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Learn about the Unreal Past

Date: Jan 31 2012

Themes: Fashion, Holidays

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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Everything becomes cool if you just wait long enough. Glasses are a perfect example. For a long time, glasses were nerdy. Now they’re so hip, even people with perfect vision are wearing them.

When shopping for a new pair of frames, there are many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. You can get thick and chunky frames, or small, sleek frames. You can even get glasses that turn into sunglasses when you step outside. It’s never been so good to be a four eyes. Hear Jason and Amy talk about glasses.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Something miraculous has happened for people without perfect vision everywhere.

Amy:  What?

Jason:  Glasses have become cool again!

Amy:  It’s true! I kind of wish I could wear glasses.

Jason:  You could, I mean…

Amy:  No, but you cannot wear glasses if you don’t need them. That is ridiculous.

Jason:  But people do!

Amy:  I know, but I think that’s really silly.

Jason:  You can buy them in stores with just regular lenses that don’t do anything.

Amy:  I know. I think glasses are cute. I really like glasses. But I think it’s ridiculous to wear them if you don’t have to.

Jason:  Yeah. I have these vintage Buddy Holly glasses, and people often ask me if they’re real. And I say, “Yes! They’re real glasses.”

Amy:  That’s crazy. Well, I recently went shopping for glasses with a friend of mine who needed to get a new pair. And I was just amazed by how much putting on a pair of glasses changes your face. It’s really a big thing to put glasses on your face. And different ones have such a different effect.

Jason:  Yeah. I have two pairs. I have one that’s really…you can’t miss that they’re glasses. And then the others are trying to be as minimal as possible.

Amy:  But now, you’re right, people just go all out when it comes to glasses. Big frames, you know…

Jason:  What happened? Was it Weezer? Who started this?

Amy:  I don’t know. That was so long ago.

Jason:  It was slow. It was a slow build.

Amy:  It was.

Jason:  Because glasses were so nerdy for so long.

Amy:  It’s true, but times have changed.


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Jason says that wearing glasses has become cool. That’s good for him, since he has to wear glasses anyway.

Amy thinks glasses are cute and sometimes wishes she had to wear them. Jason tells her she can wear glasses even if she doesn’t need them. Stores sell frames for people whose vision is fine. But Amy thinks it’s silly to wear glasses if you don’t really need them.

Jason wonders why glasses suddenly became cool. Nobody knows, but he and Amy agree that glasses have gone from nerdy to hip.

Do you wear glasses? Do you think glasses are cute? What kind of frames do you like?



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AUL AND LESYA , I have the same problem  with people  ,they are offended all the time with me  cuz I don´t say Hello, what they don´t know is that I have a Twin brother  .Sometimes I try to explain  this   but still they   don´t believe me.  What can I do????  

01:37 PM Jan 31 2012 |




Sometimes people get offended, because I passed by and didn’t say “Hello” to them.

Kotlesya , you arent alone :)))) its my traditional problem :)

01:30 PM Jan 31 2012 |




Its my lesson :) i wear glasses every day and sometimes lens

unfortunately i dont wear them for fashion i have problem with my eyes….:(

first i  was shy i didnt want to wear glasses but now it isnt a problem with me and everyone did the same joke “ooo academiccc come” first i was upset now i only smile :)))

and i like big extravagant fashionable glasses =))))Cool

01:28 PM Jan 31 2012 |




if i have chance to wear glasses it`ll be thick and churky and it will be pink one i have humble opinion about choosing glasses i guess everyone choose glassess which suitable with her/his charector Cool

01:15 PM Jan 31 2012 |

1 person likes this




unfortunately i don`t wear glasses i was trying oneday to wear and went to my DR and asked him to made glass which suitable with me correction eyes but he said that i do not need it so i was pissed of Cry

01:11 PM Jan 31 2012 |




I do wear glasses, don’t like it, but I need them :( I’d prefer wear contacts, they’re more practical, I guess. Glasses are lame, you always have to clean their lenses carefully in order to not scrath or drop them. And they steam up so easily… Dang it! Why can’t I have a regular sight as everybody else?

01:09 PM Jan 31 2012 |



i don’t wear glasses but i aprreciate those who wear them and i think they are very mart


12:48 PM Jan 31 2012 |




I need to wear glasses  to read and to work on the computer ,etc.  otherwise I am doing OK  , but I know that  as LESYA   my quality  of life  would be much better  wearing a good pair of glasses  all the time. In argentina , it might be raining  but that doesn´t stop girls from wearing sunglasses . You girls are my friends ,why? please tell me the secret.  lol

11:20 AM Jan 31 2012 |



ı dont like wearing glasses but ı need them :(

08:04 AM Jan 31 2012 |




yeah, I wear glasses because my eyes’site are weak….but I am not afraid of wearing glasses because I feel good to wear them… even if people used to tease me calling four eyes… but I didnt’ mind and nor I do…

I think that glasses are cute and it increases the charm sometimes on the face….now when I don’t wear them, people say me that I look incomplete..

I like thin frames..and it suits me

We must wear the glasses for watching television, working on computer and reading, so that eyes can be cured before getting weak… because precaution is better than cure

God gave us these supreme eyes and we must take care of them.. only blind man can know the importance of eyes… glasses are useless for blind

07:20 AM Jan 31 2012 |




Seems to be, this is a time to reveal my secret in front of all of you. :) I tried  to hide it, but today’s lesson force me to tell the truth…........:-)))))

Well…..........I’m short-sighted (myopic) :(

I need glasses to see objects in distance ( the prices in the supermarkets, the signboards on the streets etc). I need them when I’m in front of TV, PC, when I’m at the theatre or cinema. I don’t wear the glasses constantly,but I can’t do without them.

Sometimes people get offended, because I passed by and didn’t say “Hello” to them. I sincerely apologize that my myopic falied me once again. So, my friends know in case  I did not greet them I just did not saw them clearly :)

I think glasses are cute if they are sunglasses with the good and qualitative frames and which are suit your face.

Talking about the glasses for the correction of my sight I prefer the glasses without any frames. It looks like you are without any glasses. But I also like the thin frames, because this style suits my face.

I like when people wear glasses with big frames. It looks cool and modern.

I respect glasses (especially sunglasses – they look so cool).

Glasses can add a “last line” to your image. But I wish I could wear glasses just for fun, but not for the correction of my sight :( :( :( 

I suppose the world could be much coloured  and clear for me if I had  a good sight :(  It annoys to live “by touch”.

07:14 AM Jan 31 2012 |




Fortunately I don’t need to wear glasses. I think glasses can change face but you have to care that you can become a ridiculous person with inappropriate glasses. You may be simply funny or in more serious case you may get an ugly look.

06:09 AM Jan 31 2012 |

Fernando Palhares


Yeah..here in Brazil we also wear glasses, but we have to take care, because some of glasses that`s sold have plastic lanses which can danificat our eyes…. i think that`s a everywhere dangerous issue… 

04:48 AM Jan 31 2012 |




I wear glasses for reading and driving. I don’t really like them, though they’re not that bad, no worse than Johnny Depp’s ones :). I like glasses on him though, it makes him smart along with his weirdo image. And if the actor wears them, instead of making a laser surgery to improve his vision, if it does need to be improved at all, then the glasses are really in fashion. Another reason I don’t like glasses is that everything is seen much better, kind of the distance between people is getting shorter and a person is sort of under a magnifying glass. And when you try to pick up something, they always fall off your head. Thanks God, they’re not cracked yet. Or all of a sudden, the lense will come off and you’re like pirate, Johnny Depp, with one tinted lense. So awkward, but I think it’s fun for the other people :). But another alluring thing about sunglasses is that you can be unrecognizable. Put on your glasses covering almost half of the face and get lost.

04:29 AM Jan 31 2012 |




I don’t wear glasses but i think i need to use them xD, sometimes when I stay in places with amm…”shiny lights” my eyes turn read :S. I don’t know if glasses are for me but if I need them I will wear, even if I look silly :P.

04:06 AM Jan 31 2012 |

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Four eyes! Ha, we have this expression in our language too.

03:34 AM Jan 31 2012 |

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I wear glasses, but I do not think that is cool. If I do not need glasses to see maybe I will think it is cool !

02:27 AM Jan 31 2012 |

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years ago, only wearing a famous brand sunglasses can make you cool.

these days, a cheap but with a shining shape glasses can bring you the fashion sence. they are even not the glasses, just the exaggerated frame!

time changed, and the fashion are always changing.

it’s cool!

02:01 AM Jan 31 2012 |




i don’t but i wish get one ,,,,,,it is more than cute  so lovely  i prefer to be the biggest cuz it make me cool and in fashion ;)

01:45 AM Jan 31 2012 |

1 person likes this

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