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Biggest Fear
Biggest Fear

Learn about Verbs with "ing"

Date: Dec 16 2011

Themes: Work

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Sometimes it’s fun to feel scared. Why else would scary movies be so popular? We like to feel our heart race and our palms sweat.

But there’s nothing fun about your biggest fear. Your biggest fear is that one thing that you hate to even think about, it’s so frightening.

Our biggest fears sometimes aren’t actual things, like spiders or tornadoes, but ideas. For instance, someone’s biggest fear might be the fear of being alone. Another person’s biggest fear might be losing a loved one, or never finding true love. Hear Mason and Jeff describe their biggest fears.



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Mason:  I haven’t been sleeping well lately, because I…you know, a lot’s been going on at work, and I find I get really freaked out when work stuff’s happening. And I think it’s weird, like, that’s kind of become my biggest fear, where it’s like, I will fail, and I will get fired, and I will lose my job. And that’s what keeps me up at night these days.

Jeff:  Oh yeah. Almost every single job I’ve ever had, I have that fear. The fear of getting fired, and then also, the fear of getting fired because I am late for work.

Mason:  It seems so stupid and stereotypical, like the male problem of “It’s all work.” And I totally fell into that. I’m the breadwinner, so if I lose my job that’s a big deal for, like, me and my wife. So I feel I’m at least justified.

Jeff:  It’s a lot of weight to carry. I, on the other hand, have quite a few fairly irrational fears that I’ve had for a while. Getting hit by a car. Maybe dying in a car accident in general.

Mason:  Getting hit by a car is a good fear to have, though. That’s a self-preservational fear.

Jeff:  That’s true. It’s almost happened a few times.


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Mason tells Jeff about his biggest fear. He’s afraid of failing at his job and getting fired. He is the breadwinner for himself and his wife, so if he lost his job, it would be bad for his family. Mason thinks that a lot of men have a similar fear.

But not Jeff. His biggest fear is getting hit by a car or being in a car accident. Jeff says this might not be the most rational fear. But Mason thinks it’s a good fear to have. It may make Jeff more careful when he’s driving or crossing the street.

What is your biggest fear?



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South Korea

what make our heart race? i think the fearing of losing job under the economy. whenever we hear the news concerning the downturn economy, we freak out. that is stereotypical these days among adults.



03:28 AM Dec 16 2011 |




My biggest fear is losing my loved one.

02:24 AM Dec 16 2011 |

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Jeff is funny and true, accident is something that we never planned , so we don’t know whether it will happen or not, and I think it’s not something we should fear about because sometimes even we are drive carefully , we might get hit by other people. My biggest fear is to disappoint my parents or make my mom worry or sad.

01:52 AM Dec 16 2011 |




Mason is right when he says that  fear in one sense prevents us from making mistakes  that could put our lifes at risk  ,  or if you want to call it, instinct of  self-preservation. My biggest fear is  to get ill and not been able  of taking care of myself , and have to depend on others.

11:48 AM Dec 15 2011 |

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