

01:37 PM Dec 07 2011 |




its getting really cold here btw. lol

01:20 PM Dec 07 2011 |




Fortunately for me i haven’t experienced any extreme weather before. Honestly, i totally don’t like these kinds of weather it makes me feel bad, lazy and pessimistic too, i’d prefer more bright sun in a summer weather.

12:28 PM Dec 07 2011 |




I lived through an extrame cold whether in year 2008 which we had never met before, it made the water pipe crack, food price surge,traffic stuck.So many peopel were trapped in the way home for chinese new year. It was really a night mare to me.

10:51 AM Dec 07 2011 |




Thank goodness, the location of my country is nice, indeed. We don’t have an extremely weather like a tornado, hurricane etc here. 

I have no idea how is to bear the extremely weather? How is to meet it face to face! It would be terrible…...

08:19 AM Dec 07 2011 |

1 person likes this




i have never experienced any exterme weather ,acutally , i also don’t know how to prepare for exterme weather ,in past years i have always heard something about exterme weather ,such as flood ,tornado, heavy rain and so on , and often report that on TV ,so many people be suffered from disaster , and a lot of houses are completely destroied there .

07:53 AM Dec 07 2011 |

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I guess disaster can happens everywhere, we just have to be aware, we don’t have to be scare to move somewhere because of the place is dangerous, I am so glad that I live in tropical area, no snow , no winter hehe, no tornado, but volcano is happening very often in Indonesia, but it’s far from where am I living right now, I have seen so many cases on TV , and I guess they should get ready, and beware… stay happy !!

07:38 AM Dec 07 2011 |



I saw a lot of disaster movies about extreme weather,such as ”the day after tomorrow”,”tornado”and so on. 

05:44 AM Dec 07 2011 |



I am lucky. I have never experienced extreme weather. But, on the  TV News, I have seen extreme weather happened in some countries around the world.

03:35 AM Dec 07 2011 |




true , nature is becoming more  more violent  everyday  ,to make matters worst ,people tend to live  in disasters-prone areas , on the slopes of the mountains, river banks  and  forests .  

11:41 AM Dec 06 2011 |

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