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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Date: Feb 01 2012

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Of all the jobs you could have, none of them seem quite as cool as being a spy. You get to go undercover, test out the latest high-tech spy gadgets, take on different identities and maybe even go rogue. At least, that’s how the movies make it look.

In the new movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise is back as agent Ethan Hunt, the coolest spy of them all. But when Hunt and his team get blamed for a bombing, they have to go rogue in order to prove their innocence. Find out why the new Mission Impossible has Amy thinking about becoming a spy.

在新电影《不可能的任务:鬼影行动》中,汤姆·克鲁斯 (Tom Cruise) 依旧扮演探员伊森·亨特,他是间谍当中最冷酷的一个角色。但是当亨特和团队受到炸弹指控时,他们不得不违背训练准则以证明自己的清白。找出新电影《不可能的任务》令艾米想当间谍的原因。


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Have you seen the new Mission Impossible, Mason?

Mason:  I haven’t yet. I kinda want to. I was a little surprised that they brought that one back after so long.

Amy:  I know. Tom Cruise, he just keeps on giving.

Mason:  It seems that people just never get tired of spy movies and that whole world of espionage.

Amy:  I think so, and I think…like, I just watched The Dark Knight, the Batman movie, and I think partly it’s the gadgets. Spy gadgets are so fun.

Mason:  For sure.

Amy:  And the crazy things they do in order to get information, or in order to break in to a place. Like in the new Mission Impossible, there’s a scene where Tom Cruise is on the outside of the tallest building in the world. And it just looks so crazy and fun. It kind of makes me want to be a spy.

Mason:  Oh really?

Amy:  Mm-hmm.

Mason:  I don’t know if I could cut it.

Amy:  Do you think…so you think it would be the physical stuff that would be hard, or do you think…

Mason:  Oh yeah. I could totally get down with all the betrayal and, like, double-secret-agent, triple-agent. No problem. Really the physical activity is what’s gonna keep me out of the profession.

Amy:  But, like, are you a good enough liar to be a spy?

Mason:  Well, how about this. I actually have seen Mission Impossible, and you believed me this whole time.

Amy:  Woah.


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Amy asks Mason if he has seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. He says he hasn’t seen it, but he would like to.

Mason says that people love spy movies. Amy thinks that is because of all the cool spy gadgets. She says the movies make it look really fun and exciting to be a spy.

Mason says he isn’t sure if he would be a good spy. He thinks it would be too physically challenging. But he wouldn’t have any trouble lying. In fact, he tells Amy that he was lying when he told her he hadn’t seen the Mission Impossible film. She believed him, so maybe he would make a good spy, after all.

Do you like spy movies? Do you think you would make a good spy?



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United Arab Emirates

the spy is kind of lying so no one like to harm who trust u but in the movies sometimes you would like to see this kind of movies because it has alot of action and exciting .


i am very exciting to watch this movie.  

07:28 AM Feb 01 2012 |




I don’t like spy movies, despite their action, gadgets and handsome heroes. 

I have heritaged “the art of lie” from my parents and my parents have heritaged this art from their parents etc. I have got skills how to lie “professionally”. :))) The lie comes out of me like an expiration. :))))

If seriously, I never thought about being spy myself. In case life would put me in the situation where I must choose to be or not to be a spy I would choose do not to be a spy.

That kind of job is not for me and it breaks all my inner rules and standards ;) 

06:59 AM Feb 01 2012 |




Oh! Yes, I prefer like spy movies. It’s more of interesting, exciting with gadgets.
Hmmm , I can’t to make a good spy….Actually, I should to say I never think to be spy….Because It’s mean I must to destroy who are trust to me. And I will become to “Liar” Oh!..Very bad feeling.  

02:29 AM Feb 01 2012 |

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