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Dream House
Dream House

Learn to Spell Your and You're

Date: Jan 02 2012

Themes: Family

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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What would your dream house look like? Would there be a pool, a big game room, a beautiful garden? Don’t forget to add a front porch!

Porches look nice on houses, but they’re also useful. You can put a table and chairs on a porch and eat your dinner our there on warm summer nights. Some neighbors can talk to one another from their porches, and a porch can also be used to keep a lookout on the street. Hear Amy and Jeff talk about porches.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Do you have a porch on your house, Jeff?

Jeff:  I have a back deck.

Amy:  Hmm. Not really the same as a porch. Not a front porch.

Jeff:  What would your description be of a porch?

Amy:  Oh, you know, like a big covered deck in the front of your house, and you can, you know, go out there, hang out, sit on a porch swing, keep a lookout on the neighborhood. I just love houses with porches. I think they’re so pretty.

Jeff:  Yeah, they’re pretty fun. A lot of porches in college, I remember. A lot of people lived in houses with porches, and they would spend a lot of time out there if the weather was nice enough, or people would smoke usually, step outside.

Amy:  Right. Get a little fresh air.

Jeff:  Yeah.

Amy:  I just think it’s a really great feature for a house.

Jeff:  It is. Oh, actually, I don’t know how this slid by me, but my girlfriend has a large front porch.

Amy:  And do you use it?

Jeff:  Not so much right now because it’s cold out, but in the summertime it’s real nice.

Amy:  Right? I mean, I like a back deck, too, but the nice thing about a front porch is, when it is summertime and multiple houses on the same street all have porches, you can go out there, and while you’re hanging out on your porch, maybe your neighbors are hanging out on theirs, and you can talk across the yards. It’s pretty social, great for parties.

Jeff:  Yeah, it can also get you in trouble though, with parties. People stepping outside, being real loud late at night. They want to hang out on the porch.

Amy:  That’s true.


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Amy loves houses with porches. She likes the way they look, and she thinks they are a fun place to hang out, especially if there’s a porch swing.

Jeff agrees that porches can be fun hang out spots. He had a lot of friends in college who lived in houses with porches. His girlfriend lives in a house with a porch, too.

You can eat dinner on your porch, keep a lookout on the neighborhood, or spend time there during a party. But partying on a porch is dangerous, because if the party gets too loud, the neighbors might get upset.

Have you ever lived in a house with a porch? Describe your dream house.



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wow i liked that image this is the perfect photo of my dream house , the most thing i like is that porch and 2 chairs and in on of them someone you like to talk with be sitting there in a warm & sunny day drinking tea and enjoying this beautiful garden scene

09:36 AM Jan 02 2012 |




Hello everybody!!! I hope the New Year’s party was super, wasn’t it??? As for the Dream House. I have already have it. It is a very small village house without any luxury, the long porch and without other modern style…....... It has nothing special except the beautiful wild nature around, pure air and the remote location. There is NO civilisation at all. What can I dream about else??? I like to be there, because the happiness, relaxation, peace and quiet wait me at any time I go to my village house.  Very often, the posh houses are boring…..... may be I will try to have the one in my next life ( like Julito said :))))))) 

jesusinSuper Member!


I personally, would prefer a house with a porch. I like to be outside during the summer, but a big porch would be great. It’ll be fun for me. I am currently living in the United States where all houses have nice porches, opposite to my native country where the houses are different.

03:49 AM Jan 02 2012 |

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As far as I know, these dream houses  with front porch,  rocking chairs , patio decks , can still be seen  on american films  depicting rural areas in  the United States.  I live in a Condo, therefore ,social life is confined to   the interior of the apartment.  I prefer a dream house ,a far-reaching  wish though, ok,  in my next life.  hehehhe

01:16 PM Dec 30 2011 |

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