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Spoiled Pets
Spoiled Pets

Learn the Simple Present Tense

Date: Jan 09 2012

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Pets are so sweet and cute, it can be hard not to spoil them. When your puppy looks at you with those big brown eyes, how can you not slip him a little people food under the dinner table?

But animals that get treated like royalty often behave like brats. It’s important to set boundaries with your pet so they learn how to behave. Amy is worried that she may be spoiling her puppy. Hear Ella give her some advice.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  I have a puppy at home, and I am really worried about spoiling her, you know? Nobody wants to spoil their pet.

Ella:  I don’t know, my parents spoil their dog like crazy. She only drinks Evian water.

Amy:  No, you’re kidding!

Ella:  No, no.

Amy:  Well that’s really over the top.

Ella:  It is. I mean, what kind of things do you do with your dog?

Amy:  I definitely…she never is allowed to have people food. She definitely drinks tap water. And I feel like I give her a reasonable number of treats, and she has to do tricks and everything before she gets them. I think I mostly just spoil her with love and affection. Like I just constantly, when I’m at home, just want to be petting her and cuddling her and stuff because she’s so cute and soft.

Ella:  That sounds reasonable. You know, you have a pet, it’s kind of there for emotional comfort. I don’t know, I feel like my parents take it to another level with Coco.

Amy:  Is their dog obedient?

Ella:  Kind of, but my parents take her everywhere.

Amy:  So do you think she’s spoiled rotten, or do you think she’s still a good dog?

Ella:  Definitely spoiled rotten, but overall a good dog.


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Amy has a puppy and is worried about spoiling her. Ella says that her parents spoil their dog. She hopes Amy won’t do the same.

Amy spoils her puppy by giving her lots of love and affection. Ella says that sounds reasonable. Her parents are much more over the top in the ways they spoil their dog. They give her expensive bottled water and take her with them wherever they go.

Do you know any spoiled pets? Would you ever spoil your pet?



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To tell the truth i have fobby

even if i cant touch pets specially cats

and i’m afraid of dogs alot

about 3 or 4 years ago i run from dog till the metro and if u had seen this dog u’ll laugh a lot

because dog was so little u cant imagine

dog wanted to play with me but i’m afraid of them

when going somewhere even if i changed my way if i see dog or cat

i cant stay anywhere with them but it doesnt mean that i hate them

no absolutely i hate people who threw them to street who bit animals and such terrible thing

i had only parrots when i was little i loved them alot they were sweet but after e year one of them died :( after it i dont want to have any pet

10:58 AM Jan 09 2012 |

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because the pets are faithful, sweet and cute, so many people can not stoping loving them.The people give them anything wanted, and bring them anywhere, even they think the pets as theirs family members.the cost is much higher than used with themselves.but pets are pets, they are not person, so I don’t think spoing pets is correct.i don’t think it is good to give the pets bottled water and human food.

09:28 AM Jan 09 2012 |




sorry, actually i don’t have pet….. but i have feelings for animals. they are very faithfull if they are treated well with love and affection. and if we talk about spoiling the pet, i don’t think so that pet gets spoiled…. they even understand us and our feelings….. but it’s true that not only pet but child too, whom we treat like royality and love over the top, becomes pampered…... so, we must not pamper and spoil them… but if we don’t do that, how we can show our love to that…. do u have the another way of showing the love????? I think, nooooooooooo…... (Excess of everthing is not good)

09:06 AM Jan 09 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I`ve never tried to spoil my pets ! I can remember when I had a turtle , I liked it at first , but when the time passed , I found my self afraid of it !so I didnot feed it for days and it died !!

08:04 AM Jan 09 2012 |

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I had a puppy before I got her when she was 4 months old. I called her Chieyo, she’s so adorable and tiny her hair is black and she has a small brown eyes and a short tail.  I think at that time I really spoiled her because I let her sleep in my room. I used to buy her corned beef because its her favorite food even though its expensive. I used to buy her outfits for pets and even took her with me in the mall to hang around. When I’m home I used to play with her often. but then when my Dad died, I and my family had been so busy I neglected her I didn’t give her much attention. We just let her hang around outside my house. Then the day after we brought our Dad to the grave when we arrived home I had been looking for chieyo but she was missing and we can’t find her anywhere. It was my fault because I neglected her. Then one day my younger brotther saw her in the next street with a family he said chieyo was getting bigger and looks happy with his new family then. so I decided to let chieyo stay with them because they were taking care of her and I know she’s in good hand now. I miss her but though I’m happy for chieyo.

02:01 AM Jan 09 2012 |

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I think this kind of situation is like when someone gives all to his children and then, when they grow up could have a bad behavior against the parents. And this is because of they have spoiled them.

anyway I like petting dogs as long as they don’t bite me.

01:33 AM Jan 09 2012 |

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I am used to spoil  dogs . I  like to slip him  food under the table,  partly out of affection and partly to  stop him from  barking  .He is very good at begging.   Talking about a spoiled rotten  pet. let me share this, while I  was walking around a high-end mall in Los Angeles   I came across  a shopping window  displaying  clothes, cribs ,closets with hangers in it, bed linen and the like, at first  I couldn´t believe my eyes,  OMG , it was a pet shop  ,You must be disgustingly rich to pamper your dog like this.             

12:12 PM Jan 06 2012 |

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