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Listening to Music in Public
Listening to Music in Public

Learn the Second Conditional

Date: Jan 25 2012

Themes: Music

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Have you ever been stuck on a bus with someone blaring bad music from his cell phone? If so, you understand why listening to music in public can be so annoying.

Unfortunately, it’s now easier than ever for people to play their music wherever they go. From iPods to cell phones that can now store your entire music library, there are lots of ways to become a traveling one-man band. Hear Mason try to convince Jeff that if you’re going to listen to music in public, you should at least use some headphones.



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Jeff:  Dude, I…My parents won’t buy me a car, and these bus rides are boring. So I want to play my music on the bus, and some old lady yells at me.

Mason:  Well, did you use headphones?

Jeff:  Nah, man.

Mason:  But, you know, the polite thing to do would be to be respectful that maybe other people don’t want to listen to that music at that particular time.

Jeff:  I listen to good music.

Mason:  Sure, but, you know, again, I think some headphones, where you could enjoy your music…I happen to love Gene Krupa’s big band. Maybe you’re not a big fan of Gene Krupa’s big band. So if I were to just start playing Gene Krupa big band on the bus very loudly out of my cell phone, where I’m sure it does not sound all that good, coming from those little speakers, would you wish that I was listening to that privately?

Jeff:  Man, you’re old. Do you even have a cell phone that plays music?

Mason:  Well, it makes sounds when someone calls me. So yes. That means it plays music, right?

Jeff:  I guess.


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Jeff likes to listen to music when he rides the bus. But he was recently yelled at by another passenger. He thinks he should be able to play his music in public as much as he wants.

Mason suggests that Jeff use headphones when listening to music in public. That way, he can enjoy his music, but he will not bother anyone else. Mason points out that Jeff might not enjoy listening to other people’s music, either.

Do you like to listen to music on your iPod or cell phone when you’re in public? Do you use headphones? Does it annoy you when other people listen to their music in public?



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sure, it’s really annoying that people play much out of their cellphone in public at these they should use the headphones  in order not to disturb anothers

03:03 AM May 18 2016 |




I don´t like it when people play music out of their phone in public. If I do it I make sure I use earbuds or a headphone. It annoys me when people crank music up in their cars as well.

03:44 PM May 16 2016 |



Russian Federation

You know, when I was a few younger then I’m now I was kind of addicted to  setting out my speakers blaring some stuff, so that my neighbours and passerbies going outside the window would check out the music I’m into)) At that time it was extremely fun and I was really proud of my musical preferences. Now, I realize that it was wholly goofy and childish.

06:24 PM Oct 06 2012 |

aya hesham

aya hesham


i like to listen musice in my phone and use my headphones 

04:28 PM Oct 06 2012 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

i like listen to the music in every where by my cell phone,but if that annoy public i use headphones

10:45 AM Feb 27 2012 |



I  like best to listen to music using headphones and in this way i don´t bother anyone

06:25 PM Feb 23 2012 |




i do not listen music recently. I almost forget to take my Mp4 everyday. I take subway go to work per day.If possible, i will listen music at home or take headphone.

02:14 AM Feb 01 2012 |



I like listening to music on my ipod loudly. But I try to mind everyone ın a public. Maybe they don’t like the music which I play, so I’m listening to music in public but I use my headphones and also thanks to my headphones that I don’t hear anyone’s voice..

06:59 PM Jan 31 2012 |

Iris Liu

Iris Liu


I do not like to hear music in bus,whatever how nice it sounded.That makes me feel very uncomfortable.Emm…It feels like being a violation.I always listen music with headphones unless someone have a special request.In short, respect for others is a virtue no matter how times go.

10:40 AM Jan 30 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

i always use headphones wether its in public or not xD ..

it doesn’t bother me if i like the songs , if not it bothers a lot  xp

11:00 PM Jan 28 2012 |




Yeah, it’s very irritating!! I hate people, whose don’t respect somebody’s privacy. I always do it and I expect it from others.

10:50 PM Jan 28 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think headphone can solve these prob….we should respect to people’s rights

07:32 PM Jan 27 2012 |

Maria del Alba


My MP3 is broken, so I can’t. BUt anyway, I’ve never been used to that since when i am walking on the street it is better not to use headphones when you cross the street in case someone calls you or a car turn up so… I also find irrespectful when people listen to music on the bus without headphones or earphones, imagine someone’s reading or having a hedache. It’s just inpolite.

04:33 PM Jan 27 2012 |




Duaa,  I prefer to keep quiet  and not to ge involved in  an argument with these people, see what happened with you , you are a woman  but this  didn´t stop him  from abusing you.  what  could be my  situation . I ignore  them.

08:31 PM Jan 26 2012 |




well i alwayes take my headphones with me whereever i go because i can`t imagaine me without my music and of course i don`t like to bother the people by using speaker of cell phone you know i don`t respect the one who make this couz he dodn`t resepct the people by useing loud music and forced me to listen because of course i can`t cover my ears but he can stop his speaker but he don`t so i go to him and say excuse me can you use your headphones cause really i don`t want to listen to your music sometimes it works and he respond me sorry young lady i`ll use it and sometimes didn`t work and he yelled me (young lady i am free do whatever i want ) then we start to fight  each other hhhhhhhhhhhhh but till know my god save me :D

08:17 PM Jan 26 2012 |




I always take my headphones with me. If I forgot them I just don’t listen to music, It’s so simple!! I think that nobody will die because of that. People need to be more educated and respect everybody’s life!

10:48 PM Jan 25 2012 |



Yeah everywhere I go my music comes with me! But when I’m sitting on the tube for example I turn my music down so others won’t hear it and of course I always wear headphones! Usually I don’t mind other people listening to music but they should definitely use headphones!

08:45 PM Jan 25 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hay, listening to music in public is must be so rank and racy…

08:03 PM Jan 25 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi  ..........

you talk about an interesting piont .. you have to care about the others feeling , they don’t have to listen or hear somthing annoying .. love the other as you love your self


07:37 PM Jan 25 2012 |




I hate to talk on mobile phone even when I’m at the office. I usually leave the room for the conversation. 

05:17 PM Jan 25 2012 |

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